Invisibility And Why It Is Possible! – by Tana Hoy

Invisibility is one of the powers that many people desire to have. It’s widely depicted on television, in movies, and in superhero flicks – but is it just fantasy?


Becoming Invisible!

Can Humans Become Invisible?

Yes they can! Humans can become invisible. In fact, many people have experienced vanishing, except they don’t actually mean to do it. It usually happens spontaneously, with the person not even realizing that it’s happening. Often times, it occurs for very brief periods of time, and for no apparent reason.

A Personal Story Of Invisibility

I met this woman who vanished while sitting in her living room. She explained to me that she was sitting comfortably on the couch one evening, immersed in a book, when her husband began wandering around the house looking for her.

She thought her spouse was playing a trick on her, because he went from the bedroom, to the kitchen, then to the front yard, opening and closing doors as he passed her by, not noticing her sitting there.

She watched him, amused and bewildered. He then plopped on the armchair adjacent to the couch, looking very frustrated! Then she said, “What’s wrong?” Her husband was startled!
He said he had been looking all over for her, and she explained she had been sitting there the entire time!

When they discussed what happened, they realized that she was actually invisible for a few minutes.

I’ve encountered numerous other cases like this too, but it just goes to show that human invisibility really does happen.

Why Do People Suddenly Become Invisible?

When you become invisible, it’s because your body is vibrating at a higher frequency than that of your surroundings. This happens when your thoughts drifts off “somewhere else,” such as when you’re so engrossed in a book, or you’re thinking of a loved one far away. Even when your mind becomes preoccupied with “nothing in particular.”

It can also happen while you’re enjoying a drink at a party, as your your consciousness becomes relaxed, and your mind feels unburdened by the cares of everyday life.

The Power Of Your Mind

During these mental states, you unintentionally attain a state wherein your mind is neither empty nor totally focused, and you reach a meditative level that would normally take lots of practice to achieve.

For as long as your mind remains in this meditative state, your body maintains this higher vibrational frequency, and you become invisible. But once you become conscious of your surroundings, you become visible once more.

Subconsciously attaining this level of meditation usually lasts no longer than a few seconds to a few minutes. Then you just snap back into “the real world,” which explains why many incidents of becoming invisible are unnoticed and therefore go unreported.

There are times, however, when it takes a few minutes for the body to go back to its normal vibrational frequency, so you remain invisible for a longer period of time, such as the story of the woman on the couch.

You will start noticing that other people fail to see or hear you, or they act as though you aren’t there, because to them, you’re not! Often, this is how you realize that you’ve actually disappeared. This is typically confirmed when people start asking you where you were, when in fact you were with them all along.

How Does This Phenomenon Happen?

People see objects when there is light. When light shines on an item, let’s say a red apple, the apple absorbs all the colors of light (the rainbow colors) except for red. The red color bounces off the apple into your eyes, making it possible for you to see the apple and its red color. It’s the same for all objects that you see. They absorb some colors, and the remaining colors that are not absorbed bounces off, and those colors are what you see.

When an object is invisible light simply goes through it because no color bounces off its surface. This is what happens with transparent things like clear plastic or water, although we can still technically see these objects.

When you become invisible, the vibration of your body changes in a way that light simply passes through you. Remember, however, that being invisible is not the same as moving to another plane or dimension. When you’re invisible, you won’t be able to go through walls or be in another point in space or time. You’ll still be in the same location, just not seen by other people. For example, you will still have a bad accident if you stand at the top of the stairs, unseen, and someone suddenly rushes down and bumps into you.

Can You Become Invisible At Will?

Yes, you can, but as I mentioned earlier, it takes lots of practice and discipline. You need to be able to attain that meditative state wherein your mind is so relaxed or focused that your body is able to shift its vibrational frequency. In order to help you focus your thoughts so you can become invisible, here’s some a technique you can practice:

1. Stay in a quiet room and find a comfortable position. To let your energy flow freely through your body, you can sit or lie down as long as your back is straight.
2. Breathe naturally, relax your muscles, and calm your mind, releasing rid of all the stresses of your everyday life.
3. Now, visualize yourself using your mind’s eyes. See your whole body. Your head, torso, arms, and legs.
4. Now visualize yourself as made up flesh, bones, and organs, such as lungs, a heart, a stomach, intestines, and a brain.
5. Magnify this vision, and see yourself as someone made up of billions upon billions of cells.
6. Look even closer, and visualize these cells as made up of even tinier particles called molecules and atoms.
7. Look closer at these molecules and atoms and see them as tiny solar systems inside your body, with a nucleus in the middle, and protons and electrons orbiting around them, like planets orbiting around the sun.
8. Now focus on the empty space in each atom, and visualize light passing through all of that empty space inside your body.
9. The energy that binds your atoms together will initially deflect the energy that comes from the light, so you need to be patient! Because your mind has to reach a certain level in order to shift your body’s frequency, allowing the light energy to pass through it.
10. Now spend a few minutes just relaxing, visualizing the light on and in your body.
11. Then slowly lift yourself out of your meditative state.
12. Five minutes is enough when you start, and you can increase the time by a couple of minutes each week.

Do not force your body to allow the light to pass through, as it will only cause you too much stress. Remember that in order for you to turn invisible, both your mind and body need to be relaxed and in tune.

This technique can take literally years of practice before seeing any results, but it is achievable! Your results will depend on your disciplined dedication and practice to achieving this! There are many Buddhist monks who are able to become invisible with seemingly no effort!

If you practice these relaxation techniques, you will eventually be able to allow light to pass through your body – and become invisible at will.

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  1. Candy says:

    Cool!!! ❤️?❤️???????

  2. Judy Hennessy says:

    I have personally witnessed different people, especially Native Americans suddenly become visible and invisible. This also happens to me, of mixed descent. It’s true that when it happens, I am surprised that people don’t know I’m there, sometimes for even up to a half hour. Recently I experienced something even stranger, that is someone I know has the ability to block me from seeing his face at times. Can you explain this? It’s very important. Thank you. Judy

  3. Phyllis Washington says:


    • Tana Hoy says:

      I would need to have a session with you to be able to tune in and tell you exactly what this is and if you need to worry about getting rid of it or not. Thanks for the comment Phyllis.

  4. Jeannie says:

    Yes me and my sister both were in a car going down the interstate she was going over the speed limit I just happened to see a hey patrol ahead I tapped her on her arm and alerted her of the car she tapped the brakes we stopped time and must of became invisible along with the car we were in cause on our left we watched this car pass us the po lk ice car pulled out in front of us got behind the car that passed us he must of realized that wasn’t the car he pulled back in front of us sped ahead noticed the cars way ahead wasn’t us the n pulled over in the middle medium and scratched his head and we like watched all this then we passed him finally when he pulled over in the mud my sister and I still don’t believed what had happened to us

  5. David says:

    I have turned invisible in my life twice that I’m aware of. The first was in Big Sur, CA on a school camping trip.
    A group of 10 or so students were walking back to our campsite location from the ranger station or small market that was nearby… I was walking on my own, towards them with all of my focus on one of the girls in that group who I had a crush on. Also, I had borrowed something of hers that I wanted to give back.

    That section of road was flat and straight for better than 1/4 mi. As I closed to within about 5ft of the group everyone but that one girl jumped out of their skins. They all shrieked “where did you come from??!!!” Strangely the girl told me later that she had seen me the whole time (and at the time had reached out to me to get the item I borrowed).

    The other students had not been talking nor had been distracted by anything- They insisted that I just appeared from nowhere. This event made the rounds at camp for the next few days.

  6. Lainie says:

    Wow this is interesting stuff. I believe girls I know come into my house and mess with my boyfriend and that he is aware.

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