How To See Elves And Fairies!

There is so much more than meets the eye. There are a lot of things that we cannot see, but yet exists. The air we breathe and the minerals that are found in the food and water we take in are just some of the things we cannot see, but we still do not question they exist.

Even though we can’t see them easily, there are elves and fairies around us, observing us, and perhaps poking fun of us, as elves and fairies are happy and playful creatures!

What Are Elves? elves

Elves have pointed ears and long slender features and bodies. Just like fairies, they want to live close to nature.

Elves are magical beings, with an oddly looking ears that point upwards, and they can also take the form of a human. However, what makes these elves different from us is that they are smaller in stature and are usually more slender than the average human. Elves are often depicted as playful creatures that love to make friends with humans, especially when the human is also a friendly one. Elves have a youthful physical appearance, and most are of great beauty.

Elves live inside places where nature thrives, like in forests, around springs, waterfalls, and inside wells. But now that most of the world has been urbanized, these elves have adapted to the changing environment, which is why they can also be found living among your gardens!

What Are Fairies? fairies

Fairies are small winged creatures who are playful and have the ability to read minds.

There are two kinds of fairies, the small winged fairies that are seen as glowing orbs of light that flicker around your room, and the human-sized fairies that look like you but are indeed very beautiful and handsome – making them look unreal. Fairies glow with orbs of light because they are part of nature.

Fairies also have magical powers, like the ability to read minds (telepathy). These magical creatures are playful, and would love to live in happy and peaceful places. However, fairies prefer to be in natural places, like in forests, or near bodies of water, such as springs or lakes. Fairies can also be found in your garden! So why don’t you take a look at your garden, and see if you can find a fairy. But first, you need to open your Third Eye for you to see these magical beings. When you are done opening your Third Eye, don’t hesitate to make friends with them, they’re friendly!

Ways How To See Elves And Fairies


Elves and fairies are everywhere; you just need to have the capability to see them. Remember that they are Spiritual Beings, which is why you need more than the help of just your naked eye!

Here are a handful of tips that will surely help you see elves and fairies:

Opening Your Third Eye

Your Third Eye will enable you to see elves and fairies. To open your third eye, place your finger on the center of your forehead, just right above your eyebrows, and tap it gently.

You can also rub the spot right above the center of your eyebrows in a circular counter-clockwise motion for a few minutes every day. When you do this regularly, your third eye will open in no time.

Once your third eye opens, you will then be also be able to eventually see these magical beings around you – elves and fairies! What makes it really cool is that you can not only see them, but you will be able to even interact and play with them!

Go To Your Garden And Look At The Plants And Flowers

Elves and fairies love flowers or plants so these are the best places to find them.

However, if you have shiny objects that are made of metal, expect to see fairies because they love shiny things. While fairies can fly, elves can’t, making it is easier to see fairies as they fly around and trying to catch your attention!

Elves and fairies are magical beings that thrive in the presence of nature. Long ago, these creatures lived in forests, lakes, ponds, or in places where the natural environment abounded. But now that our forests and streams are reduced to a minimum as a result of urbanization, elves and fairies have found a way to still continue thriving – by living in your gardens!

If ever you have a garden, try to look closely at the plants and flowers, especially on its leaves and petals. There is a very big chance you’ll get to see these elves and fairies.

Review Photos In Your Computer And Look For Signs Of Small Life

We are now in the virtual world where we can use technology to improve the things we want to do, in this case – searching for elves and fairies! You might have a bunch of photos stored in your computer that are taken outdoors.

Photos of your recent camping getaway with your family, your vacation on a tropical beach, or perhaps just a simple selfie of you sitting on the school grounds, are very good materials to look at if you want to see elves and fairies. Remember, elves and fairies are everywhere!


 Ways On How To Make Friends With Elves And Fairies elves and fairies

Elves and fairies live in harmony with nature. They are usually found in forests, woods, meadows, and streams.


  1. Be Friendly To Them

Elves and fairies are magical beings that love to stay in peaceful yet cheerful places. Being friendly to them makes them happy. Being Beings that are born of magic, they will accept you as their friend.

When you get to befriend elves, expect to be the subject of their fun; well, friendly fun in this case! You might have experienced having things clump up and get entangled all of a sudden; these are the work of elves, and they want to play with you!

  1. Take Care Of Your Garden And Plants

Elves and fairies are magical beings that live in nature, and they treat the natural world as their home, their abode, their place of refuge. Nature is their holy grounds because they are a part of it, which is why it is highly recommended that you tend the plants and flowers in your garden because this is where your elfen and fairy friends live! What better way to treat a friend than to take good care of their homes!

  1. Do Not Litter Things Everywhere

Elves and fairies want to live in forests, streams, or in any place, which is far from human population, because these forests and streams are free from the rubble and pollution of man. Now that there are a handful of untouched forests and bodies of water, the elves and fairies are forced to live amongst us, in and around our homes.

If you ever want to make friends with these friendly beings that are born of magic, then you should see to it that you’re home is very clean, in terms of hygiene. Your room, your house, your backyard, and every corner of your surroundings, should be arranged and organized if you want to befriend elves and fairies. They don’t like cluttered places, and they will leave if your house is cluttered and unorganized.

  1. Talk To Them Gently

Elves and fairies are just like us, they have emotions and feelings. This is the very reason why we should always treat them with respect. One way of showing them respect is by talking to them gently. Remember that elves and fairies are magical beings that like to stay in quiet and peaceful places, like forests and streams. If you want to befriend elves and fairies, talk to them politely.

It would also be best to know elves’ and fairies’ respective personalities:

When you talk to elves, expect to have a logical and witty conversation because they are less likely to show their emotions. Elves talk with their mind, and not with their heart. On the other hand, fairies are more unpredictable, as they react immediately to what they feel, without thinking about their actions. Thus, fairies are more sensitive than elves. In short, it is easier to talk and to befriend elves than fairies!

The Benefits Of Having Elf And Fairy Friends


Befriending elves and fairies is truly one of the best things you can do in your life. You are breaking the boundaries of space and time because these beings belong to the magical world. When you get to befriend them, you are not only making yourself ever more knowledgeable of human life and magical life, at the same time, but you are also making yourself like them. You become one of the elves and fairies in a sense that you talk to them, have fun with them, and possibly even get to share the magic that makes life even more worth living.

There will come a time when the usual everyday life you wake up to every morning will be boring and dull. But with a little spice from these magical beings, your day will brighten! When you’ve got problems, you can seek out the help of your clever and witty elf friends who speak of logic and practical solutions to help solve your problems.

When you happen to feel down and sad, you can talk to your fairy friends, and they’ll bring a smile to your face. Perhaps by sprinkling a little bit of fairy dust in front of you, or start tickling you with their soft wings until you start to giggle. There are endless possibilities you can experience with your elf and fairy friends. The world will surely be more wonderful, thanks to your magical friends.

Final Thoughts On Befriending Elves And Fairies


It makes perfect sense to make the most out of your life. And one way of making the most out of your existence is by experiencing everything, seeing everything, and getting to meet everyone – every kind of life form. Grab every opportunity!

This world, this universe which we live in, is not just for humans, animals, plants, and nonliving objects that are physically present. Our world is also home to other beings that are of another realm of existence – those who live by magic, like the elves and fairies!

Why not open our thoughts to knowing them, make them our friends, and call them as one of us. After all, we live in the same world, Earth. The only thing that makes us different is that they live by magic, and we can also benefit from learning to live that way too.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article, and please share your comments below!

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10 Responses

  1. Sam says:

    Elves can be real tricksters when they want to be, especially one particular batch, the Ellina (I’m not sure if that’s the right spelling and if the plural is Ellina or Ellinas).

    I have a particularly rapidly maturing garden that’s often difficult to keep down that is sometimes seem “too quickly.” Now I speculate it’s probably the Fay’s doing. It only takes up to a week to 2 weeks to grow back to it’s full maturity. I’m no garden expert though so this may be normal. Even with vines and sting needle plants.

  2. Piper says:

    I know elves are real because I saw them when I was a child.
    My family had watched a movie all together in the living room. I woke up in the middle of the night alone on the floor (my favorite place to sleep is the floor.) I saw 5 of them peering down/over at me.
    My mother had a large entertainment center from the Philippines, also where I was born, and two of them were on top looking down at me. Another was in this small space where our house phone used to go and the place where I would hide when playing hide and go seek. My mother had a large china cabinet in our dining room, which was next to our living room, where another two were present. I didn’t know what to do at first, but fear started to run through my body and so I hid in the matching large desk in our living room. I hid in the space where the chair was because they started to get closer to me. They were glowing orange and did have pointy ears. They started to get closer to me and I wont ever forget how scared I was. I started to yell for my mom but it was like no one could hear me yelling. When I could feel the one that was hiding behind the house phone table about to turn the corner and peer inside the space where I was hiding. The dining room light turned on and it was my mom. I looked at the clock and it was exactly 3am.

    Since then I havent been able to see them. I wont stop wondering why they came to visit me or why could I only see them in my family. My mom told me that spirits loved me. i still dont know if thats a good thing or not.

  3. Renee says:

    I had a similar thing happen to me, Piper. When I was young I saw fairies and ghosts for years and once I got really, really scared from a ghost and then I stopped seeing them. I suppose after that moment I decided in my heart that i didnt want to see them anymore and so it happened, but now I really want is to see them again and I can’t haha.

  4. Krishna says:

    I loved reading your article!
    My third eye is not open as yet but I will try the technique that you have suggested.
    You have said that we may see elves and fairies in old photographs…can they be seen in photos even when one’s third eye is closed?
    Eagerly awaiting your reply. 🙂

  5. Cecille says:

    My cousins can see them but I can’t. Hope to befriend them to ease my loneliness 🙂

  6. Bella says:

    I have been trying to connect with fairy’s for about 2 months now and researched them all night and all day. This is one of the very helpful posts I’ve saw and I’m gonna start trying to open that third eye. I’ve read a lot of things. I know a lot about them. I have an entire big backpack of things they would love. I’ve took lots of adventures in the woods and talked to them gently and said a lot of things about me that I’m sure we have in common. I told them how u probably feel like a very tiny creature in a very big world and no one notices u that’s exactly how I feel but all those times I talked to them and mediated with them I never saw them. So maybe they were always there I just never saw them cause my third eye isn’t open. I rlly hope I can open up my third eye and talk and play with them but I’ve heard we can’t talk to them because their so small we can’t hear them and they have their own language. I still wonder if that’s true I also read they hate preachers and crosses but that’s demonic so are they evil🤨🤨😳😳I don’t rlly think that was true anyway I know a lot about them and I think I’m gonna finally start seeing them thank you so much for this post it’s rlly helped me a lot I just rlly don’t want to meet a bad creature also I’ve read that is u tell a pixie fairy ur name that is can take complete control over u plz answer the questions I’ve asked and have a very wonderful day!!😚😚✨✨🙏🙏

  7. mg says:

    I took a picture of the sun hitting the tree in my front yard and in tbe trunk f the tree is a blue elf in an orb… hes glowing blue, facing the camera, pointy hat, chin, you can see his clothes…I didn’t see anything when I took the picture. I almost cannot believe it but it’s right here. I’m so glad to read others have seen them too.

  8. Ellaaa Marieee Adayonnn says:

    itss so coolll….. I love reading your articles…….. im scared to open my third eye because im thinking that I can also see ghost here……. so I think I will just go into my garden and find them…..

  9. Kylie says:

    I Love your fairy ideas I love them and I hope you do more

    • Tana Hoy says:

      Hi Kylie, I love them, too! One is actually sitting here with me right now as I am typing this! I have a lot of fairy friends and I just love them being around! Thanks for your comment!

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