My latest Psychic Predictions for 2016 (March Release)

Many new changes are coming in 2016. As you know, the big cosmic Shockwave will be hitting the earth on September 18th, 2016, and boy is it going to play havoc in the lives of people who are not protected.

So if you are one of the lucky ones who reserved your space for the Bio-Fuso Fracto-Decai Protection, count your blessings!

Good News Ahead

I have some very good news now! There is going to be an aftershock which ripples thru the universe in October. This aftershock is being labeled by my guides as “The Love Zapper”

Why it’s being called The Love Zapper is because it is going to literally “zap” the hearts of people on earth who are looking for love, awakening their deepest desires for love, causing hundreds of thousands of people around the world to “suddenly” start drawing towards people who are looking for love, their perfect soulmate.

What Makes Someone Your Soulmate?

Your true soulmate is someone you loved in a past life, and the two of you had such a strong bond, that your souls made a subconscious agreement to meet each other again in this life! This is why a soul mate connection is so powerful when two “souls” who are “mates”, finally meet again in this lifetime. This is where the word soulmate comes from.

The other good news is, that sense you have had many lives, you probably have more than 5 or 10 different soulmate possibilities out there waiting to meet you. This is exciting news, because most people think they only have one soulmate. And there is nothing farther from the truth than that.

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The Reason Most People Never Their REAL Soulmate!

The problem is, most people have no magnetization power in their energy field to draw and attract their soulmate to them. When your energy field is magnetized, it pulls and attracts people you have loved in a past life, into your vibrational range.

And when you draw your soulmate into your vibrational range, if their energy field is not magnetized (and I can almost guarantee you it isn’t) with the right magnetization in yours , it will positively affect and magnetize their energy field upon contact! Transforming both of your energy fields into giant love magnets that will pull the two of you together.

Here’s the interesting part! The right magnetization can send out a signal so strong that when the two of you meet, you will both fall in “love at first sight”! Have you ever experienced love at first sight? Many people haven’t. And the ones who have experienced it, usually discover their love eventually fades out. But this won’t happen if your energy field has been properly magnetized.

With proper magnetization, your energy field will not only make the two of you fall in love at first sight, but it will also create such a strong bond between the two of you, that living together, marriage, kids, and a lifetime commitment, will be the next steps which will quickly follow after the two of you meet!

And all it takes to make this happen is having the right magnetization in your energy field.

You will literally have to do nothing else…only have your energy field magnetized! The rest will happen on it’s own  – without hardly any effort on your part.

So how do you get your energy field magnetized?…It’s very easy!

How To Know If Your Energy Field Should Be Magnetized?

Having your energy field magnetized should only be done on the following types of people:

– Someone who wants to meet their REAL soulmate

– Someone who wants a long term committed relationship

– Someone who has trouble meeting the right person

– Someone who is too busy to get out and meet people – yet would like to meet someone to love them

– Someone who wants a family

– Someone who is stuck in an unhappy relationship and wants to meet someone who will truly love them

– Someone who desires a specific person, but that person doesn’t seem to make a move with them

– Someone who wants to have the affection, love, laughter, and companionship only a  soulmate can offer

– Someone who needs someone they can depend on,

– Someone who doesn’t want to have to worry about infidelity from the other person.

– someone who is ready to have real, lasting, fulfilling love in their life

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People Who Should Not Have Their Energy Field Magnetized:

– Someone who doesn’t need anyone

– Someone who prefers spending their life alone

– Someone who is polyamorous

– Someone who doesn’t ever want a committed relationship with anyone

– Someone who doesn’t like to touched by someone who loves them

– Someone who wants to lead a celibate life

The process I use to magnetize your energy field is called Zappo Attracto Manifesto. It is an ancient technique, taught to me during one of my recent astral travels. I learned it from Saint Germain!

Saint Germain assured me this is the most powerful way to meet someone who is the “right one” so a person won’t waste their time and precious energy getting to know the “wrong one”

There is nothing more frustrating than spending your time getting to know someone who you think is the one, to find out days, weeks, or months later, they weren’t the right person for you after all. We’ve all been there, but the Zappo Attracto Manifesto will prevent that from ever happening  to you again!

Here’s what happens during the Zappo Attracto Manifesto

 – First, your energy field will need to be cleansed, balanced, and vibratonized, to make sure it is in perfect harmonic alignment with the 79th dimension. This is the known as the Soulmate Dimension.

– Then you will experience a deep sense of peace come over you, as I infuse your energy field with protective, magnetic energy, which will transform the energy field of your soulmate, to be in perfect love alignment with your energy field.

– Next, I will place 4 Love Angels in all four corners of your energy field. These 4 Love Angels will act like scouts, and go out and find your soulmate. Once they find him, they will literally bring him to you!

– Then I will coat your energy field with what is known in Esoteric Circles as “Instant Love Attraction and Connection Energy” which will reawaken and bring to yours and the other person’s consciousness, the love feelings you had for each other in your past life together. This is what will make you both experience love-at-first-sight when you meet. And both of you will feel the same feelings, equally as strong!

– And last, I will seal your energy field, so that the Zappo Attracto Manifesto energy will be permanently embedded into your energy field!

As you can see, having your energy field magnetized involves some deep, energy work, but don’t worry, because all you have to do is relax and enjoy this massage-like, soothing energy, as it is being performed on you.

Afterwards, you will literally feel like you’ve just had a massage, without being massaged! So it feels great too! This is an added bonus!

Also, the Zappo Attracto Manifesto is performed remotely, over the phone. Meaning you can be anywhere in the world, and still have this soothing, powerful energy massage of magnetization performed on you!

How To Have Reserve Your Energy Magnetization

As you know, with my readings and other sessions I perform, I have limited space for the Zappo Attracto Manifesto. I am only going to be able to perform this on 75 people! So if you’re ready to finally have love, real love. Soulmate love. then click here and fill out this form on my Psychic Reading page.

These spaces will be offered on a first-come, first-serve basis. And they will fill up fast. So please click here now and fill out the form, to grab one of the limited spaces available!

If you are looking for love, then the Zappo Attracto Manifesto is what you’ve been looking for!

I hope this information helped you.

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

P.S. Please email me and say hello. It’s been awhile and I’d love to hear from you. I

promise to personally write you back!

P.S.S. In my last email, I talked about my Angel Prayer List, and placing your name or the name of someone you know who needs healing. Make sure to read it if you;d like to receive a healing! Click here to read the email.

P.S.S. Here are my latest Psychic Predictions for 2016 (March Release)

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