The Human Aura: What does it tell us? human-aura

The human aura is a glowing energy that emits from, and surrounds the human body.

It has always been fascinating to me to observe the ‘colors’ of a person. It amuses me, seeing the beautiful representations of the colors in their auras of personality.

This ‘colors’ I’m seeing is called the Human Aura.

Though as fascinating as it may sound, the human aura is nothing unusual to me, because I  see them every single day. It is something I was born with the ability to do. When I meet a person, I can tell the personality of that person just by looking at the aura they emit.

To me, the world is full of numerous and beautiful shades and colors. Every single day, when I’m staring down the street, I’m filled with delight as I look upon numerous colorful auras. Humans are indeed beautiful and fascinating…

Today, I’ll be talking about the human aura and what it tells about a person. Follow me as we seek the meaning of your aura and the colors of your personality!


The Human Aura


The human aura is a glowing energy that emits from, and surrounds the human body. This energy manifests into different colors, which represents the personality and well being of a person. Its ‘glow’ varies from person to person depending on his or her health, mood, personality and behavior.

From a psychic’s perspective, the human aura is consists of colors within the shades of the rainbow and each person’s aura has at least 3 visible layers. Each layer has a corresponding color and meaning and the closer the layer is to the body, the stronger the meaning of its color.

In order for us to fully understand this, let’s first take a look at the 3 basic layers of the human aura a person manifests.


The Layers of the Human Aura human-aura-2

Each person’s aura has at least 3 visible layers.

  1. The Physical Layer–The physical layer is the closest layer to the body and it extends one-quarter to two inches away from it.

 The colors this layer usually ranges from blue to gray, in which the latter represents a more vigorous and hefty character of the person.

This layer represents the overall physical and health conditions of a person. The brighter the color on this layer glows, the healthier the person is (physically). Also, when the color appears to be dim or dull, it signifies a problem within his or her body. This could be that the person is suffering from a physical condition they have no idea about. Or, it may be a sign of a future physical problems or conditions.

It is important to note that there may be no apparent sign of any health issues during the time of an Aura Reading, but they may occur at some point in time in the near future. So in order to avoid an impending health problem, as soon as a possible problem is foreseen during a reading, it is imperative to get an immediate general checkup with your physician.


  1. The Emotional Layer – The Emotional layer is the second closest layer to the body and it extends about one to three inches from it. This layer is where your emotional thoughts, ideas and struggles are stored. Emotions such as stress, hatred, grief, happiness, forgiveness, love, and affection, are all stored on this layer.


The brighter the colors in this layer glows, the happier the person is. Positive emotions emit a more vibrant glow, which is highly visible in a Psychic’s eye. It also is important to note that this layer is the easiest layer to be seen and observed. The colors in this layer are susceptible to changes as emotion may abruptly shift throughout the day depending on the stress levels of a person.

Lastly, this layer is special in a way that its colors may appear fuzzy at times. This signifies that a person has a hidden emotion lurking within the shadows of his or her outward appearance. To put it simply, a person can hide a thousand sorrows behind a single smile. So a person may appear happy, but deep inside, he or could be struggling emotionally.


  1. The Spiritual Layer – The Spiritual layer is the third closest layer to the body, and it extends about two to two and three quarters feet from it.

 This layer represents our connection to the Creator and to other astral beings. Also, all of our past, present and future karma is stored in this layer. The spiritual layer is also the layer that is the hardest to see.

The colors in this layer shine in a shimmering light that’s sometimes hard to discern for an inexperienced psychic. Since this layer represents our connection to the Creator, this means that the clearer the colors in this layer are, the closer we are to transcendence. Also, it is important to note that since all our karma is stored in this layer, our past and future lives’ affect the glow of the colors that manifests on this layer.


Aura Color Meanings


  • Red – Signifies the blood circulation, heart and physical body. Bright red means a healthy ego and a personality. It also represents power, energy and survival. Dim read represents anger, anxiety, fear, and immaturity.
  • Orange – Represents the reproductive organs and emotional feelings. If bright, it means vitality and excitement. It also means creative, intelligent and perfectionist. If dim, it represents laziness, tardiness, controlled and repressed emotions, as well as addiction.
  • Yellow – Represents the spleen and life energy. If bright, it means optimism and spiritual awareness. It also signifies fear from losing control over life or business. If dim it signifies stress, fatigue and wariness.
  • Green – Represents the heart and lungs. If bright it means a creative and loving personality. It also pertains to growth and balance. If dim it depicts insecurity, jealousy, and irresponsibility.
  • Blue – Represents throat and thyroid. If bright is shows a person who is protective, devoted, caring and emotional. If dim it denotes immaturity, impulsive and gullible.
  • Indigo – Represents the third eye and pituitary gland. If bright it means calm and collective. It also signifies peacefulness and generous. If dim it denotes audacity, egocentric, and unruly.  
  • Violet –If bright in color it means visionary, artistic and sensitivity. If dim it denotes mood swings, unstable behavior, insensitivity, and tactlessness.


Aura Readings human aura 3

An Aura Reading is the process in which a Psychic evaluates your aura through the colors that are seen on each layer. By looking at the color manifestations of the person’s aura, a Psychic is able to get a glimpse of a person’s behavior, personality, and health, which is then interpreted and relayed to the person.

It is important to note that during an Aura Reading, a psychic is able to sense and see your aura, but a reading of this kind is does not predict your future. An Aura Reading is meant to guide and help you on your journey to a happier and more fulfilling life.


That’s it for today! Thank you so much for reading my post! I hope you learned a lot from this article!

For any thoughts and ideas regarding this article, please leave a comment or your thoughts in the comments section down below!


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  1. Sam says:

    I find with enough focus, I can see outlines, but not necessarily auras of inanimate objects. The easiest one being my black coat I hang on my bedroom door. A faint thin white outline. Here I can guess one of two things. The first being since all objects are made up of living vibrational energy, they’d have their own static auras. The second simply being my auric energy being rubbed off onto it.

    I thought the ego was (in rudimentary terms) a negative mental construct of personal identity or self, so what can be described as a “healthy” ego can be somewhat confusing. Healthy does not mean strong but would strong not be bad? I always thought anything that hurts my ego (me) is good for my spiritual self. Of course I know the holes of that logic but still leaves yet more unanswered questions.

  2. Qabrenna says:

    I was in a mall one day and a lady I never seen stop me and ask me could she read me and I was like yea sure she told me I had a bright lighted aura around me and to never let my light go dim if I ever let it dim it will be my Down fall what does this mean. Every since then I’ve been wanting to get a aura picture taken. What does this mean

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