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Hello again,

I was so excited to write this email so I could share with you the latest spiritual information I learned during my last astral travel.

Every time I astral travel, I learn more and more, and this is why I am always so excited to begin my astral travels every Saturday morning at around 3AM.


…this time, I learned some very fascinating information, and I want to share it with you in this email.

Do you believe in aliens? Well, if you don’t, you may after reading this email you will…

I began my astral travel my usual way. I get up at 3:00AM, I eat a banana, drink some green tea, walk into the back room of my home, and sit on my white couch.

Then I close my eyes…and off I go, astrally traveling to some unknown destination in the universe.

This time, as usual, I didn’t know where I would end up.

Actually, I never know where I am going to end up until I end up there! But I always know once I close my eyes, I will be guided and led to wherever in the universe I am supposed to go.

I have total faith in this process.

So as usual, I closed my eyes…and off I went!

The Incredible Colors I Saw When Flying

Astral traveling feels a lot like flying, only you are moving faster than the speed of light or the speed of sound! Amazing, huh?This time, as I was flying to wherever my Ascended Master Guides wanted me to land, the colors that flew by my eyes were incredible. I could see intense blues, violets, and purples, which gave me clues that I was headed to a highly spiritual place.

This time, as I was flying to wherever my Ascended Master Guides wanted me to land, the colors that flew by my eyes were incredible. I could see intense blues, violets, and purples, which gave me clues that I was headed to a highly spiritual place.

I knew this because whenever you see blues, violets, and purples, they are colors that are only found in the most highly evened realms in the universe.

Once I finally landed at my destination, I was speechless by what I saw. I had never seen anything quite like this before…

I Landed In The Galaxy Of Yalonia

Have you ever heard of the Galaxy Yalonia before? Well, neither had I, until I arrived there that day!

When my astral travel came to a sudden stop, and when I opened my eyes, I was viewing the most beautiful city I had ever seen! There were even rainbow orbs floating in the air, and I could see large castles of light off in the distance…it was so beautiful!

I could see houses that were shaped in large ovular shapes, with no front doors. They actually don’t have doors on their homes, because the Beings who live here respect each other’s privacy. I even later came to find out there is no crime here either, and violence does not exist…

…but I’m getting a little ahead of myself.

I wasn’t standing there more than 5 minutes, when this tall being with golden colored skin, golden hair, and who looked a lot like a human, only with lager pointier ears, walked over to me and said “Hello Tana! And welcome to the galaxy of Yalonia!

Right then, I just knew I was in for something very special!

The Golden Skinned Yolanian Being Who Greeted Me

Wherever I end up during my astral traveling, almost every time I am greeting by a Being on that planet or in that galaxy, who seems to be expecting my arrival. (I later found out this is because Vascarious informs them I will be arriving.)

So this tall, human-looking Being with golden hair and gold shimmering skin, and long pointed ears, introduced himself to me. He told me his name is Alahzor and he welcomed me to the planet Yolania.

A few moments later, right before my eyes, 8 more of these golden skinned people appeared right in front of me. I mean they just appeared out of thin air! It was as if they had been standing there the entire time!

Alahzor said “I apologize Tana. We are able to make ourselves invisible. It is a protection mechanism we use to keep ourselves safe from intruders or people we don’t know.

My mouth must have been wide open because right then Alahzor gently placed his hand on my shoulder and asked me, “Tana, are you ok?”

…I guess I was a little stunned for a moment, and my mind was out of it for a second. So I told him I was fine, and we continued our conversation.

It turns out the other 8 people who magically appeared are part of his healing group. I learned that Alahzor is a special kind of healer, and the other 8 people are his healing assistants who assist him in healing!

I also discovered the Yolanians are highly intelligent Beings who also have the power of telekinesis (the ability to move objects with their minds)

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Yolania – The Planet Of Love

I learned that Yolanians are very loving people, and love abounds on their planet. I’ve never experienced so much love from any group of Beings I’ve met before. I mean I felt pure love. Total love. Love supreme on this planet.

Alahzor told me they are a loving race whose mission is to help all beings in the universe to become the happiest they can be when it comes to love.

I also learned there are over 3 billion Beings living on the Planet of Yolania. And when one person dies, the entire planet feels it and weeps. This is how interconnected the beings on this planet are when it comes to love.

As Alahzor explained to me “If love could resonate through the entire planet, there would be no more war, violence, hatred, or hunger, and the entire universe would live in eternal peace and harmony!”

I was starting to feel like I never want to leave here…

The Reason I Was Lead To Yolania

Alahzor told me he knew I would be arriving, due to receiving a telepathic message from Vascarious. (You probably remember Vascarious from my previous emails)

I was not surprised by this, and then Alahzor went on to tell me why I was lead to their planet in the first place.

Alahzor said I will be taught and instructed in how to help 5 different kinds of people on earth:

  1. People looking for love
  2. People who always get involved with the wrong person
  3. People who get into relationships that never work out
  4. People who are in troubled relationships but want to make the relationship work
  5. People who want to leave a relationship without hurting the other person

He then told me that he, and all 8 of his assent healers, were here to train me in something they called Lovo Eterno Fulfilus.

He then asked me to follow him to a very special place where this training would take place.

Then Alahzor signaled me to follow him, and as I followed him, his 8 assistant healers followed along behind me.

After about two minutes of walking, the most amazing thing happened…Alahzor held out his hand as if wanting me to place my hand on his. And when I did…suddenly…we were standing on a beautiful mountain range that overlooked the entire city…

…right then, I suddenly realized I had been instantly teleported to this place when he touched my hand!

The Universal Dilemma On Earth – Finding Love

Alahzor first started talking to me about love, and how it was such a powerful force, and how all people needed to have love in their lives. He even talked about how healing love is to not only to receive, but also to give.

After his long talk about the importance of love in people’s lives, he told me he was going to teach me a powerful method called Lovo Eterno Fulfilus, and this method would help the heart, soul, and life, of any person who absorbs this energy into the Soul Body.

He also said the amazing thing about this method is, when a person receives and absorbs the energy of Lovo Eterno Fulfilus, its results are instantaneous!

I was blown away when he said this!

He went on to explain how, “People on earth are hurting inside, all over your planet. No matter what their race, religion, sexual preference, gender, or color of their skin, your planet has problems expressing, giving, committing, and receiving when it comes to the power of love!”

He also said, “There are many people who are not only looking for and wanting to find love, but more than that, many people on earth seem to always meet the wrong person, or jump into the wrong relationship, or give their hearts to someone who is not right for them!”

He continued by saying, “But human life is precious and meant to be enjoyed! So when people are loveless, always meeting the wrong person, jumping into the wrong relationships, or spending their precious time with the wrong person, and then continuously searching for love – life just pass them by!

A person who devotes so much time to the wrong person eventually ends up at square one again – all alone. Exactly where they were before they started with this wrong person!

Whereas, if they had been with the right person all along, all that time would have been devoted to being with the right one – not the wrong one. And no time would have been wasted!”

He started making a lot of sense to me, especially when he said, “And even more painful is when a person is in a relationship where they constantly argue, or don’t speak to each other for long periods of time, or can’t seem to connect any longer – even when they both know there is still love in their hearts for each other. This is one of the most painful love experiences a human can experience!

All of these situations waste a person’s life…precious life they can never get back again! 

So they end up losing all that precious time, which they could have been spending with the right person – if they only held the secret how to find the love they desire!

Many people on earth grow old, never find real love, and then die with an empty heart. And this is a major shame to see happen.

Well, Yalonia is the Planet of Love, and we are experts on this subject! So I am going to teach you how to help the humans on earth!”

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The Amazing Powers Of  Lovo Eterno Fulfilus

Alahzor told me he was going to teach me how to summon the power of Lovo Eterno Fulfilus, so it could easily be absorbed in the Energy Skin of a person’s Energy Body.

So to begin, he asked me to look straight ahead, and I still remember as I was looking ahead, how beautiful the view of the city was in the distance. It was breathtaking!

So as I was standing there, he held his hands together, and a powerful reddish energy blasted through his fingertips! Which he then formed into a beautiful ball of energy.

Then, he asked me to close my eyes and all the sudden…I felt the most intense feelings of love, joy, and happiness shoot through my entire body. This feeling was something I have never felt before, in my entire life!

Anyone who knows me will tell you I’m a pretty happy person. And even I never felt anything so happy and loving as this energy felt….

…and I couldn’t stop smiling!

After a few moments, he asked me to stand there with my eyes closed, and then after about 10 more minutes, he asked me to open my eyes!

When I opened my eyes, everything around me not only looked brighter – but I could feel this strong connection to the flow of the love energy he was talking about.

Words cannot begin to describe this amazing feeling of the love energy I could feel flowing through me.

Alahzor then said to me “Congratulations Tana, you have now fully absorbed the energy of Lovo Eterno Fulfilus. Expect your life to change for the better!”

I Was Past Life Blocked??

Turns out, Alahzor told me I suffered from a common problem almost all humans suffer from. He said I was past life blocked. “Past Life Blocked?”, I asked. “What the heck does that mean??”

Alahzor explained how people on earth are affected by what’s known as being Past Life Blocked.

The reason humans are Past Life Blocked (PLB) is because humans go through the reincarnation cycle of birth, death, and rebirth. Meaning after we die, we are reborn back on earth again, to continue learning our earthly lessons, and to pay off any accumulated negative karma from our past lives.

He explained how “Humans carry past life energy with them from each lifetime, which “energetically sticks” to and accumulates on their Energy Body.”

He explained how a person like myself, who has reincarnated close to 500 times, “Has a thick buildup of this “energy goo’, which is similar to having a tar-like substance covering my entire Energy Body”.

He said my “Energy body looked like it had been dipped in tar, and the tar encasing was about 8 feet thick!”

And so it turns out this “energy goo” causes Past Life Blockage.

So when this tar-like goo is covering a person’s Energy Body, and they are encased in it, this energy goo prevents the person from transmitting the necessary energy signals responsible for helping a person attract and manifest their true love partners!

He then went on to explain how most humans have lived around 150 to 280 previous lifetimes, which means they are covered in a layer of this energy tar that’s at least 3 to 4 feet thick!


I then asked Alahzor, “Since I’m covered in 8 feet of energy tar, how was it possible for me to find such a happy successful relationship of over 11 and a half years?

And Alahzor said “The only reason you were able to find a successful relationship while covered in this energy goo is due to the fact that you are such an advanced psychic, with very high energy vibrations. And since your energy is so powerful, you were actually still able to transmit the necessary love energy signals through this energy tar, in order to meet your soulmate. But Tana, you are 1 in 10,000,000 humans that this would ever be possible for. Most humans have very weak signals due to being Past Life Blocked!”

He then assured me since I have now absorbed the energy of Lovo Eterno Fulfilus, my life was going to get even better than not already is!

He then said something I will never forget. He said, “Now that you have absorbed the powerful love energy of Lovo Eterno Fulfilus, your life will get even better. Because love heals all, love resolves all, love makes people feel happy, and love draws the hearts of people together.

And since you are now radiating the pure love energy of Lovo Eterno Fulfilus, you will be blessed with all of these things and more!”

I wasn’t sure if he was trying to give me a compliment when he explained to me about my advanced abilities, or just answering my question, but one thing’s for sure…

…when Johnny (my husband) woke up that same morning and saw me, he told me he could see a glow of energy around me.

You see, Johnny is not a psychic…and has never said anything like this to me before, in over 11 years! So I knew right then, what I experienced was very powerful, and I also knew the people who absorbed this amazing energy of Lovo Eterno Fulfilus were in for a life-changing surprise!

It was absolutely incredible to me when Johnny could see this energy radiating from me!

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My Training With Alahzor The Yalonian

I want to share my experience about the amazing training Alahzor gave me.

I like to think I am someone who knows a lot about the energy of the universe and how to work with it – and I do know a lot about universal energy. I don’t know every single thing about it, but I know more about it than probably 95% of the people in the world. I mean, I spend hours every week studying this stuff!

But, let me tell you, what Alahzor taught me and showed me about working with universal energy made me feel like a newbie! I mean what he was teaching me was extraterrestrial type wisdom!

He taught me how to properly radiate the energy necessary for performing Lovo Eterno Fulfilus, so a person could absorb the energy like a cosmic sponge. But what really blew my mind was how powerful the energy of Lovo Eterno Fulfilus actually is!

I mean, my body was vibrating like I can’t begin to explain when I was creating this energy! As the powerful love energy of Lovo Eterno Fulfilus was flowing through me, and radiating outwards from me, I felt like I have been reborn! And I still do feel this way!

What Does Lovo Eterno Fulfilus Actually Do?

When I asked Alahzor all the things Lovo Eterno Fulfilus would actually do, he described a whole list of benefits a person would experience after they absorbed the energy of Lovo Eterno Fulfilus.

Here are just a few of the many things it will do for you:

– It will draw the type of love to you that you desire.

– It will prevent you from wasting your time meeting the wrong people, by drawing and leading you to the right one, instead of the wrong one. So you won’t be wasting your time dating and getting to know the wrong people!

– If you are already in a relationship and questioning it, or you are not sure about it, the absorption of the energy of Lovo Eterno Fulfilus will eliminate and clear out any problems between the two of you, which will then strengthen your love. If that’s what you desire.

– The energy absorption of Lovo Eterno Fulfilus will shield you from the wrong people, It will only allow the right people to come into your vibrations. So you quit wasting your time getting to know the wrong ones.

– It will help you meet people who you have things in common with. People who have the same interests and desire in life as you do. Therefore, it protects you from wasting time getting to know someone, only to later discover the two of you have nothing in common. Another common time waster!

– The absorption of Lovo Eterno Fulfilus also repels cheaters, liars, and players, because it will only draw committed people into your vibration. The way this works is, people who cheat, lie, or are players, have auras which vibrate at a lower vibrational energy than the energy of Lovo Eterno Fulfilus. Therefore making you completely invisible to them!.

– The absorption of Lovo Eterno Fulfilus will raise your auric vibrations to a level where you will also only attract people who are commitment oriented, loving, honest, and looking for something long term. In other words, you will only meet people looking for the same type of loving relationship as you are.

– Once you absorb the power of Lovo Eterno Fulfilus, you will be radiating love at such a high level, you will find love, your life will change, become happier, and you will finally get to experience the true meaning of the words Alahzor spoke that day:

Your life will get even better because love heals all, love resolves all, love makes people feel happy, and love draws the hearts of people together. And since you are now radiating pure love, this power of Lovo Eterno Fulfilus will do all these things for you and more!”

So as you can see, Lovo Eterno Fulfilus is not only a powerful love attraction energy, it is also an energy that will make all areas more joyous, happy, and free.

How The Powerful Energy Of Lovo Eterno Fulfilus Works

Alahzor explained more ways this energy works, mores related to single and involved people. I found it very interesting and decided to also share it with you. Here is more of what he explained:

How It Will Help You If You Are Single:

– It will magnetize and vibratonize your auric energy causing your aura to shine with a Yalonian illumination energy.

– Once this happens, you will be constantly emitting a vibrational love attraction energy wave, which will be noticed by people – everywhere you go!

So even if you don’t go out much – it doesn’t matter! Because you will be constantly emitting this love energy, and begin catching the attention of the right people wherever you go. Even places like the grocery store, gas station, fast food restaurants, and even walking through the mall or shopping center! People will notice you everywhere you go!

And due to its high vibrational quality, the wrong people won’t even notice you because it makes you invisible to them.

So, therefore, once you have drawn the right one to you, you can feel relaxed and comfortable in knowing you will be getting to know someone you could have a potential future with!

– You should be prepared to start meeting more people than you have ever met before. But don’t worry, because when you start having plenty of dating opportunities, or you feel you may have met the right one, I’ll show you how to turn it off – until you want to activate it again.

Because this power will never leave you, and you will be able to continuously activate it whenever you need it, for the rest of your life.

– It also increases your sexual energy along with your intimate attraction faction! So when you make love with the person of your dreams – it will feel like the fourth of July!

So no more meeting people who pretend they Sizzle – only to discover…in bed, they actually fizzle!

How It Will Help You If You’re In A Relationship:

– If your relationship has problems, frustrations or things aren’t going the way you want them to, once you have absorbed the energy of Lovo Eterno Fulfilus, it will activate a flow of forgiveness, and a stream of love between the two of you. Causing you love problems to disappear!

– This energy will clear out and remove the foggy cloud of denial to be removed from the mind of the one you love. Causing him or her to begin to clearly see how their actions have been breaking your heart! Because their wrong actions have probably been the cause of all your heartache and sadness!

So this energy will make them “see the light”, and they will begin making changes due to their finally realizing how much they really love you! Remember, we all have blind spots, but the power of Lovo Eterno Fulfilus will remove them from the one you love!

– If you have tried everything, don’t know what else to do to make things better in your relationship, this energy will open your Third Eye Chakra, which will allow you to clearly see the right actions to take! You will begin to start “seeing and intuitively knowing” what you can do to improve the love between you! The answers will effortlessly start to come.

– If you are currently involved in a relationship but need to move on and don’t know how. Or, if you are in a relationship but in love with someone else, like magic, the powerful energy of Lovo Eterno Fulfilus will manifest a smooth road ahead for both of you. It will actually make this an easy and smooth transition, with little or no sadness being experienced by both people involved!

You will both be able to joyously move on, and it will make good things will happen for both of you in the end. It’s this powerful!

…and it does even so much more!

So if you are stuck in ANY area of love in your life, absorbing the magical, powerful energy of Lovo Eterno Fulfilus will change your life in so many ways!  Ways you never could have imagined!

The Next Step To Experience The Absorption Of Lovo Eterno Fulfilus

Let me tell you when Alahzor revealed the powerful energy of Lovo Eterno Fulfilus to me, and then taught me how to create this energy, so I could pass it on to others too, I was amazed beyond belief!

(Remind me sometime to tell you what happened to my 81-year-old mother after I had her absorb the energy of Lovo Eterno Fulfilus a few days ago! …Whoops! … Let me just say, her dating life has been booming! And not with a bunch of old geezers either! Mom is very happy now!)

I’m sure you can already see, having the chance to absorb the powerful energy of Lovo Eterno Fulfilus is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

And believe me when I tell you this, once this email starts getting opened by all the people on my email list, this opportunity is going to go very fast!

As always. I have limited spaces available in my schedule, which I can dedicate to reserving for people who want to experience this power!. What’s very interesting is. Alahzor told me to only perform it on 88 people. Then when I checked my schedule, 88 spaces were the exact amount of spaces I had available in my calendar for this! (It’s amazing how he knew that ahead of time!)

Then when I checked my schedule, 88 spaces were the exact amount of spaces I had available in my calendar for this! (It’s amazing how he knew that ahead of time!)

So to get started experiencing love the way you’ve always dreamed love should be, click here now and fill out the form on my Psychic Reading page to reserve one of the limited 88 spaces I have available!

As you know, rarely am I able to offer these same opportunities twice, simply because I am always being taught new techniques by different Beings, in different galaxies, during my weekly astral travels. So believe me when I tell you this…THIS is one of those opportunities you don’t want to miss out on…

…Believe me, believe me, believe me!

So click here now and fill out the form on my Psychic Reading page to reserve one of the limited 88 spaces I have available! And if you procrastinate, you WILL miss out!

I sincerely hope you enjoyed reading about my latest, incredible astral journey, and thank you so much for reading my email!


In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

P.S. Remember, you can click here now and fill out the form on my Psychic Reading page to reserve one of the limited 88 spaces so you can absorb the powerful energy of Lovo Eterno Fulfilus and begin to experience all of its benefits in your life!

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