I Hope You Calculated Your Numbers!

Hi there,

Remember the last email I sent out? Well, it seems I have only one positive number in my full birthdate, so I knew I needed to be extra careful!

Then I was meditating the other morning, and had seen something in my future, around June 1st, that “thank God” I was able to see this ahead of time, or it would have been disastrous for me, maybe even fatal!

My vision is all related to the last email I sent out about how to calculate your birthday numbers to know if you’re going to be affected by this upcoming energy or not! You can read that email by clicking here if you missed it!

So it seems that the energies I spoke about in my last email will also affect me!

But since I saw this disaster ahead of time, I was able to make sure to avoid it! This has definitely been an interesting week!

I Feel So Blessed

It’s amazing how by knowing something in the future before it happens can make all the difference between possible tragedy (as in my case), and continued joy and happiness! (also as in my case because now that I know what to avoid, I stopped the misery dead in its tracks, literally!)

So knowing the future ahead of time even helps me!

Don’t let what happened to me today make you paranoid! Click here and I can help you!

Just because I am a psychic, does not mean I get to skip learning lessons, or that I am immune from the human condition! Being psychic allows me to avoid many things because I know about them before they happen.

But even I forget to look into my future sometimes, and that’s when I really get burned!

I hope your week is starting out good so far, and I hope we get to talk very soon! I would love to read for you soon so that you don’t get burned like I almost did!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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P.S. Be extra careful tomorrow because it is one of the 14 days that are scattered throughout the next month and a half when the cosmic energy is really going to hit people hard! Be especially extra careful when driving tomorrow!

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