Is astrology a science?


Astrology is the study of the influence that distant cosmic objects, usually stars and planets, have on human lives.

Let’s discuss the science behind astrology. Is astrology a science? Are there enough studies and evidence to prove that cosmic positions affect human lives and predict life events? These are common questions that deserve answers, and the answer is yes! There is a lot of scientific evidence to prove this.


What is astrology?


Astrology is the study of how the position of the planets affects the lives of people on earth. Astrology is a systematic analysis of the human relationship between the sun, the moon, and the planets. Just as the moon can affect the gravitational pull of the ocean tides, stars and planets can affect human lives.

There is no doubt that the cosmic position of the sun, moon, stars, and planets have tremendous effects on Earth and our human bodies. Astrology is about more than just horoscopes, personalities, and predictions.

Similar to scientists, astrologers seek to explain the natural world. Their main belief is, “As above, so below.” This same idea applies to both science and astrology. The ancients believed that the study of the stars is a study of the human mind, which is not much different from scientific thought, considering that everything that came into existence is a result of the Big Bang.


Astrology in history


We as a society have turned to astrology since the beginning of time. People in ancient times knew astrology is a science, along with the wisdom of their Kings and Emperors, turned to the cosmic position of the stars and planets to dictate the course of their lives. Astrology formed the fundamental groundwork for the establishment of their empires and determined the most pivotal and significant moments in world history, which still affects us to this day.

The most well-loved example of astrology is the story of the three wise men who followed the star in the sky People were using astrology way before the birth of Jesus. It has been around since ancient Babylon in countries like Egypt, Rome, and Greece. Famous astrologers like Galileo and Copernicus helped paved the way.


The science behind astrology


So, what is the scientific evidence behind astrology?

John H. Nelson, an American radio engineer, discovered in 1951 that the different positions of planets can degrade the transmission of radio waves. But what do radio waves have any to do with humans?

Radio waves are a form of electromagnetic waves, and the human brain emits electromagnetic waves called brain waves. Brain waves don’t interfere with radio waves, which are twice as strong. If the position of the planets can disrupt the transmission of radio waves, then they can also affect brain waves in humans, too.

A study by Dr. Percy Seymour, a British astrophysicist, and astronomer, said that revolving planets even play a key role in the brain and body development of human fetuses.

Let me explain.

The revolution of the planets mobilizes geomagnetism, and solar activity and geomagnetism fluctuations can affect the human brain. Magnetic signals from the sun, moon, and the planets, are recognized by the brain’s neural networks in human fetuses. This means that geomagnetism affects the development of fetuses and can affect other organisms as well.

According to a study by scientists, the earth’s magnetic field changes daily and seasonally. Research has proved that magnetic shifts have an effect on alpha waves in the human brain, thus affecting people’s personalities. They concluded that there is a link between alpha waves and human personality traits.

Scientists have also found evidence of a sensory ability that was previously unknown – magnetic sensors. These sensors send signals to the brain, similar to how geomagnetism affects development in the brains of fetuses.

These magnetic compounds from the earth’s magnetic field can also affect the cerebellum, which results in people who are in similar locations on earth to develop identical personality traits. Interesting, huh?

A study by Dr. Harold S. Burr, a professor of Anatomy at Yale’s Medical School, said that magnetic fields not only establishes a pattern at birth in human brain, but also regulates and controls lives. The reason for this is because our central nervous system is an excellent receptor of electromagnetic waves. And due to the millions of cells in our brain, these cells create infinite circuits of electricity channels.

Research also shows that geomagnetism not only plays a key role in human development but in other plants and living organisms as well. So again, astrology is a science!

Biologists have proven that magnetic fields can influence the behavior of plant cells through heat, acidity, and other environmental conditions. Michael Levin, director at the Center for Regenerative and Developmental Biology at Tufts University, says there is scientific evidence that electromagnetic frequencies can even promote wound and bone fracture healing.

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Mercury Retrograde And How It Affects Our Life Choices


Chances are you’ve heard of Mercury retrograde. When Mercury enters retrograde, or reverse direction from its usual motion, astrologers know it has critical effects on Earth, bringing misfortune to human lives. Retrograde happens three to four times a year, for three weeks at a time. This phenomenon is responsible for the critical life choices and decisions we make during those time periods because it alters our physical and mental state, along with our moods and energy levels.

Every morning we are awakened by the energy produced by the sun, which produces hormones that make us feel a positive sense of well-being. Then as the day goes on, the strength of the sun dims, and it eventually becomes dark. And the darker it gets, the less hormones get released, so we begin to feel sleepy.

Lunar cycles also have their effects, too. A disorder called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is more common among people who live in areas where the sun doesn’t shine during wintertime. But it is not found in areas where people live near the equator where there is more sunshine.

A report by The American Institute of Medical Climatology titles The Effect of the Full Moon on Human Behavior, documented how during a full moon, there is a peak in crimes, such as murder, theft, and arson.

Arnold Leiber, a psychologist at the University of Miami, conducted a study on homicide over the course of 15 years. He matched homicide rates with moon phases and found that the two went hand in hand. He discovered that as the full, or new moon came, murder rates spiked. Another study in Cleveland, Ohio supported the same evidence, showing that crimes certainly do arise during full and new moons.

The founder of analytical psychology and a world-renowned psychologist, Carl G. Jung, believed that when people are born, the influence of the planets is exerted on them.

He also believed that astrology is a system that works with synchronicity, a concept where everything in the universe is interconnected, causing phenomena, such as meaningful coincidences.

He conducted a study on couples, noting the astrological connections between their birth dates, and concluded that long lasting relationships had certain astrological patterns, which were three times higher than coincidence rates.

Astrology is science no doubt plays a symbolic and momentous role in many aspects of human history. The idea of us being one with science and religion is at the heart of astrology. We are more than physical bodies because everyone and everything is connected to the Universe.

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The more you work with astrology, the more you’ll realize its importance and true value in human lives. It not only helps us learn about ourselves but helps us understand others and giving solid insights into the future.


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