Today’s Psychic Energy Report for 4-2-16

psychic energy report

The psychic energy today highlights independence

Here Is Today’s Psychic Energy Report:


The psychic energy today highlights independence. Rejoice if you have a deep-seated urge to meet the world on your own terms, free of any worries about what others would say. If you are longing to be free and to express yourself without fear, today would be a good day for you.

Fiery colors such as bright red, bright yellow, and orange are ideal to wear today. These colors symbolize a strong will and a preference to be free of social criticism. Red also symbolizes passion, so it’s a sure bet for attracting more of today’s kind of energy.

Enjoy yourself, but practice restraint, as always. Do not tempt fate. Avoiding social censure is one thing, but breaking laws is another. Be careful.


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  1. Candy says:

    I have a great sense of independence since I moved into my new room. I love it so much it’s amazing!!
    It’s funny that you mentioned the colors because I’m sitting on a red rocking chair wearing a red shirt and the Ottoman is red as well ?❤️??‼️
    I’m so happy and free, I love this 🙂
    Have a beautiful day Tana! ???

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