Today’s Psychic Energy Report for 8-20-16

psychic energy report

Today’s psychic energy is going to be a combination of impatient and loving energies.

Here is today’s Psychic Energy Report:

You may notice the people around you being extra loving today, and being a bit impatient as well. This is because of the seemingly conflicting psychic energies we have today. For instance, you might meet someone who seems really kind at first, but in a few moments, his or her loving and kind disposition will turn into one of irritability and impatience.

For your part, you can avoid expressing or showing impatience by being careful of the words you’ll say. If you find something unacceptable or somewhat annoying, keep your cool in check to avoid sounding rude.

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  1. Candy says:

    Oh my haha
    I was so annoyed last night!
    To much talking and me not speaking up enough-saying I’m being overstimulated. So I stayed in my bedroom with ear plugs, today I decided to tell her to please stop telling me everything she’s doing,she has to do, she’s going to do, she already did, and she has to do tomorrow.
    I hope she doesn’t get mad, but I had to say something it was exhausting me 🙁


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