Karma and The Kardashians

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Have you ever wondered why certain people seem to have a blessed life, and others seem to have a life of challenges, struggles, and never seem to receive a break!

Have you ever realized song lyrics are often written about true life experiences? Well, the fact some people have a blessed life, and others do not, is such a common thing in life that Rod Stewart even wrote a song about it called: Some Guys Have All The Luck.

The first verse goes:

Some guys have all the luck,

Some guys have all the pain,

Some guys get all the breaks,

Some guys do nothing but complain. 

So when songs are written about this kind of thing, it means it’s not an uncommon thing that happens to people. But now the question becomes why? Why do some people have all the luck, all the breaks, yet others have all the pain?

Well, I have the answer as to why this is! But no songs have ever been written about the “why”? – except in India!

Since India is a very mystical, spiritual place, with spiritual concepts woven in and throughout the consciousness of its people for millenniums, no wonder the lyrics of their songs also express these powerful spiritual truths!

Many of their songs have words about Ram, Hare Krishna, and other spiritual concepts.

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Why “Some Guys Have All The Luck” 

When I use the word “guys” it is in order to be true to the lyrics of Rod’s song. But I am using the word to refer to all people – male and female.

“Luck” or “bad luck” is usually a result of two things:

1. Karma – From this life or a past life

2. The thoughts you think – What you think manifests at some point in your future

Karma, is usually the #1 culprit when things in your life aren’t going well, especially when a repeating pattern keeps reoccurring over and over again. For example, if you continue meeting guys who lie to you, or you always seem to end up working for mean bosses or with difficult coworkers.

When something occurs over and over in your life, this is a sign it is a result of some kind of karma! You could be dealing with unresolved karma from a past life or unresolved karma from this life.

For example, if you continue to meet guys who cheat on you, chances are, you had a relationship with each of those guys in one of your past lives. And it also means you probably cheated on them in your past life relationships.

So you are meeting them again in this life, and they are now doing back to you, what you did to them. This is just one example of how past life karma works.

An example of karma from this lifetime could be you cheated on someone you dated in the past, and so someone you date may cheat on you in one of your relationships in the future. This is to balance the karma for what you did to the other person in your past.

Another thing about karma is, you may do something to someone in this life, but may not experience the karma from your action until a further life. So there is no rhyme or reason to karma and when it will affect your life.

Something Important To Know

The most important thing to know is by becoming more conscious of your actions today, you can start creating good karma for your future.

Why Was Kim K. Robbed In Paris?

You might remember back a few years ago to when Kim K. got robbed of $10M in jewelry on her trip to Paris? My guides told me in one of her past lives she was a gypsy and conned someone out of their jewelry. Also, my guides told me the jewelry she conned the person out of would have been worth $10M in today’s money. So this is her karma in action.

This does not mean Kim is a bad person because she has lived over 100 lifetimes before. And when a person has lived that many lifetimes, there is no way a person was a saint in all of them.

We all want to think we would never have done anything wrong to people in our past lives – but this is simply not true. We are human, and we are susceptible to human behavior – good and bad! Anyone who has lived over 100 lifetimes has done it all in one of their past lives!

So for whatever reason, Kim’s karma card came due to pay it back in this lifetime. Thank goodness she didn’t physically hurt the person she conned out of their jewelry when she was a gypsy in her past life. This is why she was unharmed from the ordeal. Although she was emotionally shaken up!

If you suspect you have past life karma that is affecting you in this life, in my past emails, I have spoken about Karmic Reparation and Minimization sessions I offer. These sessions can help repair any bad past life karma. You can email me if you have questions about this.

I hope you found this email helpful, and I hope it helped you understand karma and its effects, just a little bit better!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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