How to Stop Thinking Negative Thoughts negative thoughts

Negative thoughts are like poison. They affect not just your body, mind, and emotions, but also your spirit.

Positive thinking needs to replace all negative thoughts in your life. By doing so, you will be able to greatly improve your quality of life.

However, as sound as such advice is, some people truly have a hard time replacing their thoughts of doom-and-gloom with optimism.

It’s because negative thinking has become a way of life for many who find it easier to complain, rather than think beyond what is unpleasant in their lives or surroundings, and see the positive possibilities.


How and why did this happen? Is there a remedy for such a situation?

Is it possible for you to stop thinking negative thoughts?

Yes, it is!

In this article, I’ll show you how to do it, and what you can expect to change in your life, once you let positive thinking be the main direction your mind takes.


What is Positive Thinking? happy couple

Some people attract positive energy and are happy because it is also positive energy which they send out.

Have you ever met people who focus on the goodness that life can offer, instead of focusing on the problems they face?

Have you wondered why these people always seem to look forward to experiencing positive results from whatever they do?

Positive thinking is what makes these people stand out from the majority who don’t believe in the power of the mind.

Admittedly, avoiding negative thoughts from settling in is not easy at all.

However, this doesn’t mean it’s impossible, because the first thing you need to do to stop thinking negative thoughts is to believe you can do it!

The very act of thinking and believing you can change the way you think is your first instance of positive thinking.

In short, thinking positively is not just about what goes on in your mind.

Just as importantly, it’s also about your attitude.

Most of all, it’s about your personal stand on accepting blessings from the Universe.

Do you believe everyone in this world, without exception, can avail of the great positivity existing in all of creation?

Have you ever entertained the idea that joy, health, success, and a fulfilling love life are within your reach? And you only need to discover out how to make all of these blessings yours?

If your answer to all three questions is “yes,” that’s perfect!

It means you are open to using visualization to make your dreams a reality.

That’s what positive thinking is all about – believing in yourself, believing in the limitless great opportunities presented by the Universe, and most of all, believing you are entitled to such opportunities because your Creator loves you!


The Power of Your Thoughts


Your mind can visualize the kind of life and future you will have. What you focus on sends out energy to the Universe.

Your words and actions are based on what you think.

Therefore, if your thoughts are wrapped in negativity most of the time, what do you imagine will happen?

You will send out negative energy, which will attach itself to other forms of negative energy around you, and these will create negative situations in your life as a result.

On the other hand, if you practice positive thinking, you will send out positive energy.

This will also attach to other forms of positive energy, resulting in the situations capable of giving you the kind of life you want.


Life is Full of Possibilities, Both Negative and Positive


Here’s a concrete example of the connection between the kind of thoughts you have, and the outcome you can expect as a result:


Jenny has always been insecure about herself, especially her coping skills.

Although many people actually like her, Jenny’s mind is full of negative self-talk.

“I am not good enough.” ‘I am so stupid.” “Others are more beautiful (or more intelligent or more capable, etc.) than I am.” “I’m such a loser.” “Other people don’t like me.” – These are the thoughts that Jenny wrestles with in her mind, daily.

One day, she meets someone to whom she is greatly attracted.

But because she has convinced herself that she isn’t as desirable or lovable as other women are, she closes her mind and heart to the possibility of building a relationship with the person who attracts her.

In fact, she does everything she can to stay far, far from that person, avoiding any interaction of any kind, because she fears she will only be rejected.

And when the time comes, and the person Jenny is interested in  finds someone else to love, Jenny will simply think that she was right, after all. That she didn’t stand a chance.

In reality, she was the one who took away the chance. Having distanced herself from the person she was attracted to, there was only the slimmest chance they would end up together.


It’s because she sent out those signals to the Universe. Through her avoidance, she sent out negative energy. And the Universe responded accordingly.

What if Jenny had done the opposite and practiced positive thinking?

Was there a 100% assurance she and the person she was attracted to would end up together?


There is never a 100% guarantee that you will always get exactly what you want, because the Universe will always consider other factors before your visualized thoughts turn into reality.


In the case of Jenny, for example, the person she was interested in may be living out a soul script, which did not include having a relationship with her. (You can find more information about what a soul script is, in these articles which I recommend you to also read later: How Psychic Energy Makes a Psychic Reading Possible and Psychic Therapy – Have You Ever Felt Alone Even in A Crowded Room?) positive thoughts are strong forms of energy

Positive thoughts are strong forms of energy. The more positive your thoughts are, the more you are likely to achieve what you aspire for.

What you should remember is if you practice positive thinking but don’t get exactly what you want, the Universe will make sure you get what you need!

In Jenny’s case, her positive energy would have radiated out and the Universe would have sent her someone who can be a good partner for her – someone who was affirming, loving, and patient.

So, instead of being alone, insecure, and lonely, she would then go on to live a happy and fulfilling life.

This is why you need to practice positive thinking.

You are entitled to be happy. To be loved. To be content. To be successful.

Positive thoughts will get you there.


How to Stop Thinking Negative Thoughts in 3 Easy Steps


Here are the ways to stop the flow of negative thoughts in your life, so that positive thoughts will have more space to multiply in your mind:

1) Do not compare yourself to others.

Whatever your status in life may be, never compare yourself to others.

By not comparing yourself to others, especially those whom you see as being “better” than you are, you avoid feelings of envy, regret, frustration, and disappointment in yourself, all of which are harmful to you.

Keep in mind how unique you are. Your uniqueness makes you valuable. There is no else like you. Even if you had an identical twin, you are still you. You are the only you.


2) Pay attention to how your body and mind feel when you harbor negative thoughts, then do something positive about it.

Aside from sending out negative energy, thinking negatively also releases toxins in your body. These toxins cause stress.

With stress comes the hormone cortisol, which can cause inflammation.It is also linked to a number of other non-desirable medical conditions such as obesity, cardiovascular disease, and gastrointestinal problems, among others.

You don’t want such conditions. They can be painful and can cause you to suffer a lot.

So, when you feel negative thoughts starting to come together in your mind, distract yourself. woman running

Physical activity is good for distracting your mind from negative,, harmful thoughts.

Get physical. Run. Walk fast. Do aerobics. Sustained physical activity is great against stress.

If you can’t get physical, meditate. Meditation is an effective alternative. (You can find in-depth information about meditation in these articles: How Do I Meditate? FAQs About Meditation and A Visualization Meditation Technique For Relieving Stress)


3) Avoid over-thinking. It’s not only one of the roots of much negative thoughts; it can also drive you crazy. And I’m not kidding.

Over-thinking is common among many people today partly because of the onslaught of too many influences in society, which come from other media, other people, advertising, and even religion.

When you listen to what others are saying, and they say something you are not in agreement with, when you focus on the implications and meanings of such contrary ideas, you are already over-thinking.

For example, if you watch a TV ad showing a young woman in a sexy outfit enjoying herself, you could end up comparing yourself to that woman.

The comparison could lead to you thinking of how your figure is far different from what the young woman in the TV ad has, that your life is not exciting as hers, etc.

From there, your thoughts could wander into why she seems so successful and happy, and why you may not be so.

You may start thinking of past wrongs done to you, of mistakes you may have made, of opportunities you may have missed, all of which contributed to what you are today.

So, instead of focusing on the things you can do to improve your life, or on visualizing what blessings you want to receive, you over-think the negative. And of course, you know what that leads to. More stress. More negativity.

In other words, to stop negative thoughts and focus on positive thinking instead, we need to adjust our attitudes and mindset.

Having a psychic reading can help you understand what attitudes stand in your way to positive thinking. A reading can reveal your past life and any unresolved karma that could be weighing you down by forming negative attitudes. You can schedule a reading by clicking here.


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5 Responses

  1. Sam B says:

    Three questions:

    1.What if you’re a mixed bag of positive and negative thinking? What happens then? Do they alternate? Focus on the more dominant at the time or overall? Focus on what’s more the powerful s side? Or neutralize each other?

    2. What about the “reversal” anomaly, where positive thinking leads to negative events despite best efforts (and karma is not involved) and negative thinking leads to positive outcome? This is also without prior of the other. Say despite someone’s best efforts to stay positive, negative things happen rather than positive and visa versa. A negative person finds ultimate happiness despite their previous attitude.

    3. What if, like the reversed effect anomaly, negativity actually helps you? Say a past action makes you regret it for most of the rest of your life and you want to change that by doing your best not to repeat the same mistakes? Or alternatively but similarly, helps and allows you develop as a person?

  2. janice says:

    jenny is me I lost Trevor because of it and past events with black witch cult. Its not easy to turn your life around when you live with others your problems shouldn’t but because you becomes theirs. And thinking to the only nice guys that don’t leave are spoken for but I think I’m broken hearted. I have a few deep black shadows around that need to go and I need to mend the relationship with my daughter. I felt very much alone since my mom died , my little sis is a taker and put me in the mental hospital years ago and my kid and she s a taker .The older one is in her own world ,I see her once a year , you’re right I have a dysfunctional family with negative self talk. In finding a mate I think you’re right about finding someone whose kind loving and patient. Who loves you for you ,you cant love by yourself. Its hard to heal and minimize your stresses. These are some of my condensed thoughts and what I’m feeling or going through in a nutshell .It hard to believe but for starters you’ve given some good advice here.

  3. Candy says:

    1 word= STOP
    IT WORKS 🙂

  4. Michelle says:

    Even with trying to have more positive thinking in my life because right now that is all that have, I have notice that despite all of the effort I still can’t seem to shake the negativity. I think that it something more than just thinking and overthinking. I have affirmations all around me to keep me on positive note, but I am just not seeing results. Or is it that I am not putting enough focus behind it?

  5. Sam B says:

    I always saw more grey than black and white, and this is a prime example. Positivity and negativity cannot be confined. There will always be a “the fine line” between black and white but it’s so thin it cannot be comprehended properly.

    The problem is, especially with Jenny’s example, those in these situations did not specifically put themselves there (aside from the soul script thing). Sometimes it might be, but often not so. Sometimes it’s down to how you react to situations. However more often than not, these situations will impose themselves onto you. It would not be your fault that the situation has caused you to have a negative attitude, especially for long periods of exposure to these events or repeating of them. With Jenny, it may be because she naturally feels little regard of herself, or a past experience has shatterred her self confidence. I opt for the latter which is the cause.

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