I’ll Bet No One Ever Told You This…(Important To Read!!)

I bet that you didn’t know that you have at least 20 to 30 Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides, and Ascended Masters, standing behind you right now!

Go ahead and turn around and look right now! You might be one of the lucky ones who can occasionally capture a quick glimpse of them!

A group of Guides, Angels, and Masters is called a Spirit Band. So when I say you have all of these invisible beings behind you right now, I am talking about your Spirit Band!

How does this happen? 

Before you were born, you met with all your Teachers and Guides. Along with deciding the life you are going to experience in this lifetime, you also choose your Spirit Band of Guides that would be with you, and help guide you through this Lifetime!

The sad part is, most people have NO IDEA that they have a Spirit Band. So they go through their lives ignoring the very Beings that they choose to surround them in this lifetime. Sad, isn’t it?

This is why you are so fortunate to be open to learning about these things in this lifetime. If you really think about it, we, you and I, are a very small percentage of people in the world who are open to these Higher Spiritual Truths. It gives me a warm feeling inside just knowing this!

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If you know their names

If you’ve had a reading with me before, chances are that I’ve already told you the names of some of your Guides in your Spirit Band. And I hope you wrote them down because knowing their names is more precious than gold! More valuable than diamonds!

Why? Because knowing their names gives you an even stronger connection with them! A name is the most powerful vibration in the world! When someone calls you by name, you know that they are energetically connecting to you. This is why you turn around when someone calls you. Because your name is your personal vibrational identification!

It is also the same with the guides in your Spirit Band. When you call them by name, they know you are talking directly to them!

Learn the names of your Guides

If you don’t know the names of your Guides, then learn them! You chose them to accompany you in this lifetime, so make sure to learn their names! It’s almost like your spiritual responsibility!

Why do I say that? Because now that you know you chose them to accompany you in this life, if you continue to ignore them, by not knowing their names, then you are not utilizing their fullest protective powers!

It’s the same as someone calling you by name, or calling you by saying “Hey, you!” Which one do you prefer to be called? Well, your Guides are conscious, living beings, just like you and me. And they also have feelings too!

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An Angel Name Meditation Technique to try

You can try this and see if you can receive one or two of their names. This is not the most effective way of doing learning their names, but it at least shows them your willingness. The only real way to learn their names is by consulting an experienced Psychic Medium. Not a psychic, because psychics CANNOT communicate with Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters, or loved ones on the other side.

I know some of them claim they can, but unless they are a genuine Psychic Medium, they do not have that ability. Plain and simple.

But try this and see what happens. You might get a name or two.

1. Sit in a quiet room where you won’t be disturbed for at least 30 to 40 minutes.

2. Meditate by closing your eyes, relaxing, and focusing on the air going in and out of your nostrils.

3. Do this for at least 20 to 25 minutes to enter a deep trance state. (Any less than 20 minutes will not put you in the right trance state. 25 minutes is even better)

4. After 20 or 25 minutes, silently say the following words to yourself: “I respectfully ask the names of two of my Guides to be revealed to me.”

5. Now sit and listen for 5 to 10 minutes, and pay attention to what you hear.

6. Go with the first two names that come to you.

7. Those will be the names of at least two of your 20 or 30 Guides.


This is an amazing, powerful experience when you are able to receive their names. If their names come to you easily when doing this technique, then you may have latent Psychic Medium abilities that you could learn to develop with the proper training.

Let me know how this worked for you by sending me an email, and sharing with me what happened when you tried this.

Be blessed.

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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