How to Use Positive Affirmations Correctly!

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Stress comes from the mind. In other words, a person’s thoughts cause their stress. Stress is a result of an event that happens that triggers an insecurity inside of you. At that point, the insecurity triggers the mind to go into “what is going to happen” mode”. This all happens on the subconscious level of the mind!

Since the mind is naturally protective, it always seeks out the worse case scenario that can happen. So your mind naturally thinks the worst thoughts, not the best thoughts.

Knowing that your mind will naturally do this, you can eliminate stress by training your mind to think positive thoughts when a “stress trigger” happens. So how do you do this?

The Power Of Positive Affirmations

A positive affirmation is a phrase of words, that are repeated over and over again, at least 500 times or more. After repeating a positive affirmation over 500 times, your subconscious mind starts to accept the affirmation as truth. A positive affirmation trains your mind to think differently when a stress trigger occurs.

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Positive affirmations are powerful vibrational phrases that calm down your mind because they work on the subconscious level of your mind, just like subliminal suggestions.

There are several books about positive affirmations, and how to create them. BUT what most people don’t know, is that in order for a positive affirmation to really work, it needs to be formulated according to your unique energy vibrations. Because if a phrase (since phrases become energy vibrations when we say them) doesn’t resonate with your personal vibrational frequency, then the results will not be as strong.

It’s kind of like why we have different chargers for different electronic devices. Because a charger that is not delivering the proper voltage to the device will not charge it properly. Too high a voltage could even damage the device too, and too low a voltage will not charge it at all.

Well, the vibrational energy of a positive affirmation is the same. It needs to be the right vibrational “voltage” in order to charge your subconscious mind with positive thinking instead of negative thinking. I hope this makes sense the way I am explaining it.

A Basic Affirmation To Use When Feeling Stressed

I designed this mantra for a friend of mine who worried all the time. He always looked stressed out. So I created this special mantra for him. I told him to repeat it 40 times a day, and that within 2 weeks, he would feel a lot different. So he did as I told him to, and wow! When I saw him again in two weeks, his face looked like a different person!

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He told me he still has stress, but not nearly as bad as he did before using this mantra. I told him that the more he used it, the stronger its protective powers would become. When I saw him again about two months after that, he told me he couldn’t believe how he hardly gets  stressed anymore, over the things he used to. He looked like a truly happy person!

Whenever you feel stressed, start repeating this positive affirmation below, and you will find yourself feeling calmer. This is not a typical affirmation you will find in any book.

The reason is because I was trained how to do this on one of my Astral Travels when I was around 12 years old. (only about 10 years ago, of course, because I am barely over 21 🙂

So the words may seem strange, but this is because the most powerful affirmations are derived from combining certain Sanskrit words within them to enhance their powers.

Here is an affirmation you can use when you feel stressed. Now remember, this affirmation has not been formulated for your personal energy vibrations, it was formulated for my good friend. Meaning it will have a strong affect, but please don’t expect miracles from it, like you could expect if it had been formulated specifically for you.

So here is the affirmation I created for my friend. Make sure to keep repeating it over and over until you feel yourself becoming calm again!

Please repeat it to yourself at least 6 times right now (more if you want to)! This will help it to take root in your subconscious.

“I release my fears, Shanti Shanti, and open my myself to the healing light of the divine. Jai Jai Shanti!”

Shanti is pronounced (shawn – tee) and Jai is pronounced (like chai, but instead of the “ch” sound, replace it with a “J”. Sounds also like the word “eye, but with a “J” in front of it.)

Repeat this affirmation when you are feeling stressed, and experience it’s power for yourself, just like my friend did. Make sure to keep repeating it over and over until you feel yourself becoming calm again!

I hope you will use the affirmation above, because it really works like magic!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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