What Is Karma? By Tana Hoy

Karma, contrary to popular belief, is not a moral judgment. More than a “reward” or “punishment,” karma comes as a result of your behaviors, thoughts, and actions.

what is karma

In simple terms, if you do good things for others, you experience good. If you do bad things to others, you experience bad.

What are the different kinds of karma?

 There are three different kinds of karma a person can experience. Below are the three kinds and what each one entails.

 Mature karma

Mature karma is all your karma collected together from your previous lifetimes, ready to be experienced in your current one. This karma cannot be changed or prevented.

 Stored karma

Stored karma is karma accumulated from all of your thoughts and actions from this lifetime, along with your previous ones. It is karma that has yet to be resolved or experienced. Accumulated karma is karma waiting to be fulfilled in this lifetime, or in your future lifetimes.

 Present karma

Present karma is karma created in your current lifetime based on your daily actions and thoughts. It is an instant type of karma, created and resolved immediately, and is readily evident in your day-to-day life. It can be as simple as throwing gum on the floor and then stepping on it a minute later

 The Importance Of Eliminating Bad Karma

Eliminating bad karma keeps you on the path towards growth. Once you clear away your bad karma, you start the process of living a new life, free from your past mistakes and sufferings. Plus, you learn from your errors, helping you to make better decisions in the future.

Karma keeps you responsible for your own thoughts and actions. If you’re experiencing difficulties in life, you may be reaping the results of your previous unwise thoughts, actions or decisions.

How To Eliminate Bad Karma

Since karma can be summed up as, “What goes around, comes around,” you can eliminate bad karma by breaking free from its                               cyclical patterns. One way to jump off the karmic wheel is to stay in the present moment.

One way to remain in the present moment is through daily meditation because regular meditation keeps you centered and self-aware. Being in the state of present awareness helps you to realize the motivations of your thoughts and actions.

Knowing where your thoughts and actions come from, gives you the space to consciously choose your actions and reactions towards other people.

Being consciously aware of the decisions you make and how you make them also allows you to not fall into the same karmic cycle.

All in all, karma is simply one of the universe’s ways to mirror your thoughts, actions, and deeds. It is a system that helps wake you up to your own unconscious thoughts and behaviors.


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  1. Marja -liisa Järvinen Järvinen says:

    Why kriminal, bad, evel people…or rich selfish people dont want help other even they have money and houses more than they need….why…where is they present karma ?

    This type of people are blind, they heart and mind is close, ..they belevie money….they are inside deep in they karma…they dont live in peace, inside its like poison ..they move on, take lot of bills, draks, alkohol, sex addikts, body addikt, too nuch food..too much…

    so i belevie they do get what they need, but…when the heart is close…you cant do nothing ..

  2. Candy says:

    I used to be a waitress, years ago. I’m a very kind and friendly person. One day I watched my coworker walk in the area where I had been waiting on tables. Well, guess what I saw? Swipe! Swipe! Swipe! Swipe! Swipe!!!! She swiped every single tip off the tables I had waited on. I hadn’t had a chance to get them yet. Immediately I felt so hurt!! There was NO anger, whatsoever. I felt so hurt, because I thought she was my friend! I never said ANYTHING to her. I honestly couldn’t believe it. It hurt my feelings,bad. Even though that happened, and I was to shy to speak up, I have learned from it. It actually made me a stronger person. If this happened today, I’d walk right up to her! The end 🙂

  3. Mark Christopher Rivera says:

    Thanks tana!! ☺

  4. Nafisa Khumri says:

    Thank you Tana. Very good info. I do believe in karma

  5. Ann murdock says:

    My partner walk out on me after 9 long years ,he hurts me so badly I suffer depression,after all have done for him this is how he repay me , my heart is full of so much hanger and hateries towards him

    • Tana Hoy says:

      I’m so sorry to hear that. I hope you will call my office and set up a session together, because I will be able to help you overcome your sadness with either a Past Life Reading, or a Love Reading. We need to know why it karmically happened, and then we can find a solution. I hope we talk soon. Until then, I am sending angels to help heal your broken heart.

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