Your Professor Guide: 3 Important Things This Guide Can Help With


Ever wonder why you sometimes feel as if someone’s watching you?

It’s probably because you have around 30 to 60 Spirit Guides who are with you day in and day out.

You and your Spirit Guides agreed to come together in this life before you were reborn, so some of your Spirit Guides may be with you from birth, while some may come at a later stage in your life.

If that information didn’t surprise you, this one might: Each of your Spirit Guides has a purpose, much like a group of superheroes, and each with a specific power they can use to help you accomplish your life’s purpose.

One of your Spirit Guides is a Professor Guide; a very distinguished guide who will help you learn, find your area of expertise and achieve your life’s purpose.


What Is A Professor Guide? professor_guide_1

Each Spirit Guide has a different purpose. A professor guide is the one to help you learn new things and area of expertise.

Like other Spirit Guides, a Professor Guide was once a human, who has already learned everything he can from the physical world. Your Professor Guide no longer needs to be reborn, as he has already reached a higher state of enlightenment.

As Spirit Guides are beings of light and energy, your Professor Guide is purely devoted to helping you get the best out of life.

What makes a Professor Guide different from your other Guides?

Unlike a Gatekeeper Guide, who is tasked to protect you since you were born, and a Joy Guide, who brings laughter into your life and helps you appreciate the simple things in life, your Professor Guide will come to help you when you are in need of his counsel.


The Different Roles Of A Professor Guide


These wise Spirits keep a low profile and prefer to be in the background – very much like professors who quietly give themselves a pat on the back whenever a student he or she guided gets far in life.

To your Professor Guide, you are a prized student and this guide will do everything to make sure you succeed in your endeavors. Your Professor Guide only has one goal in mind – to help accomplish all the lessons you need to learn in this lifetime.

Your Professor Guide is a powerful being and a giver of mystical help. Like all Spirit Guides, a Professor Guide works in mysterious ways. But the more you connect with your Professor Guide, the more you will realize the amount of help you are receiving.

Those who are attuned to their Professor Guides already know how invaluable their advice is when it comes to spiritual concerns and problems related to learning.

What makes Professor Guides even more special is they have special attributes, which set them apart from your other Spirit Guides. You’ll learn all about these special attributes in a few moments.


Things Only Your Professor Guide Can Help You With


  1. Your Professor Guide Can Lead You To Persons Who Can Help You Along The Way

Your Professor Guide is an expert when it comes to finding people who can help you reach your goals.

Remember how your teacher used to team you up with a classmate for class work or a project? A Professor Guide knows what kind of connections you need to accomplish things.

For example, you want to learn how to bake. Your Professor Guide may gently tap you on the shoulder while you’re out walking, just in time to run into an old acquaintance, who happens to be a professional baker. Next thing you know, you’re having baking lessons free of charge!


  1. Your Professor Guide Can Ask Other Spirit Guides To Assist Us

Most of your Spirit Guides are companions exclusive only to you. Meaning you and these Spirit Guides have come to an agreement before you were reborn to work together in this lifetime.

Your Spirit Guides might be with you from the moment of your birth, or some might come into your life at different stages of your life when you have a need for them. Your Professor Guide knows when you are in need of a certain guide and will reach out to other Spirit Guides on your behalf.

A Professor Guide might reach out to an Ascended Master Guide to help guide you. Ascended Master Guides, like Jesus and Buddha, are not exclusively connected to just one person, as their purpose is to uplift humanity as a whole.

Your Professor Guide may also get in touch with the Spirit Guide of another person who can teach you or provide you guidance. If the meeting is beneficial to you and the other person, and will go according to your life’s purpose, both of your Spirit Guides will arrange a meeting.


  1. Your Professor Guide Can Help You Achieve Your Life’s Purpose professor_guide_2

Just like the other spirit guides, your professor guide will help you achieve your life’s purpose.

The most important task of all your Spirit Guides is to help you achieve your life purpose. You decided to be reborn in this life because you wanted to learn a specific lesson, or achieve a specific goal.

Your Spirit Guides were with you when you made your soul contract, which holds details about your life purpose, soul mates, and agreements you made with other souls to be together with you in this life.

This is the reason why your Spirit Guides are the best companions – they know all about your life purpose and the details of your entire life!

Now, Professor Guides are like a cheat code to a test, or a map to a hidden treasure, because they know how to get you where you want to be. The trick is, your Professor Guide cannot help you unless you let them, so you need to acknowledge your guides and ask them for help.

Here’s a story, which shows how a Professor Guide can guide you to your life’s purpose:

A soul chose to be reborn in this lifetime to learn about independence and self-reliance. This soul was born and named Sally.

Now a full-time mother of three children, Sally is devoted to her family. She takes great pride in teaching her children and creating educational toys, which her little ones can learn from and enjoy.

However, there are times when Sally feels like she’s stuck in a rut and disconnected from her true self. She is slowly beginning to feel despair because it seems like she has no control over her life and she relies fully on her husband financially.

Sally is a very spiritual person and has always believed in Spirit Guides. So she called on her guides to help her get through this period of hopelessness and uncertainty and to point her in the right direction.

The very next day, Sally went out to shop for supplies. While she was checking the aisles, she noticed a magazine on the floor. She picked up the magazine and was about to place it on the rack without looking at it, but something made her look at the cover.

It was a magazine about creating handmade toys and other crafts.

Curious, Sally bought the magazine and went through it when she got home. Looking at all the toy patterns and instructions, she felt something stir inside her. She began to imagine all the toys and crafts she could make – her mind was buzzing with ideas!

With an indescribable feeling of renewed confidence, she began to make handcrafted toys similar to the ones she previously made for her children – but better. With every new design and technique she learned, she felt more inspired. professor_guide_3

Do you want to learn a certain craft? Ask your professor guide to help you find the resources and connections to learn this craft.

Soon after, Sally began selling her handcrafted toys at the weekend craft fair. It was a big hit with the kids – and even the parents. Orders for more toys poured in, and she eventually began selling them online.

Now, Sally is earning a lot of money through a hobby, which she turned into an expertise, and she’s even able to do it while still taking care of her family.

She was able to find something that fulfilled her while giving her financial independence and self-reliance at the same time.

Sally discovered her life purpose – because she picked up a magazine.

It all began when she called out to her Spirit Guides for help…a call her Professor Guide answered.


Communicating With Your Professor Guide


Meditation is the best way to connect with your Professor Guide. Here’s a simple technique to communicate with your Professor Guide, which you can do under five minutes.

  1. Find a quiet place to meditate.
  2. Sit down comfortably and keep your back straight.
  3. Close your eyes and breathe in deeply.
  4. Ask you Professor Guide to appear to you.
  5. Visualize orbs of white light in your mind. And the one that shines brightest is your Professor Guide. Your Professor Guide might also choose to appear as a face within the orb.
  6. Silently ask the name of your Professor Guide in your mind. The name may come to you instantly, or at some other time in the future.
  7. Ask for his or her help, for guidance, solutions, or helpful insights.
  8. When you receive your answers, thank your Professor Guide for listening to you.
  9. Now, take 3 deep breaths, open your eyes, and stand up.
  10. Write down everything you saw or heard during your meditation.
  11. Afterwards, continue to be alert for signs, symbols, or coincidences, which hold messages from your Professor Guide.


Your Next Step


If you’re having difficulties contacting your Professor Guide, or need help interpreting the messages your Professor Guide is sending you, I can help you.

During a Spirit Guide reading, I can communicate directly with your Professor Guide, along with all your Spirit Guides, and relay to you their information and the message they have for you.

To get more information about a Spirit Guide reading, you can contact me by calling my office at 614-444-6334 or by clicking here and filling out the form on my Psychic Reading Page.


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