Is My House Haunted? How To Check For Psychic Portals In Your Home

Having ghosts in their house is something that many people find disturbing. Unless you are a psychic like myself, who has dealt with the supernatural all your life, the sudden appearance of ghostly apparitions, or the eerie sounds caused by nature spirits, is usually enough to give most people sleepless, restless nights.

Is my house haunted

Ghost in a window

In response to this, I have researched and even astral traveled to the higher realms to find the reason behind the appearance of ghosts and spirits in people’s houses.

What I found was very interesting. It all has to do with Psychic Portals.

What Are Psychic Portals?

Think of Psychic Portals as your house’s chakras. The structure of a psychic portal is actually identical to the body’s chakras, but psychic portals are a lot more massive. Psychic Portals can range anywhere from a few feet in diameter to hundreds of feet across. They can be found anywhere in your house, depending on how the energy flows within it.

Psychic Portals are completely natural, and they appear as a means for energy to flow more freely in your home. As such, they can appear on the living room floor, your bedroom closet, or even under the kitchen sink.

How Do Psychic Beings Pass Through These Portals And Into Your House?

Being similar to chakras, Psychic Portals can act like gateways of energy from the spiritual to the physical world. This makes them ideal for spirits to use as a bridge to cross over into the physical plane. Psychic Portals are perfectly structured for this purpose.

Remember that your chakras move in two types of motions. One is clockwise, which happens when it takes in energy. The other is counter-clockwise, which happens when it sends out energy.

Psychic Portals move the same way, and the moment they start moving counter-clockwise, they act like spiritual elevators to ghosts and spirits to the physical world.

What Can You Do If There Are Portals In Your House?

If you think that there are ghosts in your house, there’s a good chance that your house is filled with Psychic Portals. Since these are naturally formed portals, there is no way for you to remove them. There is however, a way for you to control them.

Since they are very knowledgeable in the art of making the energy in your home flow in the best way possible, consulting a psychic. is one of the best ways to deal with a Psychic Portal in your house.

A psychic can help you put a filter on the Psychic Portal, making sure that when the portal starts rotating counter-clockwise, no ghosts or spirits can pass through it.

if you suspect your house is haunted and need help, you can contact me by calling 614-444-6334. Or you can fill out the form on my reading page by clicking here now.

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  1. Dassie says:

    Hi, I was recently informed that I had portal on my root chakra. Apparently the portal had been there all my life. Made absolute sense when looking at my life history. There were also various DFE’s that were present around me at the time the portal was discovered (in fact that was how we discovered the portal). A few days after it was closed, it reopened. It was closed again and then the same thing happened a week later, only this time there were 2, one on my root chakra and one on my solar plexus chakra. My aura also had been getting tears and holes in it about this time. All of this was remedied (hopefully permanently). Is it a common thing for portals to form on a person and if so, does it occur naturally or is it placed there by someone? I look forward to hearing from you. Kind Regards. D

    • Tana Hoy says:

      HI Dassie,

      I’ve never heard of such a thing as a portal in someones root chakra. Teats in the aura, yes, but not a portal in the chakras. You might want to get a second opinion 🙂

  2. Bertha Alicia Sepulveda says:

    Hi! Hope u can help me! How do I know exactly where the portal is at? Things been going on in my house ! its been going on for a while I feel that I’m not alone n it’s draining the energy of me that it’s hard for me to get my regular chores done! Or either I get to upset for no reason or just feel to depress and that happens to who ever comes to my house but it hurts me the most since I’m in the house the most ! I feel it that I’m not alone even when I am!

  3. Kauriitos Mauriitos says:

    I have noticed myself turning the light on bathroom every time I go drinking water there at night time. I am not thinking about doing it once I reach bathroom’s doorstep which is really dark usually. But as sleepy mind without any thoughts in my mind suddenly i stop on doorstep and turn the light on. I simply feel uncomfortable somehow. I have been bathing without any lights on without problems. So far I assume its just my childness yet I could I somehow confirm it?

    • Tana Hoy says:

      Pay attnetion next time, and see if it “feels” like something is there. If so, it could be your Spirit Guides or Guardian Angels watching over you. – Tana –

  4. Linda says:

    I believe I have a portal on my porch,l have pictures of hundreds of orbs.I just got a orb that has my grandfather and father’s face in it,I have been getting in to orbs since my my son died. I love it when get a orb in a picture!

  5. Ashley Anderson says:

    I believe my closet mayb a portal I would open both sides of the doors it’s a sliding door closest I have felt someone following me I have felt something brush against my hair no ac was on n the car I once saw a lady standing n the corner of the room with the closet still nervous about opening both doors on the closet at one time I use to shower in the dark as tho someone was watching me I have never done this I haven’t been showering n the dark lately this happened about a year ago but I still feel as though someone is standing behind me at times and it kind of gives me a feeling of fear

  6. Lisa says:

    Can having a lot of animals keep spirits away?? Seems like activity has dissipated since we got a few more pets. We have a houseful.

  7. Teresa says:

    I tried videoing my room because I heard things. I left for an hour . I came home and the phone and bible that was in side my headboard. Where moved to the middle my bed side by I feel something inside of me.what do I do.

  8. Sakib says:

    Cats can sense spirits.

  9. Jennifer says:

    Hello, as a child we lived in my Grandmoms old home filled with antiques from her store. The house was very scary and I once witnessed a dark floating silhouette with red eyes on the stairs. One day me and my 3 brothers and cousin were in her upstairs closet. As we went in, we saw a smaller door at the bottom. When we opened it and looked in. It was another room that was all blue. A bed, dresser and blue walls. We closed the door and ran. We went back to look again and the door was no longer there. My Grandmom never believed us but we all saw it. The house would have spirits throw ashtrays off the credenza while we were sitting there. Among other things. Was this room a portal?

  10. Maria says:

    Hi I was wondering if what I saw the other night means I have a portal in my hallway.i have about 6 ghost that’s in my house and yes I have had alot of activity since moving in a year ago.and yes I know there is this many spirits cause we called in a paranormal team and the evps got alot of voices which told us we had 6 spirits here.but with all this happening I had something crazy the other night.i was sitting in a chair watching TV and I could see from where I was sitting my whole hallway flash a light of seemed to last bout 2 seconds but the light went only in my hallway and was so bright n blue.kinda like a camera flash but brighter and longer.i have never seen anything like that before.what could this mean?is it something I was only supposed to see?cause my husband never seen it and as bright and blue as it was I’m thinking how could you not see it?so all I’m wondering is could this be a portal or something else?I do have a very negative energy in one room and I wonder if it was coming from that?

  11. Rhoda says:

    I walked into my bathroom a few years ago & there on the wall was a huge 1ft & 1/2 in diameter round faded white in color with rigidly a different shade of whitish gray outer ring portal at eye level. I couldn’t believe what I was looking at, I tryed to make sense of what I was seeing, any light from a window, a light, no. No light was on nor any glare. I couldn’t figure it out, I looked away from it & looked back it was still There. I then instantly thought I have to go grab my phone to get this picture. I walked out of bathroom grabbed my phone turned walked back in bathroom, it was there I snapped a picture shaking looked on my photos it was there I was dumbfounded. I looked over on Wall it was still there. I starting getting afraid I walked out of bathroom & walked back in, it was no longer there. I still can’t belive even on film how it was just there.

  12. Tina says:

    Do portals give off color or light? I caught something quite strange happening on video that I am not able to debunk or explain why its there. But a yellowish light appeared and disappeared more than once in video in apartment hallway. I am aware of spirits in my apartment as I have caught some EVPs and have had some strange things happen. But this light is something I have never seen before or had happen previously.

  13. Felicia says:

    Can you please help me. As a young girl I have been able to see ‘ghosts’ more specifically bad ones. As I got older my intuition got stronger and so did the sight of having dreams where I naturally Astro project into world I cannot be in. There has been a black energy that has followed me from when I lived in my old house . Is there anyway you can help me remove any bad energy that has been around since my youth?

  14. laurie mcclelland says:

    I lived most of my life with no problems. When we moved into this house 22 years ago all kinds of strange things statred happening. Noises we can’t explain. Electrical stuff comes on by itself, sometimes so bad we have to unplug stuff. I have heard people calling me in my sleep. 4 different animals have been spooked so bad here they would not move and were whimpering. I kinda gotten used to it. The worst part is not knowing if there is somebody in your house. But I always beleived there was no afterlife. I am a science geek I love Charles Drawin…. but 2 strange things happened after 2 people I love the most passed. First my mother. I was planning on staining my deck they day she died. I found the stain sitting in the middle of my garage floor witha stirrer on top of it. My husband just passed a month ago. I have an Alexia. I deleted all his songs because I am not ready to listen to them. 2 nights ago they all came on one after another, till Novenber Rain which we called my birthday song. I think there is something out there. I am not afraid to find out. You know when covid started I was retired. I got a bug up my ass I had to lose weight, I was going back to work. I was right he died and I am back at work. He told me 3 weeks before he died ,he was going to die. He died of a massive GI bleed no one knew about.

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