Meditation: The Key To An Energized Life – Part 2   by Tana Hoy body mind spirit.jpgMeditation can help you align your spiritual centers, or seven Chakras (Chakra is a Sanskrit word for “wheels”), which are strategically found from the top of your head, all the way to the tail of your spine.

With your chakras aligned and empowered, you will regain your power of insight, and your power of manifestation will also increase.

Moreover, as your mind stays in the quiet and calm state attained through meditation, you will also achieve an optimal state of health.

In Part 1 of this post, I discussed the relationship of breathing to meditation and why it’s important to meditate.

Here, in Part 2 of Meditation: The Key To An Energized Life, I’ll show you how to achieve oneness of  mind, body, and spirit through meditation.


Spiritual Centers


Stress can cause an imbalance in your hormones, affecting the way you think and act. Stress can also affect the normal functions of your internal organs, thus making you prone to serious illnesses such as heart disease, depression, lung problems, and many more.

Mindfulness can help you enjoy the present moment, and lessen your worries about the issues of the past, and the uncertainties of tomorrow.


How to Meditate


The oneness of the mind, body, and the heart, brings out the dormant power within you. This oneness can become possible through meditation.

Here are some easy tips to meditate properly:


  1. Find a comfortable and quiet place for your meditation.


Your spot should allow your body to feel more relaxed and tension-free. It can be your room, or a place in your garden.

Make sure that the temperature is just right: neither too hot, nor too cold. This is very important so that you will feel comfortable, but not sleepy.


  1. Sit and relax.


You may use a cushion or a chair when meditating. I do not advise my clients to lie down because it could make them fall asleep. That’s why it’s better to sit.

If you are sitting on a chair when meditating, make sure that you’re not leaning on the backrest of the chair because doing so can also make you feel drowsy.

Keep your feet flat on the floor, and if you’re sitting on a cushion, you may cross your legs. The key is to sit comfortably.


  1. Close your eyes and breath.


Closing your eyes can help you focus on the meditation process.

Clear your mind by breathing in deeply through your nose. Then slowly release your breath.

You can release your breath either through your nose, or through your mouth. Do whatever exhalation style suits you.

As you breathe in, observe the air passing through your nostrils. Observe how the air goes out of your mouth or nostrils when you exhale.

The chatter of your mind will slowly go away, along with the nagging concerns, fears, and worries. In a few minutes you will feel relaxed and calm.


  1. Keep your mind still by observing your breath.


The primary aim of meditation is to keep the mind still or focused. That is why you should observe your breath.

At first, it can be hard, since there will be lots of things that will distract your mind. Bodily sensations like itchiness or muscle pain can also be distracting. Sometimes, even memories or random thoughts will tug at the back of your mind.

This is the first obstacle that you need to overcome when you are practicing meditation. buddha 2.jpg

The Buddha and other mystics recognize the inability of the mind to focus. The Buddha even described the mind as a monkey, going from branch to branch, and tree to tree.

The inability of the mind to focus has increased in modern times, due to the the noise and stress that is all around. So if you are new to meditating, realize that is is normal for your mind to go from one thought to another.

Here’s are some tips you can use to overcome a frantically thinking mind:


Just let all your thoughts pass.

Observe and do nothing, except if the discomfort that you feel is no longer tolerable.

If your mind is keeping you from focusing, just gently bring it back to focus on your breathing.

There’s something magical happening during the breathing exercise. As you breathe in, you’re actually breathing in all the positive things in the world: healing, love, joy, happiness, peace, prosperity, abundance, unity, and harmony.

And as you breathe out, you’re getting rid of the negative thoughts and feelings that are pulling you from enjoying the gift of life.

So this is what meditation can give you – an energized but calm life.

If you find life troublesome, or if you have puzzling questions you’d like to be answered, schedule a psychic reading with me now.  I’ll also teach you more details about how to meditate properly, and show you how to regain your footing in life once again.


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