Is Your Energy Body Healthy Or Weak? (Important to know!!)

Have you ever wondered what makes some people emotionally stronger than others? For example, when some people experience huge amounts of setbacks, pain, and failure in their lives, they keep going forward, no matter what.

Yet others who experience even less emotional pain and hardship in their lives, seem to crumble and fall to pieces. Sometimes having their lives end in a tragic outcome – just like it did for my friend Wendall…

The Demise OF My Friend Wendall

I got to thinking about this because of a friend of mine named Wendall. I knew Wendall since I was 17. He was always smiling, happy, and it was always a joy to see him. I have so many fond memories of Wendall! Wendell seemed happy, and always there to bring a positive message and a smile to your face. On the outside, Wendall seemed happy…

Then one day, when I was around 27, I was walking down the street, and this person called out my name. It was Wendall – and he told me he was homeless…

I felt so sad as I talked to him, asking him how it happened. I tried to encourage him and left his spirits, and before I left, I felt at least I could give him some money, hoping it would carry him on for the next week or so. At that moment, I wished I could do so much more to help him!

After that, I never saw or heard from Wendall again – until about a year later, when I read that Wendall had been found dead in an alley. There was no explanation in the article as to what caused his passing. Just his picture…Needless to say, I was deeply saddened!

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How Aaron Pulled Through

Then I had another friend named Aaron, who lost everything – I mean everything! His house, his car, his wife – everything! He struggled for about 9 months and lived at the YMCA as he worked really hard to regain stability in his life.

Now he has a new home, a nice car, and is married to his soulmate! He tells me that his “fall” as he called it, changed his life, and helped him grow into a better person!

When I compared Wendall and Aaron, I started to wonder, why do some people seem to handle hardship better than others? Why do some people never seem to recover, yet others pull through just fine?

I knew that karma explained some of it, but did karma explain ALL of it. So I asked Macar, my Ascended Master guide, and he explained to me very clearly, why this happens. From a metaphysical perspective, He said that it is due to a few major things:

How A Weak Energy Body Destroyed Wendall

He said that if a person’s energy body is weak, that person will be an emotional mess when it comes to dealing with pain, worry, anxiety, obsessive thoughts, and that deep sadness will take their mind hostage when hardship falls upon them.

People with a weak energy body will always be unable to deal with pain like normal people, who always have a strong energy body. He also explained that until a person with a weak energy body corrects the energy imbalances in their energy bodies, their life will always be like an emotional roller coaster that goes from joy to pain!

And as we all know, life is full of challenges, so for those people, pain and sadness will become their best friends throughout their lives! This was what happened to my friend Wendall that caused his demise.

But if a person’s energy body is strong, they will still experience sadness, pain, etc, BUT they will move on, eventually shake it off, and keep going forward. Because a person with balanced energy will be emotionally stronger because their energy body is strong! This is why Aaron succeeded!

Their different energy bodies explain why Wendall and Aaron’s life ended up very differently!

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How To Know If Your Energy Body Is Weak

A person can tell if they have a weak energy body by answering “yes” to any or all of the following questions:

1. Have you ever felt so down that when you woke up in the morning you just wanted to keep sleeping and not get up?

2. Have you ever woke up with an emotional hangover after an argument or problem the night before?

3. Have you ever felt so sad over a breakup that you felt like the pain was never going to end?

4. Have you felt stuck, knowing you had to do certain things, yet you still procrastinated doing what needed to be done?

5. Have you ever found it hard to shake off sadness, depression, anxiety, or fear?

6. Do you ever feel like a dark cloud hangs over you?

7. Have you ever known you needed to do something for yourself, even when you know it isn’t good for you, yet you still couldn’t do it? (Quitting smoking, losing weight, eating better, using drugs, exercise, etc)

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you have a weak energy body. The more questions you answered “yes” to, the weaker your energy body is.

Emotional Energy Shielding And How It Protects You

There is something called Emotional Energy Shielding (EES) which is very effective for people with energy imbalances. Emotional Energy Shielding places a strong shield of protection around a person’s energy body, and causes pain, sadness, anxiety, fear, and obsessive thoughts, to slide off of a person like bird doo-doo slides off a newly waxed car!

I like that analogy because when a person with a weak energy body feels bombarded with problems, they feel like a flock of birds are flying above them and dropping doo-doo all over their aura! (Macar actually gave me that analogy. He has a funny sense of humor!)

Emotional Energy Shielding is done by drawing cosmic energy from the 88th dimension, using the violet/red light ray to cover your energy body in a thick coating of Universal Energy Protection.

A weak energy body is something a person is reincarnated with, and you can think of it as an energy handicap that a person is reborn with. BUT even though it’s a psychic handicap, it can be corrected.

This is why some people are more emotional than others, and why some people handle problems differently!

I have been asked by several of my clients to start offering Emotional Energy Shielding so that could stop suffering from the emotional roller coaster ride that they often feel in their lives! So after consulting with Macar, I was advised that this would be a good idea to do.

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How To Be Considered For An Emotional Energy Shielding

I cannot offer Emotional Energy Shielding to everyone. As a matter of fact, some people may not benefit from it at all. It all depends on whether or not a person with a weak energy body WANTS to heal and feel better. Because believe it or not, some people secretly enjoy feeling miserable! I think that my friend Wendall eventually became one of those people.

If you feel you have a weak energy body and are tired of feeling like you are always on an emotional roller coaster, and want to have more stable emotions, not always emotionally react to things thawed you do, then I will consider performing one of the Shieldings on you.

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I hope this helps you understand yourself better, or other people you know with a weak energy body.

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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  1. janice e arandelovic says:

    i do agree with you in one sense. it’s also economics – lack of affordable housing, being stuck,being on waitlists forever, its i have the education but lack job experience or what have i got to offer anyone-debt, i cant sue my kids i’d lose and they dont care. covid has made it worse for some of us no physical contact but you can use your visa or every man you meet you dont trust or where you live it’s no better and no choice. governments dont care, they’re full of hot air. i live in a dump. no laundry service- im not sure what to do family what’s left no one cares. i feel very much alone.sorry i feel this way.

  2. Tanya Sara Fillbrook says:

    Tana, thank you very much. I do see this in the stress response to many situations. I have been through that roller coaster, and on occasions suffer. I am working on meditation [of the chakra] at present. I hope I get some benefit here. Will come back here if need to. Great words. Thank you.

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