Karma: The Law of the Cosmos

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Karma is the universal law that maintains balance of all things.

“Ever action has its own equal and opposite reaction.” This is Newton’s Third Law of Motion. Wikipedia gave a brief explanation about the third law which states:

“When one body exerts a force on a second body, the second body simultaneously exerts a force equal in magnitude and opposite in direction on the first body.”

Now, this is how science looks upon the universe.

Karma, on the other hand, works similarly like Newton’s Third Law except for some differences, which we will be discussing today. So come and follow me as we dig deeper into the meaning and essence of karma,as well as its effects on all things of creation.


Karma Definition


Karma is the universal law that maintains balance of all things. The Creator made karma as a means to seek “harmony” on all creations.

One thing you need to know about karma is, it’s neither good nor bad. Instead, it’s always neutral. It’s our guiding light towards transcendence, our universal teacher, and the universal equalizer.

It’s also important to note that karma, through thoughts and deeds, may be lessenedor amplified, but it can never be avoided. It’s fueled by divine force from the Creator. Our karma reflects the actions, thoughts, ideas, and deeds, that we create. It’s like a magical mirror that shows us the reality of who we are, inside and out.


Karma as a Universal Teacher


Karma teaches us right from wrong. It gives us knowledge about the consequences of our actions, both good and bad. Without karma, we would never learn from our experiences. We would never grow, and we would never aspire to be better. Karma carries the will of the Divine Creator and is a great reminder of this message to all of us – To always seek the path towards righteousness.




You can never talk about karma without also talking about reincarnation. These two terms are inseparable in the sense that the both of them go hand-in-hand.

Reincarnation is the process of death and rebirth all souls undertake in order to reach transcendence. Basically, our souls need to evolve into a ‘higher being’ in order to return to the Astral World and become one with the Divine Creator. In order for this ascension to happen, our souls need to go through numerous earthly experiences, which is made possible through reincarnation.


Karma as a Guiding Light


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As you accumulate earthly experiences, you also accumulate karma in the process. With this notion, karma becomes your light that guides you to the path of soul perfection. It reminds you of the consequences of deeds deeds, and rewards you for the good ones.

Karma is a learning process. It teaches us the good and bad. Thus, through reincarnation and karma, ‘soul perfection’ is made possible.

Our souls may undergo numerous reincarnations in order for transcendence to happen. Each person’s individual transcendence depends on how ‘evolved’ their souls are and how much they’ve learned while living on earth.

As you accumulate earthly experiences, you also accumulate karma in the process. With this notion, karma becomes your light that guides you to the path of soul perfection. It reminds you of the consequences of deeds deeds, and rewards you for the good ones.

Karma keeps you from going astray on the path of ascension.

Although karma may seem harsh and cruel at times, always remember that you’re never given challenges which you cannot handle. The greater the test, the stronger you get, and the better you shall become.


The Boomerang Effect


The boomerang effect is synonymously equivalent to the Bible’s quote:

“As ye you sow so shall ye reap”

Basically, the Boomerang Effect teaches that whatever you mentally throw outwards, will come back to you in some point in time.

Actions, thoughts, ideas and deeds that you create all have their corresponding vibrations, which shall return to you in the future. The Boomerang Effect is how karma works.

Also, it affects all things in the cosmos. Everything created will experience karma as long as he or she conceives and creates thoughts, ideas, actions or deeds.


Karma as the Great Equalizer


There is nothing that’s above karma. It has the divine  power of universal equalization at work. Karma maintains the balance and harmony of all creations, including the cosmos as a whole.

All things, big and small, are affected by karma.

Let’s take life for example.

If a person thinks and acts negatively towards their work, chances are, they will suffer the consequence of expulsion.  Or if a person doesn’t value their love relationship then a breakup will become imminent. But when a person strives hard towards their dreams, then success will eventually come to them.

As you can see, your life depends on the thoughts you conceive and the actions you make. Simple things can create a huge impact on your life because karma moves in mysterious ways.

Sometimes karma teaches you lessons almost instantly, sometimes karma may not affect you in this current lifetime, but in the next one. But you can always be sure that you’ll experience both its consequences, rewards, and life lessons.


Things to Remember About Karma


Karma can accumulate from one lifetime to another. It can affect people in varying magnitudes, depending on how much they needed the lessons it has to share.

Karma can be lessened or amplified depending on the person’s subsequent actions and deeds that were created. It’s important to note that karma may not affect a person instantly, so in between the time before it can bounces back, the person can improve its effects by doing positive things in life.

Sincere thoughts and deeds will merit positive results in return. Aspire to do good and good things will eventually follow to you.

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One way karma is burned off quickly is by chanting mantras, which are ancient words, and they will help you burn your karma faster and easier, and they also lessen the consequences of karma as well.

There are two ways which karma is ‘burned off’ quickly.

First is by the burning off of karma is the process by which you experience your karma, sometimes quicker than it should be. This can come in the form of reincarnating to a life filled with turmoil and hardships, because the greater the challenge, the faster your karma is burned off in the process. This process is mostly involuntary as it’s the person’s soul’s subconscious that chooses what life they’re going to live in their next reincarnation.

The other way karma is burned off quickly is by chanting mantras, which are ancient words, and they will help you burn your karma faster and easier, and they also lessen the consequences of karma as well.


Karma doesn’t exist to punish us; instead, it’s here to teach us lessons so we can lead a life of balance and harmony. The purpose of karma is for us to seek balance within ourselves, and strive to conceive and do good things in life.

Karma was thought into consciousness and created the moment the universe came into being. The Divine assigned karma as the universal law to maintain balance and harmony on all creation. This is why we should view karma as our divine teacher, giving us insights about life and the cosmos.

So what karma are you experiencing in your life so far? Let me know in the comments section below!

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7 Responses

  1. Sam says:

    Karma is not really a favourite subject of mine due to the reason of it’s apparent “influence” on our lives. Not so much the mechanics but the concept. However this can be debated similar to the Chicken or the egg scenario. The concept is based from the mechanics which in turn is created by the concept governed by the creator, since everything at it’s origin is a concept, which at it’s own origin is an idea which in turn is a thought. In this instance the creator’s.

    Karma is a tricky one because it holds some of the values of light and grey seekers. Yes, grey seekers. I, to some degree consider myself under this category, however the term “grey” seekers can form a variety of different types. A grey seeker is essentially a light seeker but have a more balanced and neutral view. They don’t see anything as pure “light” or “dark” or positive and negative. One thing that might need to be addressed is that grey seekers are not dark seekers, if that’s even a thing. A grey seeker usually follows the way of light and such but don’t necessarily adopt all the beliefs due to some of them being seen as narrow minded. They basically have a more open view outside of normal perception that many would have hardwired into them.

    Take karma for example. One of the main purposes of it is to “teach” us how to develop as souls, beings etc. However “teaching” “may” be seen as a form of manipulation. I will explain this.

    When you are taught something, the person “teaching” you is telling you something which is stated as fact or truth etc, usually without question and is automatically believed and followed as truth without real realisation of the meaning behind why it is truth. In some cases it often is given a reason why it is a fact of truth, but “truth” is partly defined by the information presented that you take a perception of. You just see the information and think “ok so this is this because I’ve been told it’s as such.” Basically if you are told something that is believed as truth even by them, it is by automatic assumption on both parties that it “is truth.”

    However, it is taught to us like this to sometimes make us think of something a certain way. This is kinda a RFTR string-a-long. For example: karma helps us develop as spiritual beings because it helps us become closer to the light, source, be more spiritual etc. There is the “truth”, but it is told to us to make us believe it as truth, we then subsequently believe it as truth.

    Essentially, when we are given information that is supposed to represent truth, it is assumed that it is truth that we should believe. I honestly don’t know if I have any better way of explaining it.

    It’s not so much questioning the idea that this is truth though this is somewhat part of it, but it’s the realisation that it should be up to us independently if we “should” see it as truth rather than the universe giving us a statement saying “this is reality, deal with it.”

    I will use Tana’s blog here as an example. This is not to question the legitimacy of the information on it, because it is, and is told to us to be and is broadly defined as “truth.” It is truth because it is explaining, describing and demonstrating it as an aspect of the reality of truth. I’m just looking at it at it’s core.

    The blog is explaining about karma and it’s mechanics. The mechanics are proven as truth because it is as such dictated by the universe. In that there is no doubt, but the universe is essentially forcing us to comply with these “rules of reality”, no questions, no negotiations, and the reason for this is because it is teaching and moulding us to be better spiritual beings, the reason for this is because it is probably because what the creator wants, but we are essentially subserved (I had a better word which I couldn’t think of) by it’s will or ideals of what it wants us to be. Of course we could choose different paths and challenge this or some such, but the creator in order to make us how it envisions us uses various universal mechanics to promote a certain way as better or worse to make us think in that way for us to “prefer” following the creators vision rather than our own.

    I hope this at least make sense to some degree. Even if the creator made us out of love, in the end, it’s still their vision that apparently matters more than our individual ones. I don’t know. Our may still be important but it’s still by the creators will that allows this.

  2. Sam says:

    If you read my first comment, please read it in it’s entirety before making a pre-emptive judgement. Thanks 🙂

  3. Sam says:

    I’m just going to summarise it for those who don’t understand my last comment or can’t be bothered to read that entire thing.

    Grey seekers don’t follow or see something as truth just because “it;’s truth” or just because it’s a truth as dictated by the universe as a mechanic of reality, even if it is a truth of the universe, doesn’t mean that our free will has to be sacrificed because of it, not just by our beliefs but whether we should decide to allow these universal laws, rules or mechanics to effect us.

  4. Candy says:

    You can tell! There is no grey there…
    How do you feel when you are involved in something positive? You feel only good/ good vibes positivity rings ????✨

    How do you feel?
    Yuck: go away

    karma isn’t only truth
    Karma is positive and negative things
    Thank you for explaining this, very interesting and a good reminder to keep your THOUGHTS POSITIVE. THANK YOU TANA

  5. Sam says:

    Yeah but the universe promotes the perception that positive is good and negative is bad when really their meaning is only defined by how we see them.

  6. Westin says:

    Tana, if someone has a form of mental illness like bipolar disorder or schizophrenia, with behavior which is not optimal, will they incur the same level of karma for their words and actions as someone who acts the same but has no mental illness

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