My Latest Psychic Predictions for 2017 (July Release)

Hi there,

The planets Venus and Mars will be going to war!

It’s been awhile since we’ve been hit by a negative Energy Wave.

Actually, it’s been over a year or more since the last one hit.

Well, get ready, because in January 2018, another negative Energy Wave is going to smash into the earth, and it’s going to be a big one!

And the affects of this energy wave will last for 10 years! So protection is of utmost importance!

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What Are Negative Energy Waves?

Just the same as there are meteors in space that sometimes hit the Earth, there are also Energy Waves that hit the earth, too.

Some Energy Waves are positive, but mostly they are negative.

The positive ones are the ones we don’t worry about, but the negative ones we do. And you need to be protected from them, so your lives doesn’t get destroyed by their negative affects.

So, What Causes A Negative Energy Wave?

Negative Energy Waves are caused by the misalignment of planetary energies. Vedic Astrology, which is the astrology practiced in India, talks about certain planets not being harmonious.

When the energies of two or more inharmonious planets clash, it sends a negative Energy Wave to the earth.

This time, Venus and Mars will be the culprits that cause this next upcoming negative Energy Wave to hit the earth.

When these two planets are in conflict, which will happen on January 13th, 2018, energetic havoc will be unleashed.

The Last Big One That Hit

I’m sure many of you remember the last big one that hit back in 2015! And how those of you who received protection from it, saw first-hand how the lives of other people who weren’t protected from it fall to crap!

This was exactly what i said would happen to people who weren’t protected – and it did.

I also informed all the people when they received their protection from the last, negative Energy Wave how this havoc would happen all around them before their very eyes. While at the same time, they and their families were protected from all of this mess. This also was the case, too! Not a single person experienced any negative consequence when it hit!

So now, I’m going to explain to you when this next negative Energy Wave is going hit, the negative affects it will have on people’s lives who aren’t protected from it, and what you need to do to get the protection you are going to need!

I’m calling this next negative Energy Wave – The Iceberg That Sank The Titanic. Because when it hits, it will cause a lot of people to feel like they are sinking – emotionally, financially, and even spiritually.

The Reason For The Hit Of The Next Negative Energy Wave

When two planets overshadow each other, it is like they are going to war.

And again, the two planets that are responsible for this next negative energy wave are Venus and Mars.

Due to a planetary misalignment, Venus will send negative vibrational waves, which look like shooting spears, towards the planet Mars. In defense, Mars will then shot the same negative energy spears back towards Venus.

So what will happens once this planetary war begins, is this: As this planetary battle happens, each planet will attempt to place a protection shield around itself, in response to being attacked by the other planet.

And when the negative energy being sent from one planet towards the other, hits the shield the other planet has around itself, where do you think all of those energy spears go?

Well, let me tell you where they go. The spears hit the shields, and then bounce back. And this is where the Law Of Gravity directs them at rapid speed towards the Earth.

And when these Energy Spears hit the earth (and there will be hundreds of thousands of them) they will cause what is called a negative Energy Wave to sweep all over the Earth.

And this Energy Wave will look like the waves we see in photos when an atomic bomb blast occurs!

This means the Earth is being invisibly attacked, unintentionally of course, by Mars and Venus.

This whole thing is going to be like an invisible cosmic war in the sky!

And when this war finally ends, the damaging effects will be felt on earth for the next 10 years!

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Understanding Venus And Mars

Venus rules love, money, and friendships, in a person’s life, while Mars rules a person’s sex drive, ambition, motivation, and vitality.

These are not good planets to be in conflict, because since Venus controls the power that influences your love life, relationships, marriage, financial security, and earning potential, Mars rules influence over your ambitions, whether you feel motivated or not, your life force, and also your sexual drive.

As you can clearly see, this is not going to be a good thing when it hits!

The Different Types Of Negative Energy Spears

These Energy Spears will carry different types of energies with them. And once they hit the earth, this energy will be released, and it will spread all over the entire planet, affecting every single human being.

Depending on the energetic makeup of each individual, each person will be affected in a different way.

Here are the different negative energies that will spread over the entire earth when these Energy Spears hit.

The Energy Of Delusion

The Energy Of Delusion will cause people to be deceived and deluded. People will think, feel, and believe, certain things are true. When actually, everything will be the exact opposite. This will cause people to make many wrong decisions in all areas of their life.

The Energy Of Disbandment

The Energy Of Disbandment will cause people to disband from each other. In other words, positive feelings people have between them will disband, or start to fall apart. This energy will cause many misunderstandings in marriages, romantic relationships, friendships, work relationships, and family relationships.

The Energy Of Lack

The Energy Of Lack will cause lack in people’s lives. People will find themselves falling short of the goals they are trying to achieve. This will cause lack in the person’s life, especially where finances, investments, and money is involved. People will also experience feelings of procrastination, and become unmotivated to take care of the important things in their life.

The Energy Of Disinterest

The Energy Of Disinterest will cause people to lose interest in things which one interested them. This will hit especially hard in the areas of ambition, along with your passionate desires in the bedroom. This energy can be compared to when a person feels depressed and doesn’t feel like doing anything. Except people will not feel depression – just a lack of ambition.

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How This Will Affect You And Your Life

When these Energy Spears hit the protective shields surrounding these planets, they will bounce off and then head towards the earth. And this is when the negative Energy Wave will hit the earth.

Due to their astrological positioning, these planets influence everyone’s life, every day! So if you are not protected from the potentially devastating affects when this energy bounces back to earth, you will be affected in the following ways.

In The Area Of Love

People who are looking for love will meet all sorts of roadblocks, which will prevent them from finding love. Actually, due to the magnetic energy contained in this Energy Wave, it will cause people to be deceived by their hearts, and they will fall in love with someone they “feel” is the right one. Yet, it will be the wrong person!

Because this negative energy brings with it The Energy Of Delusion.

Marriages and romantic relationships will also be affected due to The Energy Of Disbandment. Causing feelings between people to diminish, be questioned, or create a sense of emotional distance between couples.

Sexual energy in the bedroom will also greatly suffer.

In The Area Of Finances

Financial restraints will be felt by people not protected. Once The Energy Of Lack sweeps over the earth, people will become Prosperity Blocked in several different ways, including being blocked from getting ahead financially, due to a lack of the flow of money, and some people will even experience financial loss.

Investments will go awry, and money saved for a rainy day will be also get drained, as unexpected problems will pop up all around. Problems which can only be resolved by money.

In The Area Of Career

Both, The Energy Of Lack and The Energy Of Disinterest will combine together and play havoc on people’s careers and businesses. This mixed energy will produce a “taking away” energy. Many people will get passed over for job advancements, experience missed career opportunities, and have set-backs in their careers or businesses.

Getting ahead will be difficult because earning potential and ability will be limited!

In The Area Of Family

The Energy of the Law Of Disbandment will rain havoc on families because it “disbands” emotions. And since The Energy Of Disbandment will be mixed with all the other energies, it will cause misunderstandings between family members, hurt feelings, and resentments to build up, which will cause people to “pull apart” emotionally.

Relationships will be very challenging among spouses, parents, children, and even friends.

In The Area Of Health (Mental and Physical)

All four of these energies will then combine together, and sweep the entire earth when this Energy Wave hits, causing people to experience high stress, anxiety, depression, and restlessness.

As humans, our minds can only handle so much stress, so these combined energies will cause people’s minds to into shutdown mode, in order to prevent their minds from “short circuiting”.

People not protected are going to feel like they are riding an emotional roller coaster when this combined Energy Wave hits the earth.

In The Area Of Life In General

Everything in life will seem to freeze dead in its tracks! So it will create a 10 year holding pattern in all areas of a person’s life who is hit with this negative energy.

The Bad News

This is one of the worst negative Energy Waves to hit the earth so far.

The Good News

You do not have to be a victim to this energy.

After hours of meditating about this, I decided the best way to protect people from the negative energy of this Energy Wave is to use a technique my mentor taught me, just before his passing.

The technique I decided to use will form a rock-solid, bullet-proof, shield-of-protection around you. This is the kind of protection that could protect you from an energetic nuclear war. And it would probably even protect your energy from that, too!

So the technique I am going to use is called The Shield Of Nucleo Protectum.

The Shield Of Nucleo Protectum is the only protection that will be strong enough to protect you from this Energy Wave. The Shield Of Nucleo Protectum. is an Energy Bubble Shield I will place around you.

And this Energy Shield is the only thing I personally know of, which is strong enough to handle an energy wave of this magnitude, and also protect you from the fallout after it hits!

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The Shield Of Nucleo Protectum

When these energy spears hit the earth, they will release all the energies I explained above:

The Energy Of Delusion

– The Energy Of Disbandment

– The Energy Of Lack

– The Energy Of Disinterest

And once these energies are released, they will literally crawl onto your energy field, which causes Energy Poisoning of your aura.

And this Energy Poisoning is what then starts the ball in motion as it then starts affecting you in all the other problems I talked about, such as your love life, family life, career, health. Along with all the other areas of your life, too.

But it doesn’t have to be this way…

…because when you’ve had The Shield Of Nucleo Protectum placed around you, this energy will slide off of you like a fried egg slides out of a teflon frying pan!

This shield actually creates a special type of cosmic coating around your aura, protecting you from any and all of the affects of this upcoming Energy Wave…

And, once you’ve been protected, I can tap into your energy cords, which energetically connects you to all the people you care about, and then all of those people will become instantly protected from this Energy Wave, too!

So, I can’t stress enough to you, and every single person I know, the importance of getting this protection!

Remember The Last Energy Wave I Warned People About?

Remember last year when that energy wave hit, and how I said it was going to affect people around you who weren’t protected? And remember how you saw for yourself the negative affects it had on the people around you?

And remember how those of you who got protection were not affected by the energy at all, while those that didn’t really paid the price?

Well, this next negative Energy Wave is going to be even worse!

Do Not Procrastinate On This

Because I want to help as many people as I can. I am clearing my calendar, so I can help as many people as I can.

And because many, many people are going to contact me to schedule this protection, I also know from past experience that many many people will procrastinate, wait until the last minute to grab a space, and then miss out on this completely.

And it would be a huge mistake to miss out on this protection!

So to help as many people as I can, I am opening up 93 spaces for this protection. Now, that may sound like a lot to you, but this email just went out to over 10,000 people just like you, so you will want to act fast on this and click here now to reserve on of the few spaces available!

If you miss out on this – well, don’t say I didn’t warn you!

You need to click here asap and fill out the form on my Psychic Reading page to reserve one of the 93 spaces I have available while they are still available!

Once the 93 spaces are gone – they will be gone for good!

Leaving you and your family in a very vulnerable position to deal with the fallout from this negative Energy Wave.

But dealing with all that mess isn’t necessary. You can have the peace of mind knowing you and your family will be ok, once you have reserved your space to protected by The Shield Of Nucleo Protectum.

I look forward to helping you, and thank you again for taking the time to read my email.

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

P.S. Please email me and say hello. I love getting emails from people and I will personally email you back – I promise!

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