My Latest Psychic Predictions For 2017 (August Release)

Hi there,

Say “poof” and it will magically appear!!

Imagine this…You think of something you need, want, or desire, say a few words, and then your desire appears in your life in a short period of time!

Sound impossible?

Well, it’s not! Because this is exactly what I do whenever I want, need, or desire something! And it never fails!

And you can learn to do the same thing too!


Let me start by telling you where I learned this.

In past emails, I’ve talked before about how I was blessed to have an amazing mentor enter my life when I was around 12 years old.

This man was an actual Psychic Guru. I’m talking about someone who could literally walk on water!

He was a highly evolved soul. As a matter of fact, in the secret Inner Circles around the world, he was known as the most advanced psychic teacher in the entire world.

(I could go on and on about all the “impossible” feats I witnessed in his presence! And most people wouldn’t believe it anyway. So I’ll save those stories for another day.)

It was from this highly advanced Psychic Guru where I learned to astral travel with the ease that I do, meditate at deeper levels than most “spiritual gurus”, and develop my psychic powers with such pin-point accuracy.

He also trained me in other advanced psychic gifts, such as levitation, telekinesis (mind reading), psychokinesis (moving objects with your mind) and even how to use my mind to heal serious diseases.

And today, I am going to share with you something very powerful he taught me.

The Power Of Thinking And Creating

 He always said:

 “What you think, you create!” Nothing happens in your life by chance. Your thoughts create everything that happens to you”

And the KEY to a fulfilling life is LEARNING to use Creation Thoughts, so you are always creating the things in life you desire!

Sadly, most people create what they DON’T want, instead of they DO want!

The REAL SECRET For Manifesting Any Desires

Many people know of the movie The Secret. But the Law of Attraction is nothing new! It has actually been talked about since 1887! So The Secret was never “a secret”!

Pretty smart marketing, if you ask me!

The REAL SECRET is found in knowing The Egyptian Creation Thought System, and correctly using it!

Once you understand this system and know how to use it, you will quickly realize, The Secret forgot to talk about the MOST IMPORTANT SECRET for manifesting your desires – Creation Thoughts!

Creation Thoughts are THE SECRET to manifesting your desires, and in them lies the real power for making dreams come true.

But since The Egyptian Creation Thought System was only taught to initiate in a few of the ancient Mystery schools in Egypt, the producers of The Secret would have no way of knowing this information! So, how could they teach it?

So the movie “The Secret,” actually had the secret” all wrong.

Make ANY and ALL your dreams and wishes come true by learning The Egyptian Creation Thought System. Click here now to reserve one of the limited 66 spaces available.

Like Bulls And Cows

Secret #1 – The real power for making your desires come true is making sure your thoughts are aligned with the right vibrational energy patterns BEFORE sending them out into the universe!

This is where the REAL MAGIC in life begins!

Because in reality, there is more to manifestation than just thinking the right thoughts or making a Vision Board

…a lot more!

Creation Thoughts Like Hot Pots

So what are Creation thoughts, and what’s the REAL secret to making dreams come true?

This is the first step to a formulating a Creation Thought is when you think of something you desire, you write it into a complete sentence.

And this NEXT STEP is where the REAL magic begins…

You then add 1 of 3 Magical Egyptian words onto the end of your sentence. The word you add depends if your desire is Emotional, Material or Physical.

And every desire in the world falls under one of those 3 categories.

So it is a VERY EASY system to learn to use…

…and nothing short of incredible!

Chucks Experience Using This System

I taught The Egyptian Creation Thought System to my good old friend Chuck. As you know from previous emails, Chuck is always willing to learn things!

So I taught him The Egyptian Creation Thought System. His first words to me were “This is very simple, are you sure it will work?”

I told him just because something is simple to learn, doesn’t mean it’s not powerful. Lighting a match is simple, but one little flame can start a huge fire!

So I asked him to try it, and call me back in a few weeks.

Three weeks later, when Chuck called me his voice was full of excitement! Like he could hardly catch his breath!

He excitedly explained how he won $40,000 at the casino. The exact amount he needed to put a down payment on his new house!

He said his love life has also been “over the top”! (By the sound of his voice, I knew not to ask for more intimate details about this one!)

He also said he was offered another raise at work, and they are even talking to him about promoting him into the position he has always wanted in his company!

And then he said he lost 9 pounds without really trying!

All of this within a 3 week period!

So like Chuck, any of your desires can also be fulfilled using The Egyptian Creation Thought System!

AND you can also use this system to help others achieve their desires, too! Your loved ones, friends, family, or anyone you want to help!

The most important thing to know is this: Once you know The Egyptian Creation Thought System, you can use it over and over again, for the rest of your life! It never runs out!

So what desires can YOU manifest?…

…Anything YOU desire!

Use The Egyptian Creation Thought System To Manifest Anything!

You can manifest:

– love

– a stronger relationship

– reuniting with an ex

– abundance

– better job

– financial security

– career advancement

– a secure life for family, friends, and loved ones

– better health

– or anything you desire!

By learning the simple, easy-to-do Egyptian Creation Thought System, If you can think it, you can create it!

 So click here to learn this system and get started making your dreams come true!


You can NEVER use this to manifest any negative desire.

This includes: harming another person, causing death, getting revenge, messing up someone’s life, causing someone hardship, causing the break-up of a happy relationship, or any other evil desire.

People of a dark nature who want to know how to seek revenge, harm or hurt others, or cause pain to another human being, SHOULD STOP READING THIS NOW!

Because this WOULD NOT be for you!

Who This IS FOR

If you are ready to tap into the invisible energies of the universe, and make them work for you, like your own personal genie-in-a-bottle, making your dreams and wishes come true – then this IS for you.

Imagine being able to think of something you desire and in just a short time, it happens in your life!

Well, this is what will happen to you when you know how to use The Egyptian Creation Thought System!

And the even better part?

You will finally be able to start living the life YOU desire. NOT a life that just randomly happens without you having any say so in it!

Learning this powerful SECRET SYSTEM will put you back in control of your life!

So, are you ready to start having your life happen the way YOU want it to?

The Next Step To Get Started

As you can see, The Egyptian Creation Thought System is powerful!

And possessing the ability to use this system is a truly spiritual blessing.

I am only going to teach this to 66 people! 66 is considered a powerful magic number in the Egyptian Mystery school.

So once these 66 spaces are filled, I will not be adding more spaces for anyone who misses out! Otherwise, adding another person would break the magic of 66.

Once those spaces are all filled – you will lose the opportunity to learn this knowledge — forever…

…and believe me, this is something you DON’T want to miss!

If you wait – it will be too late!

So click here now, and fill out the form on my Psychic Reading page to be one go the LUCKY 66!

Once you learn this ancient powerful system your life is going to change forever! In a VERY GOOD WAY

I look forward to teaching you this system and then hearing about all of your dreams you’ve made come true in your life!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

P.S. Click here right now to grab one of the limited 66 spaces! Don’t procrastinate, and be one of the people who always miss out by acting until the last minute!

P.S.S. Here’s my latest Psychic Predictions for August 2017

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