How Twin Flames Unknowingly Send Psychic Messages To Each Other


We are always sending psychic messages to one another, whether we know it or not.

But, there are some psychic messages that are far more important and far stronger than the others we’ve come across. These are the psychic messages we receive from our Twin Flames.

People are always talking about their soulmates, but what about their Twin Flames?

A lot of people don’t know what a Twin Flame is, and most aren’t aware that a Twin Flame is different from a soulmate.

Most people spend their entire lives looking for our soulmate, or the one who will make them complete – when in truth, there is another reunion that they have to look out for…

…the reunion with their Twin Flame.


What Are Twin Flames? twin flame

Twin flames are also called twin souls and are literally the other half of our soul.

Twin Flames are literally two halves of a whole.

As your soul was being created, it was alight with energy, like the bursting of a flame that grows. However, before you were born into the physical world, your soul split into two, and the other half of your soul became your Twin Flame.

We all have a Twin Flame.

The purpose of having a Twin Flame is to help us evolve spiritually – from the start of our creation, to the lessons we learn with each rebirth, to the moment we return to where we came from, as perfected spiritual beings.

Twin Flames are opposite poles of one’s consciousness. From the flame of a single consciousness comes the pairings we need to truly evolve.

With our Twin Flame, we have Universal aspects of completion – the Yin and Yang, the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine, the Alpha and the Omega.

You and your Twin Flame are literally cut from the same cloth and are the only ones who can truly complete each other.


How Are Twin Flames Different From Soulmates?


One of the most common misconceptions about Twin Flames is that they are one and the same with soulmates, but this cannot be farther from the truth.

So, to help you understand what a Twin Flame really is, I’ve come up with a table to show you a comparison between the two.


Twin Flame Soulmate
Made from the same soul as you. Part of your soul family or soul group but made from a different soul.
Very rarely incarnate together in the same lifetime. Will be reborn together again and again across different lifetimes.
You only have one Twin Flame We can have many soulmates.
Your Twin Flame is the only being in the Universe which shares your core soul frequency. You share the same energy frequency with your soulmates.
You and your Twin Flame seem as different as night and day. You may share a lot of the same characteristics with soulmates.
Twin Flames are only reincarnated at the same time when a major lesson needs to be learned, when both halves are ready to achieve completion, or ready to become reunited once more. Soulmates often come together in this world as family, friends, or romantic partners, to work towards achieving a goal, or for completion.


Twin Flame Energy & Communication


Twin Flames are often not reborn on earth at the same time. When one half of the twin spends a lifetime on earth, the other half spends that lifetime in the spiritual realm.

The twin living in the spiritual realm supports the twin half of themselves living in a physical form, by sending them energy and guidance.

So, how do you know if your Twin Flame is sending you messages and how do you differentiate your twin’s voice from the noise of the world?


How Do Twin Flames Send Psychic Messages? astral_projection

You may be able to meet your twin flame through astral projection.

The first step is learning how Twin Flames send messages to each other.

I’ve listed down several ways your Twin Flame might be using to reach you.

Twin Flame Telepathy 

All Twin Flame communication are done telepathically, here are a few examples of psychic messaging:

Dream Messaging 

Twin Flames usually send messages to each other through dreams. You might have experienced a dream, which feel as if it’s not coming from you. Like you are not the one projecting the dream.

There might also be a sense of urgency in the dream and you might feel that someone is trying to tell you something or send you a message.

With Twin Flames, this kind of dream messaging may come during a time of confusion, or right before a decision about a life-changing event is about to happen. The message hidden in the dream is from your Twin Flame, who is offering you wisdom and guidance during a difficult time.

Astral Projection 

If you can travel astrally, you might get to meet your Twin Flame. Gifted psychics and mediums often reach out to their Twin Flame in the spiritual realm when astrally traveling.

Sometimes, your Twin Flame may choose to accompany on your astral travel to show you things which will help you overcome challenges in your life, or things which will allow you to reach the spiritual goals you set out to complete in this lifetime.

Psychic Visual And Verbal Communication 

When both Twin Flames are reborn at the same time, it can be very chaotic, but it’s usually for a higher purpose.

You will know the exact moment when you finally meet your Twin Flame. Having the same core soul frequency, it will be as if a huge magnet is drawing the both of you together.

All it takes is one look to know that you’re meeting the most important person you will ever meet. The first meeting will be very intense. You might instantly understand each other or finish each other’s sentences, even though you’ve known each other for only a few minutes.


Blocks to Twin Flame Communication twin_flames2

Having a preoccupied mind may block messages that are coming from your twin flame.

Excessive Mental Preoccupation 

There’s no better way to block messages from your Twin Flame than to have a very noisy mind! If you’re always mentally preoccupied, chances are the messages from your twin is not getting through to you.

Other People’s Influence 

Other people, such as soulmates, can block psychic message from your twin flame, especially if these relationships are the intense romantic types. Make sure you balance things out by taking some time alone for yourself to meditate or to reach out to your Twin Flame.


When your soul is congested, nothing gets through. Energy and guidance from your Twin Flame may reach you but there will be no space for their energy or guidance.

You must learn to relax and to remove things which cause you a great deal of stress, or overtake the balance in your life.

If you feel as if you are being overwhelmed by these blocks and are unable to have a connection with your twin flame, I can help you receive his or her psychic messages, and even reach out to your Twin Flame.

As a psychic medium, I have spent years helping people build a connection with their Twin Flames through psychic readings and Akashic Records sessions. I can help you understand your Twin Flame pairing better, and determine the level of your connection.

You can click here to schedule an appointment with me by filling out the form on my Psychic Reading Page and we’ll contact you soon.


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6 Responses

  1. Tracy says:

    I help
    I’ve me and my twin flame are here in the same life

  2. Twinflame says:

    I have a problem about my twin flame. I keep having dreams at night, but I don’t see his face, only signs and symbols about him. What does it mean? I really miss him so bad. I have already tried to reach out to him via text, but no answer.

  3. Eva says:

    I am going throw a beautiful connection with twin flame energy and I have a few questions.
    Twin flame energy can travel throw others to send messages to you, I was contacted with my TF in physical reality it was a very special reunion. I am confused becouse i am married and I’m not sure who my TF is becouse both guys are giving me signs of TF energy is so confusing to me i would like to know who my real TF is.

  4. Twin says:

    Well – I met my TF, knew it immediately but did not let her know how I felt. She pursued me gently to see where I stood, she admitted an amazing attraction to me later. I was married. We went out for drinks and sparks flew and emotions ran very high. We talked marriage almost immediately! Felt VERY close to each other. I left my wife, and she withdrew. This universe sucks. The lessons here suck. I have never wanted something so much, and my soul is simply crushed!

    When she withdrew, I reached out to a psychic who knew nothing about me, I was still married, but asked her if I would ever find my soulmate – she said I already had one (older woman, and married to her or an ex) BUT that my twin flame was coming – she then detailed her 100%.

    How can this all be so on track, and at the same time so off track.

    This universe sucks – clearly I am not ready to learn whatever dumb lesson plan I signed up for.

    Did I mention the sucks part??

  5. Lee says:

    At twin says… I feel your frustration. Would you believe me if I said…you are so loved and special to the universe and that AT TIMES you simply have to do nothing and allow other key players to come to terms with how life is responding to them as well..? Trust me, you are loved. So so loved (even if u dont feel that way)

  6. Alen says:

    I had my TF in life, she was my wife for 28 years and she died from Covid 19.12.20. 😭 she send me many sings above and I feel her presents, is it any way I can commmunicate with her now please?

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