My Latest Psychic Predictions For 2016 (September Release)

I was really shocked to discover how many people were still trying to find their life purpose.

I guess I was lucky because I found my life purpose early in life. Being born with my abilities kind of made it obvious what I was born to do.

What It Feels Like When You Don’t Know Your Life Purpose

But I am finding more and more people out there are still wondering what they were born to do. I know that when you don’t know your life purpose, life can become somewhat of a routine.

I have had it described to me as feeling like you get up each day, just to do what you did the day before. Go to work, eat dinner, meet friends, go home, go to bed. And of course, do laundry, grocery

shopping, get a hair cut, and take the occasional vacations. But life seems to feel like the same ol’ same ol’ Robotic actions without a sense of purpose.

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Where The Answer To Your Life Purpose Can Be Found

Well, I’m sorry I never thought to mention this before, because you can find out what you were born to do very easily! As a matter of fact, your life purpose is contained in something I have talked about often! Can you guess what that might be?

Well, if you guessed your Akashic Records, you are 100% correct.

If you don’t know what they are, they are ethereal records that were created the day your soul spark was ignited, out there in the vast Universe. That soul-spark marks the exact moment in time when your soul came to be! Interesting isn’t it! (I love talking about this stuff!)

Your Akashic Records record all of your thoughts, actions, and deeds from all of your lifetimes, AND they also tell you who you were, what you did, and anything else you want to know about your past lives. (More about that later since this is about finding your life purpose.)

How Your Life Purpose Was Decided

Now, before you reincarnated into this lifetime, you actually meet with your Master Teachers and Guides, and you decided together what your life purpose was going to be in this life!

Even that meeting, the names of the Master Teachers you met with, and the complete conversation you had with your Master Teachers and Guides is recorded in your Akashic Records. So a lot of very interesting information can be found there.

Signs Of Not Knowing Your true Life Purpose 

So if you are feeling:

– Unfilled with the job you are doing

– Unfilled with the friendships you you hang out with

– Or even the relationship you are in

– Depressed a lot

– Overly anxious and worrisome

– And these are just a few of the signs…

Then you probably haven’t figured out your true life purpose!!

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Once You Know It – How Things Will Change

Once you know you true life purpose, in other words, once you know the lessons you agreed to learn, and the mark you agreed to leave on the earth before you die, your life will change from feeling like the same day-after-day humdrum, into a life that is fulfilling and satisfying beyond your wildest dreams!

How do I know this? Because I am living mine, and that is what it feels like!

What You Can Do To Find Your True Life Purpose

I’ve decided that I am going to add special Akashic Records readings to the services I now offer to help others find their true life purpose!

It broke my heart when I realized how many people out there felt so blah about life, so unhappy, even depressed, and it all stems from feeling bored, afraid, and unfulfilled in life, because their life doesn’t seem to have a purpose!

So if you feel this way, then I can easily help you, and will gladly do so!

What To Do Next

If you want to start living a more fulfilled life, a life full of purpose, and have more happiness and joy, then an Akashic Records reading will start you on the true path you were meant to live!

You can discover your life’s purpose, and find out the REAL reason you were born. What mission you came on this earth to fulfill. And also discover why certain people have come into your life, why some of them stayed, and even why some of them left.

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An Akashic records reading will give you new insights into your life, and help you get on the right path in your life – not matter what path you are currently on. Or confirm that the path you are on right now, is the correct path for your life.

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Whatever area of your life you want to know about, all the answers are found in your Akashic Records.

I look forward to speaking with you soon.

In light and peace,



P.S. When I read your akashic Records and share with you the conversation you had with your Master Teachers before you were reincarnated, is going to blow your mind! I will be able to tell you the exact conversation yo had with your Master Teachers, word-for-word.

P.S.S.No matter what you are facing right now -don’t worry! Because your life is going to change forever after this session!

P.S.S.S Here’s my latest Psychic Predictions for 2016 (September Release)

6 Responses

  1. Sam B says:

    Word for word. That’s deep. Would be interesting to see what preincarnated me was like.

    Part of one’s path may actually be to seek their destiny, like in some stories, the hero lives a normal life then something extrodinary happens so they pursue the quest of destiny.

    However, most people never get the chance to know their life’s purpose. 1. Being a fault of realitty and/or reincarnation for its apparent amnesia and that its never obvious enough to the reciever. Like I said before. Our souls never plan contingecies to ensure we stay on course. If they did, wed know why we were here. There are no direct arrows or any yellow brick road. We have to do guess work and no memories to fall back on.

    We could learn so much iver 1000 lifetimes but never learn the one key thing thats supposed to help. Planning a contingency for insurance wed know, let alone follow our path.

  2. Jinae schmittling says:

    I was told by you that my life’s purpose was organization. I laughed inside thinking that was not what I imagined a life purpose would be. I have to admit that I can see that ongoing pattern in my life and feel it is probably true. I just still laugh because I think we all want some amazing big life purpose and maybe I have or will get a bigger( seemingly more important) life purpose in another lifetime. Thanks for your help in my life.

  3. Irma says:

    I’m one of these , I feel restless and bored. I need more. Thinking of going back to school but I’m not sure for what? My only goal right now is for both of my kids to go to college and be functioning adults. Law abiding good citizens too. After that, I can worry about my needs. Love included.

  4. darleen says:

    I am over 60 years, I think it is too late to read my akashic records.

  5. Sam B says:

    No it isn’t too late. Time and age is irrelevant. A person could wait 300 years and still have an akashic reading. Don’t fear you’re running out of time, because time is infinite. Whether you have it in this lifetime or the next.

    Essentially you can have one at any age. This also applies to all other aspects of life. You’re never too old for anything.

  6. Tracy says:

    Tana isn’t this funny on your predictions. My parents live in Port Charlotte, I knew the other night that a hurricane was going to hit florida hard this year. I also knew about Hillary Clinton every time I have seen her on Internet ,TV or just magazines on grocery shelf, I kept sayong to myself , she’s going to be next president …. coincidence or the ” JUST KNOWING. Empathic abilities.

    Have Great day..

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