How To Smudge Negative Energy Out Of Your Home – by Tana Hoy

Smudging is a technique used to cleanse negative energy from a person, object, or place. It is also a method to energize or bless a person, object, or place.

how to smudge

Smudging Your Home

Smudging is a common practice among various religious and spiritual traditions. Native Americans use smudging to cleanse energy, and the indigenous American tradition, called the Sacred Smoke Bowl Blessing, is a type of spiritual cleansing ritual that calls the spirits of sacred plants to remove negative energy, and restore balance to a person, space, or group.

The benefits of smudging

When you’re not feeling well, angry, depressed, or sad, smudging helps lift up your spirits. Smudging your workspace or home can be part of your house cleaning ritual.

Smudging helps purify you, and your environment. It also banishes negative energy, harmful entities, and aids in keeping pets, people, and spirits feel calm.

Smudging clears away any negative energy that has gathered over the last few days, months, or years.

You will even feel a dramatic change in the environment after performing a smudging ritual. Smudging can turn any person, space, or object, into a calm oasis of joy and lightness.

How To Do A Smudging Ritual

You should start your smudging ritual with a simple and pure intention. Focus your intent on removing any negative energy from the person, group, or place.

Once your intention is clear, your smudge stick, then blow out the flame. Allow the herb to smolder, and its smoke to spread.

When smudging a place, walk around the room’s space, and focus on cleansing and clearing away any negative energy. Wave the smoke from the smoldering herb in corners, closets, and behind doors.

Smudging A Person

When smudging a person, fan the smoke around you and the person being cleansed. Ask the person to focus their intent on pushing any negative energy towards their feet, and down into the earth. Then, fan the smoke from the person’s head to their toes.
Think of smudging as a spiritual bath. It helps relieve stress, negativity, and bad vibrations. Smudging is an effective technique to provide instant calmness and energy.

The process of smudging can also help you adjust to the earth’s rhythm, and nature’s cycle. You will feel your body being rejuvenated, and your space will become enlivened simply by smudging it from all kinds of negativity.

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  1. candy miller says:

    Cool! I’ve never done this, I didn’t know how… thank u tana! I ♡u!

  2. Beverly says:

    What do I use for the smudging? And, where can I get it? Thank you

  3. Sandy Tibbs says:

    Tana, what do you recommend to use when smudging? I have some sage that I used last night but I don’t care for the smell at all. Is there something else or something better you suggest? I was just looking at a Indian Website and they have all types. I am feeling a little overwhelmed.

  4. Craig Johnson says:

    I have a lot of sage as well that I just picked from Julian, but I would like to know what other types of plants or herbs can be used for smudging.

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