What it’s like being born Psychic. You might be surprised!

Have you ever wondered what it is like being born a Psychic Medium? Have you ever thought about what goes on inside the head of a Psychic Medium, and wondered how it’s possible to communicate with dead people, and see, talk to, and hold conversations with Beings on the other side?

The Different Types Of Guides

When I talk about Beings, I am talking about:

Spirit Guides – People who once lived here on earth. learned all their lessons, then died. They no longer need to take a human form because they’ve already learned all they could here on the earth. So they now live in the Spirit World and help those of us living on the earth to learn their lessons,

Guardian Angels – These are Spiritual Beings who have never had a human form. They were created when time began, and are made of pure, white light energy,

Ascended Masters – These are highly evolved Spiritual Beings who have, or have not, lived on earth. Their role is to help make a shift in the consciousness of humanity. Some more commonly known Ascended Masters would include Jesus, Buddha, Quan Yen, and The Mother Mary), and loved ones who have died.

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What’s It Like Being Born A Natural Psychic Medium 

People often ask me what it’s like being born a natural Psychic Medium. Being born a natural Psychic Medium means I never had to develop my gift, I was born with it naturally working, so to speak.

Well, ever since I can remember, I have been surrounded by “invisible people”.  I’ve always been able to see them, hear them, and talk to them. As a kid, I didn’t realize they were invisible to others. So it confused me when others looked at me strange when I was “talking to the air” and then asked me who I was talking to. I thought maybe THEY needed their eyes checked. But it turns out, only I could see them!

Some People Thought I was Crazy

I learned to get used to people thinking I was a little off. And they did think that – until this 8 year old kid would look at them and ask, “Who is such and such?”. The person would look at me like “How did you know that name?”

I remember one guy on the street who came over to the bench where I was sitting and said “Kid, you shouldn’t talk to yourself in public because it looks ridiculous and silly. You need to grow up and stop acting like you are 3. Then the Guide I was talking to said to me “Tell him acting like a 3 year old is someone who cheats on his wife with Linda, especially when that person has a 3 year-old themselves!” Well, I repeated to him what I was told to say.

I don’t remember what shade of blue or white his face turned, but I do remember him looking at me and saying “You must be of the devil! How did you know that! You stupid kid, if we weren’t in public, I’d knock you over your dumb head!” Then he quickly left!

Thank god I was in public, And I remember thinking to myself, “Good thing you didn’t try to hit me Mister because if you tried, you’d have had to first get past the 8 foot Cherokee Indian who always  stands behind me and watches over me! I then remembered he couldn’t see him, because if he could have, he wouldn’t have said that!

Lucky for me, my parents knew I was Psychic, and accepted it as perfectly normal! It was sometimes others that had the problem with it!

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What Happens Inside my Head When I Give A Psychic Reading

When I give someone a psychic reading, it’s like an invisible circus is going on around me!

Here’s what happens when I tune into the energy of the person I am giving a psychic reading to:

1. I become flooded with all kinds of feeling and impressions about the person, and due to all the things I am receiving, I need to discern what I should talk about first!

2. Their Guides, my Guides, and sometimes people I’ve never seen before, materialize in front of me. (if you could see them, you’d sometimes see 50 people standing there!)

3. Then all of these Guides take turns talking to me about the person I am reading for.

4. I then have to sort out which Guide has relevant information to share about the client I am reading for. Because they all can tell me something about the person.

5. I then have to sort out what’s the most important information to share, and what isn’t.

6. Then I start telling the person I am reading for what I am hearing, sensing, and being told…

….and all of this happens inside me and around me within the first minute of the reading….

How This Energizes Me

It might sound exhausting, but actually, it is energizing! The reason being is because having all of that positive energy surrounding me all day long lifts me up and makes me feel happy! I am constantly tuned into a positive energy source every day! People always ask me why I always seem so happy! Well, now you know why! And also because I love helping people so much!

Every psychic reading I give charges my Soul with more positive energy!

So I hope this helps you to understand a little more about me, and what happens inside my head when I give a psychic reading.

*These experiences are what happens when I give a reading. A Psychic who is not a Psychic Medium will not experience these things, because they do not have the gift to see, hear, and talk to Beings from the other side. A regular Psychic would only experience steps 1 and 6 above.

I wanted to be clear about that as to not confuse you. Because many Psychic will “claim” they talk to Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters, etc, but they can;t unless they are born as a Psychic with the gift of Mediumship Mediumship is the ability to communicate with the other side!

So if someone says they are a Psychic, and does;t mention the Medium part, and then claims they are talking to your Guides, you might want to reconsider going to that person.

I sincerely hope this clears some things up, and I hope you found these little insights into my childhood interesting and insightful to read! I have many more childhood stories I will share with you in the future!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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