How To Know If Someone Is Lying Using Telepathy- by Tana Hoy

Have you ever had that uneasy feeling that your partner is not being totally honest with you? When you try to set aside jealousy, and your other negative emotions to make an objective observation, do you still sense that he/she is hiding something?

how to tell if someone is lying

How To Read Minds

If so, then you may be tuning in and “reading the mind” of your partner. By developing telepathy, or mind reading ability, you will be able to know tell when people are trying to deceive you.

The Benefits Of Developing Your Telepathic Powers

Every person has psychic ability, and knowing how to read another person’s mind is a type of psychic ability. Some people seem to be born with very advanced psychic abilities, while others are not even aware that they ave them at all!

By developing your telepathic powers, you will be able to detect if your colleagues, business partners, friends, acquaintances, or even strangers can be trusted. It comes in handy not only in your love life, but also in protecting yourself and your family from falsehood. And by knowing how to read minds, you will be able to tell if someone is cheating, and even if someone likes you or not.

How To Develop Mind Reading Ability

One thing to realize when you’re developing your telepathic ability is that everyone has an aura, or psychic energy layers that surround a person. This energy radiates from the person’s “true self”, and because of their aura, people are unable to totally hide what is within him.

Most psychics are able to see auras; but anyone can learn to see them. It’s not uncommon for peolle to be able “sense” the positive aura of someone who’s happy, and the negative energy that radiates from someone who’s feeling bitter! When you develop your telepathic ability you will also be able to “know” when someone is lying in the same way.
A Technique To Develop Your Telepathic Ability

You can start developing your telepathic ability by practicing the following techniques:

1. To begin, start to relax. This allows your mind to overcome the limitations of your physical senses, and relaxation allows you to use this power to it’s fullest.

2. Set aside your emotions so that they don’t interfere with receiving the other person’s thoughts. Take a deep beath, then gently let go of any negative feelings to allow your inner consciousness be your guide.

3. Next, focus your mind on the other person’s aura. Close your eyes and imagine you can “feel” and “see” a rainbow of light around the other person! As you tune within, you will be able to sense unease or falsehood as it radiates from their aura.

4. Next, mentally say to yourself “Are you lying to me?” This is how you can speak to their soul, and hear the thoughts their soul sends back to you!

5. Note changes in the other person’s actions when observing their aura. Physical body language, along with what you mentally pick up, will help confirm the information your are receiving.

When observing a person’s aura, they will sense it; and if they are guilty, they will start acting as such. Also, a person’s hands will radiate a certain energy when he or she is lying. So when you eyes are closed, focus on what you see around their hands, and if you “see” a dark color, they are lying!

Your mind is a very powerful tool, and when you learn how to be subjectiv without being influenced by your own biases and emotions, it will be easier for you to develop your ability to detect falsehood. When you develop the power of mind-reading, you can avoid becoming a victim of other people’s lies.

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