Angels And How To Talk To Them angel-divine-energy

Angels are made up of divine energy. They are our divine connection to the Creator, which are given to us from the moment we were born.

I have always been able to see my ‘invisible’ best friends ever since I was little, and angels, just like human beings, are very real…

Today, I’ll be talking about Angels, our invisible best friends! I’ll be talking about their origin, their duties, and responsibilities, as well as how you can communicate with your angels!


What Are Angels?


Angels are made up of divine energy. They are our divine connection to the Creator, which are given to us from the moment we were born. They are divine and winged beings; immaculate divinities that are not affected by time, distance, and space. They are always with you; wherever you may go, and whenever you may need them to.

You may also be “gifted” with additional angels whenever the universe feels you need more of their guidance and protection. When it comes to the number of specific angels a person has, well, it varies from person to person. We’ll cover more of that later in the article.


Angels Are Your Best Friends adults-with-guardian-angel

Your Guardian Angels give you protection from harm, and help you in your daily life with things such as guiding you to the right path, and helping you make the correct decisions in life.

Just like your real-life best friends, your Guardian Angels also help you whenever you need their help. They give you protection from harm, and help you in your daily life with things such as guiding you to the right path, and helping you make the correct decisions in life.

The best part about your Angels is that they never leave you. They are with you wherever you go. That’s the main reason why I seldom act on a whim is because I ask for their guidance first, before making major decisions in life.

Since I am a Psychic and a Medium, I can clearly see my Guardian Angels the same as I can see a physical human being. Aside from my angels, I can also see other people’s angels, so I always communicate with them whenever I give my psychic readings.

Since your angels are with you all of the time, it is through them that I get information. Whenever I give a reading over the phone, I communicate directly with them, asking for their help, and for psychic information about the person I am reading for. Remember, as I said earlier, angels are made up of energy, so they are not bound to the physical realm, nor its time and space dimensions.

That’s why if you ever need their help, or you just want to have their company, don’t be afraid to call out to them!


How Many Angels Do I Have? guardian-angel

Each and every Angel has a unique name. We commonly hear people talk about the names of the Archangels, but your Guardian Angels also have their own names! And knowing their names is very important if you want to communicate with them.

Whenever I do a psychic reading, my clients often ask me, “How many Angels do I have?” An average person has about 40-60 Angels around them. But most of the time, only 1 to 2 angels present themselves during a reading. This is because those are the angels whose energy vibrations match closely to energy vibrations of the reading being given. To put it simpler, those are the angels closest to the person at the time of their reading.


Do Angels Have Names?


Yes! Absolutely! Each and every Angel has a unique name. We commonly hear people talk about the names of the Archangels, but your Guardian Angels also have their own names! And knowing their names is very important if you want to communicate with them.

Calling out their names produces a higher vibration than simply asking for their presence. Creating a higher vibration is very important for establishing a connection between you and these Astral Beings.

If you want to know the names of your Guardian Angels, you can schedule an Angel Reading.


Why Can’t I See My Angels? third-eye-chakra

The Third Eye, or the Sixth Chakra, is located at the center of your forehead, and this is what’s used to see angels.


The main reason why most people can’t see their angels is they have to awaken their Third Eye first, in order to do so. The Third Eye, or the Sixth Chakra, is located at the center of your forehead, and this is what’s used to see angels.

Normally, people who have not awakened their Third Eye cannot see their angels, but they can still ‘feel’ their presence and ask for their guidance. So, if you pay close attention to your surroundings, you may be able to “sense” these subtle connections. But unless you have awakened your Third Eye, you can only ‘feel’ and sense their presence.

Also, some people are more able to more easily see their angels than others, but the only way to know if you can are able to see them, is to first open your Third Eye.


How Do I Communicate With My Angels?


Many people want to communicate to their Guardian Angels and today, I’m telling you, communicating with your Angels is easy! You just have to learn the proper techniques in order for you to improve your inner self, and establish a clear and strong connection with them!


Here are my 5 tips for you to communicate with your Guardian Angels:


  1. Meditation – Meditation is essential in raising your vibration, which is the key to communicating with your angels. In order to establish a bridge or connection between you and your angels you first have to raise your energy vibration while at the same time, they lower theirs.


This process puts is where communication can happen. Therefore, meditation is vital in order for you to connect with your angles, and receive clear. Practice meditation daily for about 15-30 minutes. This will improve your bond with your angels!


  1. Avoid Vices – Part of raising your energy vibration is having a clear mind and body. Avoiding vices such as drinking, smoking, gambling, and anything that creates negative karma, will take you a long way on your journey to enlightenment. Raising your energy vibrations means achieving a higher state of awareness. Avoiding vices will help you achieve this higher state of being.


  1. Diet and Exercise – Part of raising your energy vibrations is having a sound mind and body. Eating a balance diet together with physical exercise goes a long way towards a better and higher state of being. Make a lifelong commitment to a healthy body and you’re on your way to communicating with your angels!


  1. Maintain a Clear Conscience – One of the keys to communicating with your angels is maintaining a clear conscience that seeks goodness towards your inner self and the people around you. Keep your intentions clean and pure. Show your Angels your will to help others, along with all of humanity.


  1. Acknowledge Your Angels – Even if you have yet to ‘see’ or ‘feel’ your Guardian Angels, it is important that you acknowledge their presence every day. A simple “how are you (name)” will take you a long way towards a powerful relationship with your angels. Always try to talk to them whenever you have the chance. Your angels are standing behind you right now, smiling at you, and waiting for you to talk to them!


Thank you for reading my article! I hope you learned more about your Guardian Angels today! Don’t forget to talk to them on a daily basis!


For thoughts and ideas regarding this article, please leave a discussion in the comments section down below!


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  1. Sam B says:

    I was told once, the true way to do good is if you don’t “feel” good about it. This is relative to number 4 and the ego. This is not how you might think it means though.

    For example, if you do a good deed like helping a poor person and feel great about it like you know did something “good”, this is apparently more counter productive to your karmic state. A better way to explain this is if you start thinking “I helped this person. This means I am a good person.” That might be true, however, it can also be like saying “look at me, I’m great for doing this act of kindness look how much of a nice person I am.” If it’s something like that, it’s from your ego. True kindness is from the spiritual aspect of compassion. Essentially, doing a good deed only holds any worth if it comes from true spiritual and compassionate nature. If you do genuinely have a compassionate nature then you’re all good, however the alternative is more common than you might think. In general society, people often do it because it makes them look or feel good about it.

    It’s not just people you have to worry about though. Here’s a funny story.
    I only started my spiritual journey back in January – February. During and after that period till about May or June, my overall awareness skyrocketed. Things or minor details I didn’t notice started appearing. For example, every time I mowed the lawn, it was just a thing I did. Thought nothing more of it. After the spiritual awakening, I became aware I was probably killing or destroying nature – I was killing grass, and other foliage like weed flowers and such. I have a mature or out of control garden that requires constant work to keep down. I’m not in general an avid gardener so it was more of something I ‘had’ to do. When I became aware of the effects, this was partly due to my awareness that everything is a living form of energy. Plants, people and animals. Course, everyone knows that plants are living things but this fact became evident when I was actively demolishing my lawn. This was the same with ants, flies and moths. i used to just swat them without a second thought. This doesn’t mean it was a complete turn around. If I did see one, I’d still be tempted to swat it but be reluctant to out of the knowledge of it being a living entity.

    This also relates to something else. When we do an act, not necessarily of evil but could be negative in nature and we are aware of this, do people not do said action out of fear of potential negative effects or karmic backlash or true compassion? For example, the fly swatting scenario. Part of the reason I don’t swat it is because I don’t want negative karmic backlash. Does this make this a selfish attitude or genuine concern?

    A debatable more extreme example is Scrooge in Christmas Carol. I’m not trying to compare myself to him. 😛 however this probably serves a better purpose to the point. In the story, he was basically shocked into fearfulness by the ghosts of past, present and future into being a nicer person, but in most versions, he only did this out of fear of what will happen to him and not necessarily out of genuine kindness. This is highly debatable but the point stands. Does fear of negative backlash to cause someone to do acts of good really make them a good person since it’s out of fear of what could happen to ‘themselves’? – Again an act of the ego. I probably already have my answer, however this is something that confuses me.

    This next thing mainly relates to those with extreme sudden heightened spiritual awareness, which essentially means everyone but for those who know what I mean. Preferably those with some degree of knowledge on starseeds.

    Depending on how old your soul is, the more knowledge and experience and/or past lives you’ve had, the more would be retained upon reactivation, like if you reboot a computer, it stores and retains all previous data on it and such.

    As a side note (for those who know what I’m talking about), I’m not referencing about the popular theory that some people seem to go for that the universe is some kind of matrix system. That’s false and is actually rather annoying. If you don’t know what I mean, just ignore this completely. It has no relevance anyway. However, I just know there’s going to be someone out there who knows about or believes in that idea.

    Moving on…

    Souls retain their past. When this is reactivated through a spiritual awakening, most of their “past selves” are restored. Not as in past memories and such but kinda like past knowledge. That’s kinda what happened with me in some way – I think. Not really sure. However I learned somewhere (whether this is true or not) that starseed souls have a better time in spiritual reactivation than normal human souls. Now knowing what I do about souls thanks to Tana. Is this actually true or is it just a general old soul thing?

  2. Sam says:

    Actually something happened today which relates to the whole ego thing. This is posted some hours after my original comment. Ah how the universe loves to be relative.

    My mother has this mentality where if she borrows money, she feels compelled or guilty if she doesn’t pay it back. This is also in general if someone shows kindness to her. Here is the thing however. By her own admission, said it was a fact of her pride. Essentially what has occurred is her compelling to repay someone for their kindness is actually down to her ego. Pride is part of the ego, however she seems to believe differently, that they are separate. She can be a stubborn person so her ego is virtually magnified as stubbornness is the mindset of thinking “I’m right” or “my way is better” etc. Unfortunately she has very little spiritual knowledge and anything I could say to her on spiritual matters has a strong possibility of being passed off or ignored so I tend not to bother.

    So yeah. The ego is never black and white.

  3. Dawn says:

    I would love to feel the blessing of my angel ‘s and I love too learn how to talk with them and know there names if you could please help me with that I will be forever grateful I would also like to find out more about getting a reading from you your friend always Dawn

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