A Psychic Interpretation Of Dreams: Dreams Of A Loved One Who's Gone

What A Dream About Your Loved One Means

Loved ones who have passed from this physical world sometimes communicate with us in our sleep. When we sleep, our psychic abilities are stronger, because we are in a more open and receptive state, without the distraction of conscious thoughts and actions.

dream interpretation

Interpreting dreams

When your loved one attempts to contact you through a dream, often times they are there for a purpose and want to help you in some way. The interpretation of dreams where a loved one visits can be one or more of the following:

• They might be privy to some crucial information that can help you in your current journey.
• They might want to help alleviate some of your grief.
• Your departed loved one needs help from you.

Sometimes the person who has passed is not aware that they are no longer living, and continue to hang around their old residence or other places that they frequented.

How To Help A Loved One Who May Be Lost

When a loved one stays on the earth plane for a long period of time after their death, you can assisst them by telling them that they need to go towards the white light. Both the living and the departed have different journeys and must fulfill their earthly or after-life paths without each other.

Regardless of their purposes for appearing in your dream, the meeting of your loved one may induce a strong emotion that you wouldn’t normally experience in ordinary dreams. That emotion is the bridge between your soul and the departed’s soul…the connection that can’t be altered by the death of a physical body.

How To Make A Connection With Your Loved One In Your Dreams

If you would like to communicate with a departed soul in your dream, you can try the exercise below:

1. Keep him/her in your thoughts especially before going to sleep. If you are grieving, be patient with yourself.
2. Contact can happen in a few days or it can happen after many weeks. But if it is meant for you to be in touch with your loved one, it will happen.
3. Continue to pray for his/her soul and let them know that regardless of what happens, they will never leave your heart.
4. Lastly, if you do not receive dreams of your loved ones, keep in mind that we are not capable of remembering all of our dreams. Even if they had visited you while you were asleep, there is still a chance you will not be able to recall the experience when you wake up.
5. If you don’t remeber your dreams, before you go to sleep at night, simply ask to remeber them.

The interpretation of dreams about your loved ones may vary, because they are influenced by each person’s unique circumstances. But usually when a passed loved one appears in your dream it is a positive experience that can help both the dreamer and the departed.

I sincerely hope that this information will help yout heart heal faster, and your future to become brighte when you make contact with your loved one!

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  1. Amanda says:

    Thank you for writing this. My dad passed away and I always have dreams about him and they are messages sometimes for my sister who is having a really hard time still. I will pass this on to her bc she hasn’t had a dream in months and it bothers her. Thank you again your words are greatly appreciated!

  2. Nedia says:

    Thank you for the information. I recently lost my husband. Having a hard time. He died from lung cancer. He was 71 and had lost so much weight. His ribs where showing and I kept trying to get him to eat more but he was so sick he just wasn’t hungry. He would try to please me and eat a little but he was only trying to make me happy. Anyway, about 2 or 3 weeks after he died, I saw him clearly with my eyes closed whenever I had been crying and he was young and healthy looking. I even saw his chest that was all filled out and he had the biggest grin on his face. Is it common for people to experience this? I’m so happy it did.

  3. Nicole Whittaker says:

    Love the information thank you so much

  4. Sherri says:

    My 21 year old son passed away in 2017. I seen him In one of my Dreams, he smiled at me, it was so real it startled me and I woke up. since then I’ve asked to see him again in my dreams m, but he has not come, maybe I remember my dreams. I would love to communicate with him.

  5. Diana says:

    Hi my name is Diana and I’m having a very hard time and I’m crying and I need closure and im trying to communicate with my husband ,he passed away February 27th 2020 he was excellent husband and a hard worker, he proved to everybody and he loves God and he wanted to be a priest to help the children do their first communion and to teach them to go to the good path and not to the bad path, he took care of me he took care of my family I’ve been with him since he was 17 years old and married with him 10 years and 15 years knowing my Husband he was everything to me in my life I want to communicate with him he got a car accident but I’m not sure if it was an accident I need to know he was going to work in Cloverdale and they said it was a car accident but I’m not sure, I need to communicate with him so I can know what happened please help me I need closure I’m very sad and crying and thinking of him

  6. Bernice says:

    Praying for all of You that lost someone. I lost over 7 family members within these past 8 years including my best friend. I really want to see her again. I typically greet visions in my dreams of my family and they will tell me things I didn’t know that were true until I asked around when I woke up. Just pray and ask them to come to you before you go to bed. I did every night but it took a few weeks then finally my best friend came to me.

  7. Chinnamma says:

    My cousin K.C.Chacko passed away in december 1978. Because of the COVID 19 I am grieving for him. We were very close. Is there any way I can contact him? I do n.t want to upset him. I just miss him very badly

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