I had a feeling about you….so how did it go last week?

I had a feeling about you, and I wanted to ask how did it go when you tried the technique I sent you in my last email. You remember, the one for how to receive the names of two of your Spirit Guides? Did you try it? If not, why not? What are you waiting for?

If you tried it, fantastic! If you haven’t tried it yet, then I encourage you to try it asap! Because you are only preventing yourself from opening spiritual doors that can change your future for the better! Because you see, when you know the names of your Guides. and you call on them by name. That’s when the real miracles in life start to happen.

Just like any good friend would do, when you ask for their help, they will gladly help you! If you have a problem you need help with, they will help you. If you have a love concern, they will help you. If you need more money, they will help you with that too!

Would you like to know the names of your guides, so you can start working with them? Then click here to schedule a session to learn all of their names!

The first thing you have to do

BUT….you first have to know their names, or otherwise, how can you call on them? So, if you haven’t already, then it’s time to try the exercise I sent out in my last email.

I realize that 20 to 25 minutes is a long time to meditate before asking for their names. Doing it less than 20 minutes will not place you in the right trance state. And remember, 25 minutes is even better!

If you don’t have the time to meditate that long, or if you tried it but didn’t get results, then you might want to consider having a special session to learn their names. Because if you want their help, guidance, and protection, you are going to have to know their names first.

Like any new relationship, getting to know each other requires knowing the other person’s name. Well, it’s the same with your Guides in your Spirit Band.

I offer special sessions called Spirit Band Connection sessions, where the whole session is focused on learning the names of ALL the Guides in your Spirit Band, AND also learning about the special power each one has that they can help you with. 

There are many different types of Guides…

For example, some Guides are Love Experts, so you would call on them for matters concerning love. Some are Money experts, so you would call on them to manifest more wealth. Some are career experts, so you would call on them for career concerns, and some are healing experts, and you would call on them for the healing of yourself, or someone you care about, or love.

Then there are Ascended Master Guides and Master Guides who have all kinds of special powers, and they can help you with some unbelievable things!

One client of mine asked her Ascended Master Guide to help her find her true soulmate! And voila….within 6 months, they met. Six months later, they were married. One month after they were married, she got pregnant with her first child. And after 6 years, and 3 kids later, they are still an amazing, happy couple! That’s how powerful the help of an Ascended Master Guide can be!

Then there are Joy Guides, Gate Keeper Guides, Professor Guides, Chemist Guides, and even Love and Soulmate Guides! There is a guide for anything you need help with or guidance on.

The most important key to working with your Guides

You see, the key is knowing what each guide can help you with, so you can call on the right Guide for the particular help you need. You wouldn’t call on a Love Guide to help you with your career, and you wouldn’t call on a Career Guide to help you find your soulmate.

So you need to know what specifically each guide can help you with!

So if you’d like to know all their names, and specifically what each one can help you with, you might want to schedule a Spirit Band Connection Session. You can schedule it by clicking on this link, and filling out the form on my schedule a psychic reading page.

I hope this email has awakened and enlightened you to the power of the Guides in your Spirit Band. Remember, 20 to 30 of them are standing behind you right now, waiting to help YOU. They’ve been standing there waiting to be acknowledged since the day you were born!

Are you ready to finally acknowledge them and start building a strong spiritual relationship together? It’s all in your hands now to take the next step!

Be blessed!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

To get started knowing your Guides, click here and fill out the form on my schedule a reading page to schedule your Spirt Band Connection Session, or call my office at 64-444-6334

Looking forward to helping you make a connection.

P.S. Did you feel that feeling as you were reading this? It was your Guides letting you know they are ready to meet you!

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  1. beth rannebarger says:

    I got quite a bit of insight + let go of the past. I had a messed up interview for the job i wanted, but applied for a much higher-paying job with a better schedule. I havent started it yet, so i dont know how i’ll like it.

  2. beth rannebarger says:

    In the retail interview i did well & would’ve been hired, but they turned me down for a cart position in stead of meat cutter that i intervie
    wed for?!

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