More Psychic Predictions For 2015 (July Release)

Here are my psychic predictions for July 2015.

When I was preparing my predictions for this month, there was a strong feeling that came over me, and I knew that this was due to some major changes coming ahead. 

These major changes will be evident when you read my latest psychic predictions for this month.


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President Obama will apologize for an unintended slight that he will commit.

President Obama is going to say or do something that will cause him embarrassment around the world. He will apologize, saying his words or actions were not intended to be hurtful.

It will be a close call between Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush in the Presidential election, but Hillary is going to win.

A Republican and Democratic Congressman will be accused of being in a “for profit” scheme together, profiting from positive voting favors given to certain corporations.


Another Hollywood celebrity is going to come out as transgendered. This person is going to shock many unsuspecting fans!

Another gay athlete is going to come out. This athlete is going to take many fans by surprise, because no one ever suspected he is gay.

A new type of 3D movie is going to be created. This new type of movie will be so real looking, people will feel like they are actually there in the middle of where the scenes take place.


There is going to be yet another terrorist group that will come to surface! This group will be even scarier than ISIS and Bin Laden combined.

Ugandan military (photography: Tony Karumba/AFP/Getty Images)

War is going to break out in Uganda! Several lives will be lost as a takeover happens within the country.

Russia is going to suffer a near economic collapse, and many foreign countries will end up turning their backs on the country.

Stock Market

The stock market is going to take a dive between October 1st and November 15th, but will quickly rebound. So please don’t panic when this happens. It will stabilize back out very quickly.

Gold prices will rise up towards the end of 2015.


Extreme weather will hit the northwestern United States, along with Japan, the Philippines, and Indonesia. 

Severe tornadoes will destroy parts of Ohio this summer.

Tornado Weather (photography: Mike McCune Flickr CC)


A cure or vaccine for HIV will be found within 12 months from this month.

A cure for sickle cell anemia will also be discovered within the next 2 years.


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