My Latest Psychic Predictions For 2016 (November Release)

Hi there,

I’m going to share with you an amazing experience I had…

…but before I do, I need to say the experience I had was definitely not the norm. It was very unusual, to say the least.

This experience happened during one of my most recent astral travels. And during this particular astral travel, I learned some amazing things. What I learned – actually blew my mind! That’s why I am so excited to share this with you!

How It Began 

So last Saturday, I started my astral travel as usual. This time I got up at 3AM, had my green tea, ate my banana, and then sat in our Granny Flat, which is the detached part of our little house. Our Granny Flat is where I do all my meditation and astral travel, because it assures me I will not be disturbed.

So, immediately after I closed my eyes to begin my astral journey, I fell instantly into a deep trance. Then the next thing I knew, Vascarious was standing there beside me. He said to me “Tana, take my hand, because I am going to lead you on this journey, due to the very special place we are going.” Then, next thing I knew, off we flew into the astral realms!

(I introduced you to Vascarious in my last email. He is the new Ascended Master who works with me, and who asked me to channel his messages)

I had no idea where were were going, but we must have traveled at the speed of light, because we arrived at our destination lickety-split!

When we arrived there – my mouth instantly dropped open from what I saw…I was literally in awe!

What I Saw That Made My Mouth Drop Open!

When Vascarious took my hand, I didn’t know where I was headed to. As a matter of fact, most times I don’t know where my Guides will take when I begin each astral travel. Through years of experience astrally traveling, I have learned when I close my eyes and leave my body, I will be traveling to somewhere fascinating and amazing. So I have come to fully trust my Guides and wherever  they lead me!

Well, let me tell you! My recent astral journey really took the cake! What I mean is, as many of you already know, I have been privileged and blessed to astrally travel to some amazing places.

And I have also been honored to be taught many valuable teachings, along with receiving invaluable spiritual training, from Ascended Masters, Guardian Angels, and Spirit Guides, during my hundreds of astral journeys! And each time I astrally travel now, each new journey becomes more and more fascinating!

What Made My Mouth Literally Drop Open

As you know from my email last month, I explained how I discovered the Temple Of Zonram, and was even granted rare permission to enter this temple. You will also know I was trained how to read the Zonramian Records contained in this sacred temple.

Well, on this particular journey, after we arrived, Vascarious gently let go of my hand. Then, with a huge, warm, loving smile, he looked at me and said “Welcome to the first paradise!”  I remember thinking to myself, “What does he mean by “the first paradise”?

What I saw in front of me made my mouth drop wide open, and my eyes pop out of my head!

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I Visited Paradise

Right away I recognized we were on the 299th Dimension! I then realized the paradise Vascarious was referring to must exist on this same Dimension he had led me too last month.

But this time, I noticed everything looked so much more vivid as if it were pulsating with life! The colors on the temple were actually dancing, the clouds in the sky were slowly swirling into different colors, the colors of the three suns were amazing! And the grass was the greenest green I had ever seen! Words cannot explain the vividness and aliveness of the colors I saw there.

Maybe the colors were like that the first time I visited there, but I was so in awe then, I probably didn’t notice. On my last visit to the 299th Dimension, I do remember thinking to myself, “This must the heaven described in many religious texts!” Because it truly looked like a paradise!

Vascarious then looked at me and said “Welcome back to the 299th Dimension Tana. Home of the Temple of Zonram. I brought you here again, because you did such an honorable job last time of spreading the word, about the existence of the Zonramian Records, to other Light Seekers. So we wanted to bring you here again, so that I, Macar, and Saint Germain, could reveal even more to you! When you return back to earth, we also want you to share this knowledge with other Light Seekers. This is your reason for being here again, today!”

The Guardian Keepers Greeted Me This Time

So Vascarious motioned me to start walking in the direction of the Temple Of Zonram. And as we got closer to it, I could see Macar and Saint Germain in the distance, standing there waiting for us. When Vascarious and I arrived at the entrance, Macar and Saint Germain welcomed me back with a big hug! (I love being hugged by Ascended Masters. Their hugs feel like an electrical jolt of love shooting thru your entire body).

They told me we are going to enter the temple again, because they said “We have more to reveal to you today Tana.”

When we entered the sacred Temple of Zonram, this time, the Guardian Keepers, which are the winged Beings that fly around inside the temple and protect it, flew down to the ground, and then walked over to greet me.

The Guardian Keepers stood about 6 feet tall, and had wing spans of around 8 feet long. Their bodies were a shimmering bluish color, with tiny scales all over. And their faces were chiseled, wise, and powerful looking. Even though they looked powerful and strong, they also look gentle, loving, and kind. The Guardian Keepers only speak telepathically (linking their minds with my mind and not using their lips to speak) and they welcomed me back to the temple, and told me I was always welcome there.

Then Vascarious, Macar, and Saint Germain, motioned me on, explaining time was of the essence, and they had more things to teach me, and more things to reveal.

The Most Beautiful Place I Had Ever Seen

Instead of walking down the hallway where the Zonramian Records are stored, this time we went down a different hallway. The unusual thing about this hallway was, there was no door leading to it. There was only a symbol on the wall – a symbol I had never seen before in my entire life! This symbol was located right in the middle and top center of the wall.

So Vascarious walked over and stood in front of this sacred symbol, when suddenly, a portion of the wall melted away, revealing a secret hallway.

We walked down this secret hallway, when out of nowhere, it suddenly came to a dead end! At this point, Vascarious looked at me and said, “Welcome to the real paradise”. And as he said this, the entire hallway melted away, and magically transformed into what I would describe “as a paradise I had only seen in fantasy art paintings”. Instantly! We were standing right in the middle of this paradise.

Right then I realized this must be a “second” paradise. And then it hit me, why, when we first arrived, Vascarious said “Welcome to the first paradise!”

Vascarious, Macar, and Saint Germain, explained we were standing in the middle of a magical world that no human ever knew existed until now! They explained this paradise is so sacred, it has to be hidden behind a secret wall. So when someone who is not privileged to know of it’s existence enters the temple, the only thing they will see is a wall with a symbol on it!

They explained that only a Being who knows the words of a secret, ancient mantra, can change the hallway into what it really is…a hidden paradise. This was some really wild, mind-trippy stuff I was experiencing!

…I need to digress for a moment. In my last email I forgot to mention, my first time there, when they told me I was the only one who had ever been granted permission to enter the Temple of Zonram, I felt a little overwhelmed realizing the responsibility that came with the knowledge entrusted to me .

So this time, when they told me I was standing in the middle of a magic paradise no human ever knew existed, I was kind of freaking out inside. I remember mentally reassuring myself over and over again, “Everything will be okay. They have never lead me wrong before. Trust them and trust the process!” I bet I repeated this over 20 times to myself, if not more!

Due to my feeling overwhelmed from the pressure I felt inside, I had forgotten they can all read minds, and knew what I was saying to myself! Suddenly, Vascarious, Macar, and Saint Germain, all looked directly at me with eyes that said “did you forget who we are”, as they each spoke at almost the same time, “Tana, we are Ascended Masters, remember? We know what we are doing, and we would never give you anything you couldn’t handle.” I let out a big laugh, as I quickly realized how silly my thoughts had been. And they chuckled along with me too!…

The Power Of Paradise Of Zylon

After we laughed a little, Vascarious next explained the paradise we were standing in is called “The Paradise Of Zylon”.

He explained to me, “Any person who has the rare honor and privilege to come into contact with the vibrational frequency of the Paradise Of Zylon will experience many profound levels of change in their life. Because the frequencies in this paradise are the highest of the high, anywhere in the entire universe, the vibrational frequencies found here are more powerful than any human mind could ever comprehend. 

A Zonramian Records reading will not automatically connect a person with these vibrational frequencies, BUT a special gift will be bestowed upon those 56 special Light Seekers who are already in wait to have their Zonramian Records read AND also choose to make this powerful contact with the vibrational frequencies of The Paradise Of Zylon. They will be lavished twenty-fold (20 times) more with the things I am about to reveal. And also a powerful amplification of love blessings, prosperity blessings, wealth blessings, and health blessings, will also be granted to them and those they love.”

He went on the say, “Any person who makes contact with the vibrational frequencies found here in The Paradise Of Zylon will experience the reversal of the aging process. Slowly taking years off of their face, and body. This anti-aging process will happen slowly, gradually, and naturally! And this person will also retain the “energy of youth!” So no matter how old they become in earth years, their energy levels with remain strong and vibrant like a young person.

Making contact with the vibrational frequencies found here will also make a person irresistible to others, not only in love, but in opportunities that appear in their life. Making them the first in line to be chosen for any opportunity they pursue. This goes for anything related love, their career, job opportunities that are presented to them, along with anything else that involves needing to be chosen for!

Making contact with this frequency will also allow the effortless releasing of any pain from the person’s past. Including pain from their childhood, teenage years, adulthood, or any other part of their life, where there is pain they have been unable to let go of. The release experienced from these “pain chains” will allow a person to live a happier life, feel more free inside, and  experience more joy in living. After making contact, a person will feel like an emotional weight has been lifted off their shoulders.

Any person who has made contact with these vibrational frequencies will instantly experience a “Soul Crossing” of the Dimensional Timelines (DT’s). Soul Crossing will cross their soul with the souls of people they knew in their past lives. And then, almost instantaneously, draw these “past life people” beck into their life, because these are the people they are destined to be with! These past life people include soulmates, twin flames, best friends, partners, along with any other type of companionship they are longing for.

Making contact with the vibrational frequencies found here in The Paradise Of Zylon will cause a person to experience unimaginable good luck. All bad luck will seemingly disappear, and be replaced with good luck in any area of their life.

Any person who makes contact will possess what earth people call the Midas Touch. This will cause everything they touch to turn to gold. A person who possesses this Midas Touch will find whatever they touch, will even multiply ten-fold (10 times) in their lives.

Making contact will even heighten a normal person’s psychic abilities, raising their psychic abilities to a higher vibrational frequency than 99% of all earth people. 

Making contact will even change a person’s life in more ways than are comprehensible by the human mind!

So any person who makes contact with the vibrational frequencies of The Paradise of Zylon will begin experiencing their own paradise on earth.

But Tana, it is very crucial to know, we are only opening the doors to the 299th Dimension for a  precise, limited period of time, because we cannot leave The Paradise Of Zylon vulnerable!”

As he was explaining all of this to me. quite honestly, I was stunned, in awe, amazed, and speechless! And I was especially knocked over when he said additional blessings were going to be “bestowed” and “granted” upon any of  the “56 special Light Seekers” who have a Zonramian Records reading already scheduled and also choose to have this powerful connection with the vibrational frequencies of The Paradise Of Zonram! And when he referred to them as “56 special Light Seekers”, I got chills down my astral spine!

If you are one of the 56 special Light Seekers who have a Zonramian Records reading scheduled, then you should be smiling right now. Because you were just referred to, by an Ascended Master, as “A special Light Seeker”!

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What I Learned The Day

Vascarious, Macar, and Saint Germain, told me they were going to train me on how to transmit the vibrational frequencies from The Paradise Of Zylon to another person.

The first thing Vascarious did was ask me to close my eyes. He then placed his right forefinger on the top of my head, and the moment he did that, I saw a flash of light go across my eyelids! I cannot even begin to describe how powerful this felt! I almost buckled at my knees from the ecstatic feeling that shot through my body!

Next, Macar and Saint Germain taught me secret transmission techniques, which were so complex, I am unable to explain them fully. What I can explain is, these transmission techniques involved using Geometric Transmissional Grid Patterns (GTGP’s), and these grids are very complex patterns that are hard to describe in words.

Saint Germain said to me, “These Transmissional Grid Patterns come from galaxies beyond the human earth. They were passed down from what earth people like to refer to as “Aliens”. We refer to these so called “Aliens” as the Advanced Ones who share the Universal Galaxy with all life forms”

I remember thinking to myself at that moment “This is so cool! I am learning information that came from aliens, so I know these Geometric Transmissional Grid Patterns will be amazingly powerful!”

The Geometric Transmissional Grid Patterns were so complex, I would describe them as beyond complicated. Thankfully, Vascarious transmitted this information to me using a powerful Mind Linking technique! Mind Linking is a technique where he literally downloads the information directly into my brain. I would describe it like uploading information from a USB drive onto a computer hard drive (My brain being the hard drive). It was really fascinating to experience! Otherwise, if he hadn’t transmitted this information to me this way, my human mind would not have been able to retain all the information contained in these galactic Geometric Grid Patterns.

He then showed me a special Geometric Transmissional Grid Pattern to be used on the “56 special Light Workers” who are having their Zonramian Records read. This special Grid Pattern will allow them to experience everything twenty-fold (twenty times) more in their lives.

Understanding The Power Of This Vibrational Frequency

Vascarious, Macar, and Saint Germain, spent around four more hours teaching me the ins-and-outs of transmitting the vibrational frequency for making contact between The Paradise Of Zylon and another human being.

One of the most fascinating things to me, was discovering that the vibrational frequencies from The Paradise Of Zylon actually have a violet-purple bluish-red color to them. Vascarious told me “This color of energy is the highest vibrational frequency in the entire universe”. He also explained “There is nothing, anywhere in the entire galaxy of the universe, which has this high of a vibrational frequency.Nothing!” I was like, “Whooooa!”

Then Saint Germain explained in order to understand the power of this vibrational frequency, he would use numbers, He said “On a numerical scale of 1 to 1,000,000, an Ascended Master would vibrate at around 900,000. The vibrational frequency of the transmissional energy that can be transmitted from The Paradise Of Zylon would be 200,000,000.”  (You read that right, around two hundred million!) That alone, just blew my mind again! Because I was limited by my human mind capacity to fully comprehend the true depth of the power contained in making contact!!

So what this means is – this is some extremely powerful energy!

What All of This Actually Means?

What this all means is, I was trained how to “make contact” and transmit the vibrational frequencies from The Paradise Of Zylon to another person.

When a person “makes contact” several things will occur almost instantly:

Making contact will start the reversal process of anti-aging, and can eliminate the signs of aging on your face, and body. For example, this energy is as close to the Fountain Of Youth as you can get without having plastic surgery!

I could hardly believe it, but I noticed my two major laugh lines are now almost gone, a deep crease where the top of my nose and forehead meet – almost disappeared! And the fine lines on my forehead have practically vanished!

You will find your soulmate, twin flame, make best friends, discover new partners, or draw any other type of companionship you desire into your life! And it will all happen like magic – without hardly any effort! It will even make a current relationship stronger, especially if you are having problems! Or it will energetically “connect you” with the “right one” if you are stuck in an unhappy relationship!

Making contact will create an “irresistancy vibration” in a your PEF (Personal energy Field). This means you will not only find yourself becoming more attractive and irresistible to others, but it will also make you a very “attractive” candidate during a job interview (the interviewer will actually get a “gotta have this person” feeling when they interview you). It will also make you “attractive” to any decision making people you meet, regarding any kind of opportunity you pursue. In other words, you will be the first one chosen whenever a decision requiring a choice needs to be made!

Making contact will be the deepest form of Emotional Pain Release a person could ever experience. Without getting too personal, I had something released from me that day, which had caused me emotional pain for a very long time. I was absolutely dumbfounded when I realized this release had occurred. And it occurred without me doing anything at all to make this emotional pain become healed instantly!

Making contact will also manifest Soul Crossing, which is a Trans-Dimensional crossing of your soul, which will send your soul across time, into the past, present, and future, opening your soul to “collect and draw” to it the people you’ve known, loved, cared about, or were best friends with, in any and all of your past lives. This “collect and draw” process will pull people into your PEF (Personal Energy Field) and you will then begin to have deep, soul connections with people you never met before or imagined!. It will draw back into your life, your soulmate, twin flame, best friends, and other companions, from all of your past lives! And when you meet each other again in this life – the bond you experience with them will be indescribable!

Making contact will give you what is referred to as “the Midas Touch”. This will make anything you touch turn to gold, causing anything you touch to multiply by ten-fold (10 times). This Midas Touch is literally like having magic powers coming out of your finger tips – just like in the movies!

Making contact will instantly place your psychic ability on a higher vibrational frequency than 99%  of the world’s population. Think of it like a Super-Cosmic Power Booster, boosting your psychic energy to incomprehensible levels!

And it also does a WHOLE LOT more!

** And if you are one of the “56 special Light Seekers” who took advantage of the opportunity to have your Zonramian Records read in April or May, if you also do this, and have this powerful contact made with the vibrational frequencies found in The Paradise Of Zylon, you will be bestowed these powerful benefits twenty-fold (20 times), along with granted the extra amplification of love, financial, career, and health blessings, in your life!

The other day I bought a scratch off lottery ticket, and when I scratched off my ticket, I won $5. So, since I knew I had “magic in my fingers” that will increase something twenty-fold (20 times), I cashed my winning ticket in, went back to the machine, bought another ticket, and won $100. I actually multiplied my $5 winnings by twenty-fold! Just like that!

I feel like my life has always been happy, joyous, and free, but since “making contact” with the vibrational frequency of The Paradise Of Zylon, there have already been more blessings than I could ever count! Life is good, really good!!

Remember My Friend Chuck?

As you know, I use every technique I learn, first, on my best friend Chuck. I didn’t mention this in my email about the Zonramian Records, But I also read his Zonramian Records too.

I “made contact” for Chuck and transmitted the vibrational frequency from The Paradise Of Zylon to him. Also knowing he had his Zonramian Records read, I was even more excited to see the additional blessings he would experience. I was also excited to  see how it would bless him twenty-fold in his life too! in a nutshell, here’s what happened.

– His love life got better – almost instantly! There had been some problems too personal to mention in his relationship- but they instantly dissolved – like magic! And now they are engaged to get married! He finally proposed to her and made her dream come true also! (This was an effect of Soul Crossing)!

– His laugh lines totally disappeared! The lucky dog! Mine diminished and are becoming less and less each day. But his disappeared instantly! (Anti-aging!)

– He landed his dream job. The interviewer later told Chuck that after their interview together, Chuck became the Gold Standard for all the candidates after him. He also told Chuck he “knew” he was the one the company wanted, but he had to do the other interviews as a matter of protocol. It was also $20,000 more than he made at his last job. (His first affect of twenty-fold!)

– He has met and become close to an older couple who have already become like a “father and mother” figure to him! (They said they feel like Chuck is their biological son). If they only knew he was their son in a past life! (This was an affect of Soul Crossing!)

– He has let go of some childhood grief, which has haunted him for years. He has always been a “smiley” type of guy, but I can see it in his eyes, that he looks genuinely even happier now! Chuck says he feels so much happier inside, and 0thers have even noticed a change too! (This was an affect of the Pain-Chain healing release!)

– He won a sweepstakes he filled out and mailed in. I didn’t think $5,000 was too bad of a win for only having to pay .47 cents for the stamp to send in his entry!. This was actually more than twenty-fold! I calculated it and it was One Hundred and Six-fold! 106 times more! (His second affect of Twenty-Fold!

– His bad luck seems like it suddenly flew out the door! As a matter of fact, some of bad luck situations unexplainably reversed themselves and turned into amazing good luck situations! (This was the affect of good luck!)

– He has actually started having pretty incredible psychic experiences! (This was the affect of amplification of his psychic powers!)

– Every single day he receives a cosmic surprise from the universe in the way of some kind of good fortune! (This was part due to making contact, and part due to the affect of the extra blessings he was granted due to having had a Zonramian Records reading!)

 – He said he now feels like he is living in paradise on earth! (The total affect he received just from having made contact, and having the transmission of the vibrational frequencies from The Temple Of Zylon passed onto him!)

And the other day, Chuck also told me he was also seeing the additional blessings of love, wealth, prosperity, and health, along with things happening twenty-fold for him. (The extra granted affect he received since he already had a Zonramian Records reading!)

Seeing all these positive changes in my best friend’s life makes me incredibly happy!

What An Energy Frequency Transmission Will Do For You

If you’ve read this far, it’s not hard to see all the benefits you will experience in your life! And this is a no-brainer if you are already scheduled to have your Zonramian Records reading April or May!!

So, if you are ready to:

– Experience the love you know you deserve, and meet your soulmate, twin flame, best friend, or any type of companionship you desire.

– Release any pain from your childhood, family life, school years, college years, broken relationships or friendships, or anything which caused you pain you cannot seem to let go of!

– Reverse the aging process, and have literally years taken off your face and body, look years younger, and regain the energy of youth.

– Increase your “irresistibility factor” with people you meet, including potential dating partners. co workers, new best friends, or any other type of companionship you desire.

– Become amazingly “attractive” to companies during job interviews, start experiencing impressive career moves, and have the upper advantage in any opportunity or situation, by making you the first one to be chosen where a choice needs to be made! (This includes love situations too!)

– Become one of the luckiest people you know and watch any bad luck run out the door like a scared mouse!

– Increase your financial fortune by having the Midas Touch with “magic in your finger tips” and  multiply anything you touch ten-fold (10 times).

– Increase your psychic powers over and above 99% of the people on the planet. Think of this like a psychic power boost that will place you on a higher psychic frequency than almost anyone you meet or know! You will become only 1% of the people in the world, who has this type of psychic receptivity.

– Have deeper friendships!

– Experience more companionship in your life.

– And a host of other powerful, positive, amazing things…

…making contact with these vibrational frequencies found in The Paradise Of Zylon will give you all of this…and even more!!

As a matter of fact, Vascarious told me after a transmission of this energy, there are even hidden benefits that will be unique to the person receiving this frequency transmission. How cool is that? Imagine receiving regular, unexpected gifts from the universe on an almost daily basis! It’s like getting a surprise party almost everyday of your life!

Believe it or not, since I visited The Paradise Of Zylon, almost EVERY single day, someone gives me something for free! A few days ago, I was given 3 free coffees, for no reason, at 2 different places. I was given two free pieces of cake, for no reason, by the manager of a restaurant. I was given a free sandwich, for no reason, at Starbucks. Someone stranger paid for my lunch, for no reason, at a restaurant. I was given a free iced tea and banana, for no reason, at another coffee place. Someone sent me a gift certificate for $100, for no reason, just the other day!

I’m get so much free stuff almost daily now, that I even started taking pictures of the all the free stuff I get, because I get so much of it now! I love it! And an even more incredible thing is, these people want to give me these things for free! They are overjoyed just to do it for me! They are actually smiling and happy when they do it! 

Amazing to some! But not so amazing when you realize these are just part of the blessings you will receive from making contact with The Paradise Of Zylon!

And if you are one of the 56 special Light Seekers who have your Zonramian Records reading scheduled in April or May, once you also do this, and have this powerful contact made with the vibrational frequencies of The Paradise Of Zylon, you will also be granted all the additional blessings and have bestowed upon you the affect of twenty-fold (20 times more)!

People This Transmission Is For

First off, if you have a Zonramian Records reading scheduled for April or May, you will definitely, absolutely, want to do this, and make contact with the vibrational frequencies of the The Paradise Of Zylon! Not only will you be bestowed these powerful benefits twenty-fold (20 times), you will also be granted the extra amplification of love, financial, career, and health blessings, in your life!

The transmission of this vibrational frequency is for people who want to improve their life. People who want to get plugged into an energy that is incredibly powerful and positive. Someone who understands this their a rare opportunity, and that very few people will ever get to have this opportunity in their entire lifetime!

This is for people who are seeking a positive, spiritual shift in their life. People who are now ready to receive all the good things life has to offer them, regardless of what “bad things” might have happened to them in the past. Because after experiencing this transmission, a person’s past will now be “the past”! Over. Gone. Done With! Like a dark cloud that has finally blown over!

This is for someone who wants to open their life to the floodgates of unlimited love, friendship, and companionship, which the vibrational frequencies from The Paradise Of Zylon will give them!

Someone who wants to have an everlasting “attraction factor” of irresistibility always present to them, everyday of their life! Someone who wants to be attractive to others, “attractive” to people who interview them, and always be “the first choice” in any opportunity or situation where a choice has to be made. This is for someone who wants to be chosen first, in anything in their life, including love situations where others might be involved! This will give you the upper cosmic advantage in anything you do where choices are involved!

Or if you are someone who wants to maintain a youthful appearance, (sometimes up to 20 years younger than you actually are) and retain the energy of a teenager, no matter how old you get, this transmission is for you!

If you are someone who realizes there are some painful life experiences still within your soul, realizing these experiences changed you, in a not so positive way, and you’re ready to heal and release them forever. Then making contact will release these “pain chains”. Allowing you to move ahead in your life, and wake up with a bigger smile on your face each morning!

If you would like to have “magic in your fingertips” and have anything you touch turn to gold and multiply ten fold (10 times. 20 times if you are having a Zonramian Records reading) in your life. This includes money, love, career opportunities, friendships, wealth, prosperity, abundance, good health, weight loss, or anything you else you desire.

If you are ready to become one of the luckiest people you know, and have all kinds of “good luck” happenings in your life, seemingly everyday,  then you are going to be amazed!

If you’ve ever wanted to be more psychic, more tuned in, or more intuitive, making contact will energize you with a vibrational frequency that will place you on a higher psychic frequency than 99% of the world population! You will be one of the rare 1% in the entire world who are at this level of psychic frequency!

There is a positive, powerful energy source in the universe, but most people, except 64 of them, will ever be able to tap into this particular energy source I am referring to, which is the vibrational frequency of The Paradise Of Zylon. And making contact will connect you directly into this source, and align you with an energy that will give you the opportunity to feel like everyday on earth is like living in paradise!!

People This Transmission Is Not For

This is not for someone who likes being stuck. I’ve said this in past emails, and I’ll say it again in this one. There are people who actually enjoy wallowing in their misery.

They love complaining about how life is against them. They love talking about all their bad luck. They are always ready to complain about how no one loves them, how they always attract bad things wherever they go. And they don’t even realize that it is their continuous complaining, which is attracting even more negativity to them. Their complaining keeps them broke, unhappy, and miserable.

Why? It’s not fully due to their complaining, but mostly because they actually enjoy complaining about their bad life to anyone who will listen. It’s this twisted joy they derive from their misery that keeps them stuck!

Since making contact with the vibrational frequencies of The Paradise Of Zylon will make a person become “unstuck”, a person who enjoys swallowing in their misery should not even consider this.

How To Make Contact

To receive these indescribable benefits in your life, such as having more love, looking younger, having more wealth, better job opportunities, changing bad luck into good luck, and having everything turn into gold, and having the good thing multiply ten-fold (10 times. 20 times if you have a Zonramian Records reading scheduled for April or May), then making contact will is definitely for someone like you!

You will increase your attractiveness factor,  become irresistible in all areas of your life, along with all opportunities that come your way. You will even experience your psychic ability energetically boosted higher than 99% of the world population, along with experiencing many other hidden benefits.

Having the rare chance of making contact with the vibrational frequencies from The Paradise Of Zylon will definitely be an opportunity you won’t want to miss this!!

In other words, if you want to transform your life from what it already is, into a magical paradise for the rest of your life, you are going to be amazed what will happen after making contact with this incredible vibrational frequency.

But…These Doors Are Only Open For a Limited Period Of Time

Since the doors to The Paradise Of Zylon are only going to be open for a short period of time, (less than one and a half months) this opportunity actually is going to be a rare, one-shot opportunity for only 64 lucky people!

So to reserve one of these very limited spaces, click here right away and fill out the form on my psychic reading page. 

As Vascarious explained, “These doors will only be open for a very specific and precise time period, due to leaving The Paradise Of Zylon vulnerable”.  So your chance to make contact is very, very limited. This opportunity is only going to be available for a very narrow time frame from June until July.

So when these doors close, they are closed for good!! This means making contact will not be possible after the doors close close. There’s nothing I can do about this, because once they close, it’s no longer in my control. And this rare opportunity will be gone from you forever! Even if you’ve been a long time client! Even if you are my mother, brother, sister, or whoever. There is nothing I will be able to do! Zero. Zilch. Nada!

What To Do Next

I was instructed by Vascarious, Macar, and Saint Germain, to only make 64 of these spaces available because offering anymore spaces than 64 would “Cause a vibrational weakness in the frequencies contained in The Paradise Of Zylon and leave it too vulnerable to outside, less enlightened influences”

Since I’ve been given a very specific number of spaces I can offer, only 64, again, please understand there can be no exceptions for anyone once they are all grabbed up! When the 64 spaces are gone, this opportunity is gone – forever! Again, even if you’ve been a long time client! Even if you are my mother, brother, sister, or whoever. There is nothing I can do once the 64 spaces are all taken! Nothing at all!

So if you wait, procrastinate, or hesitate – you WILL lose this rare chance-of-a-lifetime to make contact with this incredible vibrational frequency!

To reserve one of the 64 spaces for making contact with the vibrational frequencies of The Paradise Of Zylon, and receive all of the unlimited benefits from making this contact, simply fill out the form on my Psychic Reading page right away to reserve a space, and someone will get back to you ASAP! Since these spaces are limited, someone will contact you as quickly as we can, once you submit your reservation!

You can also reply to this email to reserve a space, WITH your phone number included, and someone will get back with you.

How ever you do it – just don’t wait, hesitate, or procrastinate, or I can guarantee you – you WILL miss out!

And especially if you are one of the 56 people who already have a Zonramian Records reading scheduled for April or May, then I’d click here right now and make sure to reserve one of these 64 spaces by filling out the form on my Psychic Readings page!

Wise Words From Vascarious

Vascarious told me “Many people who read this will feel “the call” inside of them, urging them to take advantage of making contact with the rare, divine vibrational frequencies of The Paradise Of Zylon. But several of them will not “listen or trust” their inner call. 

They will wait, over think it, procrastinate, hesitate, and then miss the opportunity that could have changed their life into a living paradise! These same people will sadly continue this same self-defeating cycle, until they hopefully one day realize this inner calling is the voice of their Guides and Angels trying to lead them onto the path of achieving their deepest dreams, wishes, happiness, and desires”. 

So if you are one of the many people who are feeling the “inner call”, then click here now and fill out the form on my Psychic Reading pagers reserve one of the 64 spaces, and someone will get back to you right away.

I am so glad I was able to share this divine information with you, and I hope you become one of the lucky 64 people who are able to grab one of these spaces, so you can make contact with the vibrational frequencies of The Paradise Of Zylon!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

P.S. The reason I use the form on my Psychic Reading page to reserve a space for The Paradise Of Zylon is because I only have one form for all my sessions.

P.P.S. Here are my latest Psychic Predictions for 2016 (November Release)

P.P.P.S. To schedule a psychic reading, please visit my website at, or call my office at 614-444-6334

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  1. Sam says:

    When you described the guardians I just thought “Arcturians… Blue skin, wise, ancient, 6 feet tall.” Then you said aliens so now I’m just like. “Yeah…. Whether guardians or not, I bet they’re somehow involved.” but I could be thinking like a right idiot here.

    As for the thing itself, I wonder if it amplifies psionic abilities as well.

    This is the most fascinating thing you’ve told us about so far. You have no idea how much I want or need this, but alas finances be the only downfall, and since I can’t reserve one for keepsake till I am able to get the funds to do so as I had once attempted. I don’t know what to do here. Ironically, the primary problem holds me back from the optimal solution. Affordability.

  2. Leyla says:

    THIS is by far, one of the most fascinating things that i have heard or would like to experience.

  3. Candy says:

    Precious indeed!!
    More precious than ever.
    I have a question! ?
    I will e- mail you 🙂
    Count me in please!!!!

  4. Tina says:

    This is very fascinating article. Is it possible to have astral travel into the future? I find that one of the things you can accurately predict is some stock market moves. I’ve been wondering what we should expect next few months in the stock market, particularly in November. Much appreciated.

    • Tana Hoy says:

      Yes, I travel into the future all the time. Thank you and I will see about making more stock market predictions. One of my clients just made a lot of money after our reading, because she asked me where to invest and I was able to give her 3 very big winners!

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