Am I Psychic? Here’s How To Know psychic ability

Have you ever wondered if you’re psychic? Has there been a time when you felt you had a very clear intuition about something? Have you experienced déjà vú? How about clairvoyance?

Psychic powers and psychic abilities are considered special because they enable you to perceive things beyond the physical body, and they’re not rare. In fact, such abilities and powers are part of the daily life of many of us. There are also many references you’ll find in movies, books, and even the Internet for different phenomena like premonition, intuition, clairvoyance, telepathy, and other forms of nonphysical perception. Now, the question you should ask yourself is, “Am I psychic?”

Like many other people, you may have also thought about this question at one point in your life. Perhaps there was a time when you felt you had a very clear intuition about something, or you might have experienced déjà vú, or you may have also experienced clairvoyance. If you have experienced these things, then it makes a lot of sense that you’re eager to learn how to know if you are psychic.


Fact: We Are All Psychic


So, does experiencing one or more of those forms of extra-physical perception mean that you should seriously consider developing your psychic ability? Well, there’s no reason you shouldn’t! And believe it or not, each and every one of us is psychic!

Some people are more psychic than other people. Although we all have the ability to become a great psychic, some have better, or more developed abilities because of the techniques they’re using, or through proper training. People with this type of intelligence may choose to develop or even control it. Whether you wish to enhance your psychic abilities, you first need to know what such abilities are.


What You Need to Know about Psychic Abilities human aura

If you can see something that is not visible through your own eyes, such as the human aura, this certainly means that you have psychic ability.

When it comes to developing your psychic ability, the first step is to know and understand the various ways information may reach you. In short, you need to have consciousness.

When you touch a metallic doorknob, for example, the first sensation you’ll get is that it is cold. This cold feeling is what you perceived through a physical sense, which is your sense of touch. But what if you start feeling something touching you when there’s actually nothing that’s in contact with your body? This kind of sensation can’t be explained in physical terms, but it’s something that is related to our energy body, or energosoma, which is our non-physical body.

When you look at a person in front of you, you will be able to see the details of his or her face, eyes, hair, lips, and so on. This perception is the result of the coordination between your brain, eyes, and other body parts that are involved in physical sight. However, if you can see some sort of brightness around a person, especially colors around his or her head, what you’re seeing is the person’s aura. Therefore, if you have the ability to see something that is not accessible or visible through your own eyes, this certainly means that you have psychic ability.

One common question people ask is whether or not all their psychic experiences are mere imagination. Well, imagination is actually your will power at work. On the other hand, psychic ability involves you being in a receptive or passive state where you try to receive the perception without allowing your will or expectation to interfere. By becoming more conscious of your physical perceptions and your nonphysical perceptions, you’ll be better able to develop your psychic skills.


How to Know If You Are Psychic? spirits of the dead

The ability to see spirits of the dead is a probable proof of psychic ability.

If you’re wondering, “Am I psychic?” answer the following questions to help you assess your psychic abilities:

  1. Do you ever feel spontaneous vibrations in your body when you fall asleep or wake up?
  2. Have you ever felt exhausted after you meet someone?
  3. Have you even once been able to predict what’s going to happen in the future?
  4. How about events in the past? Have you had any recollection of a previous life?
  5. Do you sometimes feel that something’s going to happen to someone you know, and eventually finding out at a later time that it actually happened?
  6. Is ‘intuition’ common to you? Are your intuitions relevant?
  7. Have you visited a friend or a relative at their house, and left feeling drained? (even without drinking or eating)
  8. Have you ever experienced seeing other dimensions, or people who have already passed away?
  9. Have you experienced waking up remembering an out-of-the-body experience?
  10. Have you had a lucid, out-of-the-body experience?

If your answer to any of these questions is “yes”, then there is a huge possibility that you actually have a decent level of psychic power. As mentioned earlier, some people’s psychic abilities will be stronger or weaker than others’. It’s basically up to you if you want to go further in developing your psychic ability.


How to Tap into Your Psychic Abilities woman meditating

Regularly meditating is one of the ways by which you can tap into your psychic abilities.

Tip #1 – Meditate Regularly

The thing with meditation is that it enables you to switch off your analytical, thinking brain, allowing you to tap into your creative, intuitive, and subconscious mind. When you meditate, you are able to access information on a deeper level, which is vital in psychic development.

The moment you begin analyzing your feelings, or whatever pops into your head, you actually block the messages that come from spirit ,or through your intuition. Thus, in order for you to fully develop your psychic abilities, you must learn how to switch into your intuitive mode.

Tip #2 – Learn About Your Energy Field

Learning about auras and chakras is essential in enhancing one’s psychic abilities. When you learn about the energies, or electro-magnetic fields, that surround us, and when you begin to have an understanding of how they really work, you will start to see the world in a very different way. This knowledge will also change the way you interact with other people.

Tip #3 – Listen to Your Inner Voice More

Listening to the voice within, and allowing it to guide you, can be very helpful in enhancing your psychic powers. Oftentimes, this small voice speaks to us through our thoughts to let us know whether something is good or not. However, it is our tendency to dismiss such thoughts, and realize later on, that things could have been better if we had listened to that voice. This inner voice is actually your spirit guide, which can be a powerful tool if you just listen to it.


Are You Ready to Unleash Your Psychic Abilities?


So, why in the first place should you bother developing your psychic abilities?

If you’ve finally found the answer to your original question, “Am I psychic?“, and you have reasons to believe you have psychic powers, your next goal must be to make those abilities your second nature.

You’ll want to embrace it, and learn to control it, and you can do these things if you are driven by interest and curiosity. By incorporating non-physical perceptions in your normal daily routine, and by allowing yourself to be guided by a more experienced psychic, it won’t take long until you see huge changes in the meanings of these kinds of experience.

Let’s go discover and develop your psychic abilities, and be amazed with what this gift has to offer you! I invite you to check out my website, and then click here and schedule a Psychic Reading with me.

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4 Responses

  1. Sam B says:

    A lot of the TV references actually give vital information and potential insight. Tana has referenced Harry Potter on multiple occasions in terms of the use of witchcraft and certain elements of the spiritual world.

    In my experience, I tend to refer more to Star Wars’ concept of the force. The living energy of the real world and the concept of the living force in the SW universe are highly similar. Admittedly I am a big Star Wars fan, especially the fictional lore of the force but I’ve come to utilize it as an innovative asset with real psychic and pionic abilities.

    One of my favourite force abilities that I have tried to theorize its application in the real world is an advanced form of precognition called Shatterpoint. Its essentially a premonitive ability allowing the user to see multiple outcomes of a significant event at once. Be it multiple time streams, multiple choices of actions or multiple realities.

    If you want to learn more on shatterpoint, here’s a link to the star wars description.

    Force abilities may be a fictional powers but its significance and applicative potential are still viable in the real world, or at least I theorize And believe in the posdibility that they can be applied to real world psychic abilities.

    My own abilities are still somewhat sketchy. I am yet to narrow down any specific types. The most likely is claircognizance and/or clairvoyance. However I have had occasions where my guides and angels may have attempted to speak through my thoughts. Either calling on clairaudience or telepathy.

    As for the duality between analytical or logic minded and creative or intuitive minded, the irony is the narrow minded nature of it many people have. They aren’t entirely separate. In fact they are more related. Sure, only using logistics limits innovative thinking but it is still fundamental. Using and categorizing them separately is what creates the divide.

    Without logic, there’d be no creativity, and visa versa. Scientists and inventors of logic both utilize innovative and creative thinking and we would not be able to understand or interpret what information we’re getting through psychic abilities. We could pivot between them, using our intuition to receive then our logic brain to interpret them, but thinking in these terms will create cognitive barriers.

    Certain things may require certain mental states to be in but that’s not the point. Logic and creativity must be seen as one. They are both forms of thinking, just at polar opposites and not separated. That last sentence is poorly stated as a flawed statement but you get the idea. They are both forms of knowledge. Logic is only using what you already know, intuition is merely expanding it. Not alternate.

    I have learned to hybridise logical and intuitive thinking, either naturally or developed over time. Being of the Gemini star sign, we are natural thinkers and are hybrids or have dual traits or characteristics in many aspects of life. Well at least in my own experience. Either way, this isn’t a call of vanity. Gemini’s in general are stated to be highly intellectual. This may have helped buffer my intuition.

    Fun fact about me: I was almost born Taurus but was late by nine days. It was overshot by over a week!

    For my clairvoyance, I found that during pitch black, I can see what I interpret as swirls of living vibrational energy. It looks like background radiation you might see on a TV that isn’t picking up any channels, only its small coloured dots. I could either be seeing something relevant or it means my astral vision is blocked and not picking up anything. That wouldn’t surprise me as my third eye may be heavily calcified due to my milk intake in coffee, tea, etc. However I have had several instances of premonitionary dreams and intuitive predictions of events but this is still rare, though I found It might run in the family as my immediate relatives are generally highly Intuitive but still not to the full level of a practiced psychic.

    In fact, yesterday, my brother dreamt that we had Twiglets, which in the “real” world at the time we didn’t, but later that day during a shopping delivery, there was a large pack of twiglets in one of the bags. Now this one is of a random nature but is a clear indication of his precognitive abilities. A shame he isn’t spiritual.

  2. Emmerey Rose says:

    Thanks for this informative post! I have seen ghosts when I was young but due to fear I always thought that it wasn’t real. Is that a psychic ability? and is it easy to unlock?

  3. Emmerey Rose says:

    Thanks for the response Tana! helps a lot.
    I would love to know more and read more from you. Is there a way I can follow you on any social media you have?

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