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Hey there,

I hope you had a chance to use the magical mantra I shared with you in my last email. It really works, and it WILL remove obstacles if you use it exactly as I taught you to. If you didn’t open that email yet – you need to know about this mantra. Believe me, it will save you when you need it! You can read it here.

I have been receiving an abundance of emails lately from people who had psychic readings with me, and I wanted to share them with you because they really touched my heart.

I really appreciate receiving emails like this and I wanted to thank everyone who sent me an email like this in the past!

Dear Tana,

I have a reading with you about a month or so ago, and Tana, I have to tell you, you hit everything right on the bull’s-eye!

You told me that my boyfriend was cheating on me, and I didn’t even have any idea that he was being unfaithful! At first I was in total disbelief, and I didn’t want to believe what you told me! But, I listened to what you told me and I started watching for the things you told me to look out for.

Well Tana, let me tell you, the things you told me to look out for, I actually started seeing happening! I couldn’t believe my very own eyes! You told me to watch because he would start to wear his hair different, and he did! You told me to pay attention because he would start wearing cologne. Tana, he never wore cologne before, but actually started wearing it!

I was shocked to say the least! Tana, you told me that I needed to confront him right away to nip this in the bud, and if I did, that we would be able to work this out!

Tana, I did confront him, and he did tell me that what I suspected was true! I caught it before anything ever happened between the two of them! If it hadn’t been for you, my marriage would’ve been ruined!

Thank you so much,

Debbie B. Dallas, TX

Here is another email I received that I really liked:

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Dear Tana,

I had a reading with you a few days ago, and let me tell you I was surprised! I couldn’t believe that you knew so many things about myself, and my relationship! I was so glad when I was able to have confirmed by you that my husband is not cheating on me!

Before I called you I was scared and nervous, but after speaking with you, you have such a sweet and calming voice, and you really put me at ease right away!

I follow the advice that you gave me, and I started doing the things that you told me I should start to do! Right away, my husband started responding the most positive way!

We have started acting like two young lovers all over again! I cannot thank you enough for all of your guidance during our reading, and I can’t wait for our next meeting coming up!

Tana, thank you so much!

Forever grateful,

Tammy C. Chicago, IL

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Here’s another one:

Dear Tana,

When I called you for a reading I was nervous, because I felt like my life was falling apart! I’d been having problems at my job, with coworkers and my supervisor, and I felt like everyone was ganging up against me!

Well Tana, after my reading with you, you really help me to set things straight! You told me what I needed to do, how I needed to act, and what exactly I needed to say at work, to turn things around!

I did everything you told me, and you won’t believe what happened! My boss suddenly started treating me like one of her favorites! As a matter fact, we’re having lunch tomorrow – and she invited me!

My coworkers of also change their attitudes toward me, and believe it or not, I was just chosen as employee of the month!

Tana, thank you so much! If it wasn’t for your psychic reading I would’ve probably lost my job by now! But instead, I’m now employee of the month, and my bosses favorite employee!

Tana, you’re the best!

Mindy L. Lancaster, Ohio

After I give a psychic reading to somebody, and they send me an email afterwords telling me how much they enjoyed it, and how much that it helped them, that is the biggest compliment that anyone can pay me!

So I wanted to share these emails with you so that you could share in my joy with me. Thank you so much for the emails Debbie, Tammy, and Mindy!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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