Spirit Guides – How To Ask Your Joy Guide For Some Happiness


It’s comforting to know all of us have spirit guides and that we each have at least one primary spirit guide assigned to us at the time we were born.

Spirit guides are our invisible helpers. Though we do not see them, they are always there willing to assist us, guide us, and direct us, to our life’s purpose. All we need to do is ask for their help.

There are different types of spirit guides and each has their own specialization in different areas of life. Their specialization is commonly connected to the personal experiences, or the career, that the spirit guide had when they once lived on earth as a human.

Today, we’re going to learn more about spirit guides, particularly your Joy Guide.

What Are Spirit Guides?


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Spirit Guides are human souls who have learned all the earthly lessons that’s why they don’t need to be born again in physical form. As Spirit Guides, they are assigned to provide guidance and assistance to people on earth.

Spirit guides were once human souls. They have reincarnated many times as humans, until such time that they mastered all the earthly lessons they needed to learn here.

When this time comes for us humans, there is no longer a need for us to be reborn in a physical body and we will enter the Spirit World to become a spirit guide.

Spirit guides work closely with humans and help them achieve their life’s purpose on earth. Since spirit guides were former human beings, they are very much aware of the different problems and challenges that we encounter in our daily lives.

Spirit guides are usually matched with people who are living similar lives and undergoing the same experiences they had when they lived as humans on earth. Having similar lives as ours on earth, spirit guides already have the knowledge and experience to help you and direct you on your spiritual path.

They can offer you help in different situations in life, such as in your family, career, health, or love life.

As human we have free will, so spirit guides cannot impose their will on you. They can only advise you, but they can never force you to take their advice or guidance.

What Are Joy Guides?


Our Joy Guides are usually little kids in the spirit world, and they can be playful, childlike, and mischievous. Their purpose is to bring laughter and delight to humans.

When you feel down and stressed out, this is the time when your Joy Guide usually pops in. They are the ones that remind us to be happy because life is not always about hardships and challenges; it is also about happiness and fulfillment.

Joy Guides let us see the funny, beautiful, and amusing things in life, so whenever you feel sad, you can always call on your Joy Guide to uplift your spirits.

Why You Can Call On Joy Guides For Happiness?


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Joy Guides are the ones who uplift our spirits when we feel down and helps us to see the happy side of life.


The role of your Joy Guide is to bring you opportunities to have more feelings of happiness, love, and wholeness. It is their job to set you up for experiences that will fill your heart with feelings of joy and delight.

You can always call on your Joy Guide anytime you need a boost. Whenever we are feeling gloomy or in a low spirit, they can guide you to have an uplifting one.

If you are going somewhere and want to ensure that you are definitely going to be infused with fun, call on your Joy Guide so they can make sure you have a fun and enjoyable time. They can also lighten up a boring and monotonous life.

Talk To Your Joy Guides Regularly


Your Joy Guides are always there willing to assist you. They can provide help when you need it, but only if we ask them. It is therefore important that you communicate with them regularly.

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We need to communicate regularly to our Spirit Guides so they will know how they can help us.

The easiest way to communicate with your Joy Guide is to talk out loud to them. Spirit Guides are made of energy, so their energy can be anywhere at any time.

In order to talk to your Spirit Guides, you have to raise your energy vibration. By always calling out to them loud, you keep an energy cord connected between you and your Joy Guide, which keeps your vibrations inter-matched, and makes it’s easier for your Guides to communicate with you.

Also, whenever you talk to your Joy Guide, be specific about your request. The more details you can give them about your desire, the better. That way it will be easier for them to know how they can help you.

For example, you can request that an upcoming interview will go smoothly, or that your missing dog twill be found soon, or find his way home. At the same time, don’t just sit around and wait for them to make your request to happen. You also need to tell your Joy Guide what you are going to do to make your desire happen, because you also need to take action in order to make things happen too.

Another way to talk to your Joy Guide is by writing to them. You can write them a letter on your laptop, a piece of paper, a chalkboard, or a journal. Write down the details of your request, such as how you would like your future to look.

For some people, they prefer writing over talking out loud because they feel more comfortable writing their desires than saying them out loud to someone invisible. Writing also allows you to add more details about your request.

Your Joy Guides are there to help you always and there is no limit to the amount of assistance they can provide you. So it’s important that you take the time to communicate your appreciation and gratitude for everything they do for you.


Throughout your life, your spirit guides have communicated with you through your hunches, feelings, random thoughts, and dreams. So by cultivating a relationship with your guides you will receive guidance and clarity in your life. Connecting with them regularly helps you sustain a more positive and meaningful life.


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