My Latest Psychic Predictions For 2017 (March Release)

Hello there!

Have you ever heard of Aah Hah Amen?

Well, it would surprise me if you had! Because Aah Hah Amen is a closely guarded esoteric ritual, and there are only 56 people left in the world today, who know about the mystical powers of Aah Hah Amen!

You may be wondering why so few people know about it, so let explain…

As you may already know, I was born psychic, and I’ve had psychic experiences as long as I can remember. Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels. fairies, elves, and gnomes, were some of my best playmates growing up!

As long as I can remember I’ve always had the ability to see, play with, and talk to, my invisible spirit friends.

Then one day, when I was around 12 years old, I was approached by a man who was a very advanced psychic guru. And he took me under his wing as one of his students.

This man became my mentor for the next 10 or so years. He told me that when he first saw me, he saw something special in my energy field that he didn’t usually see in kids.

Looking back, I now realize I was what is called an Indigo Child, many years before the word was ever created! But as a child, being psychic was always natural to me, and it was also a natural thing about me to the people who knew me!

So over the next 10 years or so, until his passing into spirit, he mentored me and trained me in some very advanced psychic abilities. The kinds I had only seen in movies, and hadn’t realized they were real – until I saw them with my own eyes!

During my years of training, I watched my mentor perform what others would call “miracles”! And most ordinary people, not being aware of the possibilities of the universe, probably wouldn’t believe the things I saw him do!

My Mentor – A Master Teacher And Advanced Spiritual Scholar Of An Egyptian Mystery School

My mentor was a Master Teacher and Advanced Scholar of an Egyptian Mystery School. He was from a lineage whose roots extend back over 2,000 years.

When I first met my mentor, there were only 96 initiates of this school still alive throughout the world. Then, after 10 intense years of training and study, when I was 22 years old, I am proud to say I was initiated into this Egyptian mystery school, as a Master Teacher and Advanced Spiritual Scholar.

At the time of my initiation, only 89 people were still alive, including myself. A year later, when my mentor passed into spirit, there were only 88 people left.

And today, as I am writing this email, there are only 54 people from tis ancient lineage still alive today – including myself!

Sadly, none of the remaining 54 people are psychics. I am the only one who is a psychic, so I feel it is my responsibility to pass some of this knowledge on to others through my teachings.

What I Learned During My 9 Years Of Intense Training and Study

My weekends consisted of meeting my mentor on Friday evening after school, until the following Sunday evening around 8 PM. Long holiday weekends gave us even more time together to train, study, and learn.

And Christmas vacation, along with Spring Break, gave me even more time for my training. So as you can see, during those years, not one bit of free time was wasted.

For 10 years, I was mentored, taught, trained, and tested, almost every weekend. And in every area of the psychic arts you could imagine.

My mentor trained me in telepathy (mind reading), Astral Travel, Telekinesis (moving objects with your mind), healing (remote and in-person), remote viewing, materialization, channeling, automatic writing, precipitation, levitation, and even invisibility – just to name a few.

(The reason my healing center in Mexico was so successful was because I was able to heal literally hundreds of people using the powerful healing techniques that were passed down to me by my mentor!)

Those Hundreds Of Hours Just Flew By

Looking back, I never realized how many hundreds of hours I trained with him over the years. I just now used a calculator and figured out the hours we spent training each year. And it comes out to a whopping 2056 hours a year! Wow! That even blows my mind a little!

And if you times that number by the 10 years I trained with him, that’s calculates to just about 20,506 hours spent training in those 10 years!

When I was training with him, I never took the time to think about all the hours spent training until now! And I feel so grateful and fortunate that such a loving mentor would take so much time out his life, to pass on all of his knowledge to me!

It may seem like a lot of hours to some people, but honestly, the time I spent training with him just flew by. I was so fascinated by what I was learning, doing, and seeing. So there was never a dull moment in all my years of being taught by my mentor.

When I saw the Harry Potter movies, they reminded me a lot of my training, and the all the things I saw and experienced too!

So what does this have to do with Aah Hah Amen?…Everything!

Because it was my mentor who taught me how to execute and perform the rare Ceremony Aah Hah Amen. A very powerful and magical ceremony to experience!

Protect yourself from any negative influences and always know the right answers whenever you need them. Click here to reserve your space for The Ceremony Of Aah Hah Amen!

The Intense Training Of Aah Hah Amen

I can remember the numerous days of training and study involved in training me how to perform the rare ceremony of Aah Hah Amen, Just as if it happened yesterday, I can still see my mentor clearly In my mind, instructing me on performing this powerful, sacred ceremony.

I remember being so fascinated when my mentor told me that The Ceremony Of Aah Hah Amen. is over 2,000 years. And how this knowledge was being passed on to me (from mentor to student) the same way his mentor passed them this knowledge on to him when he was just a boy.

And I still remember his words, as if he had just spoken them to me:

“Tana, this knowledge I am passing on to you, the ceremony of Aah Hah Amen, is only known by 98 people in the world today (54 now). And of those 98 people, none of them are psychics like you. 

You must use this knowledge wisely, little Tana, and never use it for anything but good! As you grow older my spiritual son, these words I am speaking will resonate and have meaning.

Due the the innocence of your youth, your mind has not yet been corrupted the evils of the world. But hold may words in your heart, because one day, when I am no longer here, you will understand their truest meaning.”

Then after many days of instruction, training, and practice, I finally mastered how to perform The Ceremony Of Aah Hah Amen..

And today, I fully understand the meaning of the words he spoke to me when I was just a boy!

What Is The Advanced Spiritual Counsel?

On the 299th Dimension exists an Ascended Dimension of the universe. This is where the most advanced of all sentient spiritual beings live. I have talked about the 299th Dimension in a few of my past emails.

Also on this Dimension, there resides a group of highly evolved beings called The Advanced Spiritual Counsel. This counsel  advises those who are connected to them on any matter that regards people, places, situations, events, unexpected happenings, and many other matters of concern.

A person can receive their powerful guidance as long as they have direct access to this counsel.

The Ceremony Of Aah Hah Amen

Aah Hah Amen is a very rare, and very powerful ceremony, which was performed on all the initiates in my mentors Mystery School. It has been performed for over 2,000 years, on all the students of this particular lineage

The ceremony of Aah Hah Amen was also performed on Cleopatra herself, since she was also an initiate of this same Mystery School.

It was the teachings she learned there, which made her such a great leader! Few people in the world today know this about Cleopatra!

What makes this ceremony so rare, powerful, and magical, is because The Ceremony Of Aah Hah Amen. connects one directly to The Advanced Spiritual Counsel.

So once a person has had The Ceremony Of Aah Hah Amen performed on them, they will then be directly connected to the help and guidance of The Advanced Spiritual Counsel.

Being connected to  The Advanced Spiritual Counsel does two important things for the person:

1. It heightens their intuitive and psychic feelings

2. It protects the f person from negative external influences affecting their life

Let me explain what all of this means….

How The Ceremony Of Aah Hah Amen Heightens One’s Intuitive And Psychic Nature

In the Mystery School. the initiates learn it is human nature to doubt ones ideas, decisions, or what one should do next, especially in times of emotional fear or crisis.

The reason for this is because when it comes to making a decision, or knowing what to do next, the person knows and also fear there will be a negative consequence if the wrong decision is made.

For example, making a wrong decision related to love could cause a person to mess up something that could have turned out to be a life-long, fulfilling relationship.

A wrong decision in love could cause more damage than good, and make the situation unable to be repaired ever again.

And because of to the emotional nature of the love, it is often very hard to be subjective for oneself .

If only there were a script you could turn to in unexpected times like these, it would be so much easier…but there isn’t!

For example, when having relationship problems, and needing to know if you should stay and keep trying, or move on before getting hurt more, strong emotions of love and pain are involved here. Making it hard to be subjective in your decision.

People often say and do things that they wish they had never said or done when they are scared, hurt, or upset. And it’s times like this when the damage from words, actions, and deeds, are most unlikely to be able to be repaired. Because it’s often too late to go back, and take back what you said or did!

Discover the power of Aah Hah Amen. Receive unlimited protection from negative influences and always know the right decision to make – under any circumstances. Click here to reserve one of the limited 77 spaces!

How To Get Any Answer You Need Right Away!

So what do you do, especially when you need an answer right then – and don’t have time to wait?

Many people turn to a trusted spiritual advisor, like a psychic. BUT, what do you do if you need the answer right then, or very quickly?

This is when being connected to The Advanced Spiritual Counsel will allow you to get the answers you need – right then and there! Not only when it comes to needing answers about love, but people need to get answers right away in many other situations too! Such as:

– During a difficult time with a friend, co-worker, boss, or relative.

– During an unexpected meeting with your boss, co-workers, a relative, friend. someone you run into unexpectedly!

– When someone says something that really upsets you, and you don’t know how to react or respond!

– When you say something that offends or upsets another person – how do know the right way to act or respond so you don’t make it worse? 

– When you put your foot in your mouth and say the wring thing to anyone. anywhere!

– When dealing with a difficult waiter, cashier, store or restaurant manager, or even when getting pulled over by the police!

– When traveling to a foreign country, and things get a little scary due to a run in with the police, employees at the hotel, restaurant, or people on the street (foreigners can sometimes get taken advantage of in countries where they don’t know all the local customs and laws)

– Plus a number or situations where you need instant answers and guidance!

After a person has had the ceremony of Aah Hah Amen performed on them, they will instantly have a direct connection to The Advanced Spiritual Council, and the correct answer or words will be given to them instantly – always and forever!

The Ceremony Of Aah Hah Amen Also Protects You From Negative External Influences

Sadly, there are negative external influences that affect all of us. Right now, wherever you are reading this, there are many invisible energies floating all around you – you just cannot see them!

Not all inviable energies will have a negative influence, but there are other energies that will affect you in an negative way. These negative energies come from many things:

1. Negative entities

2. The negative thoughts other people are sending out into the universe

3. The negative energy vibrations created from war and destruction

4. Angry people send out angry negative energy vibes into the universe

5. And many other negative influences

And yes! Everyone is affected by these negative influences. There are always “negative energies” floating around in the air, and we are in constant contact with them. It has always been this way since time began, it’s just that most people don’t even know about it!

– Have you ever been dating someone, things were going just fine – and then suddenly – the other person changes their mind about your relationship – and everything falls apart from that moment on?

It’s because your relationship was attacked by one of these negative energy influences.

For example:

– Here’s another  good example of being affected by negative energy influences. Have you ever been having a perfectly good day, then all the sudden, unexpectedly, something out the blue happens and messes up the rest of your perfectly good day?

What happened in that case was there was some type of negative energy floating around, it saw you, attacked you, and caused a good day to suddenly turn into a bad one!

– Have you ever known someone who suddenly turned on you. It’s like they totally changed into a different person, causing your good relationship to turn bad? This is because they were just attacked by a negative entity (some people call them demons).

– Have you ever been sitting around feeling all happy, when suddenly, for no reason at all, your mood just changes? This is also because you were attacked by one of these negative energy influences!

Why Negative Energy Influences Have A Consciousness

You see, since these energy influences are created by people, or result from negative events, such as war, which is created by people, these energy influences have a consciousness. So they actually can consciously attack anyone they see!

But once you’ve had The Ceremony Of Aah Hah Amen performed on you, you are then directly connected to The Advanced Spiritual Counsel.

And this connection will act like a powerful wall, and make it impossible for the negative energy influences to attack you – ever again!

There are many other scenarios where having The Ceremony Of Aah Hah Amen performed on you will benefit your life.

Because with all the powerful benefits it offers you, just by using a little imagination, you will easily be able to see all the many other areas it will benefit your life too!

I have seen peoples lives literally change overnight from negative to positive after experiencing The Ceremony Of Aah Hah Amen!

Imagine Your Life Being Like This

Most people can’t imagine the power of The Ceremony Of Aah Hah Amen, because they have never experienced anything like it before in their entire lives!

So here’s just a few of the ways how having The Ceremony Of Aah Hah Amen performed on you will benefit your life:

– Relationships always work out because you are tuned in, and always know the right words to say (this includes love, work, friends, family, coworkers, bosses, or any kind of interpersonal relationship)!

– Your career advances because you are someone seen as smart, insightful, and someone who can be trusted

– People look up to as someone who always knows

– People always trust you

– People are instantly drawn to you because of your charisma and magnetic personality

– People find you irresistible because of your style and manner of speaking

– You’ll have so many good days, you’ll hardly remember the last time you had a bad one

– People will never turn on you because they will just want to be around you!

– You always know the right thing to say – in any situation

– You are no longer affected by negative external forces

– Plus many other magical benefits

And now, for the first time in hundreds of years, you can have the opportunity to be one of the people who experiences all these things and more in your life!:

** This is not for people who enjoy feeling bad, enjoy dwelling on the bad, or practitioners of Black Magic of any kind!

How To Experience The Rare And Magical Powers OF The Ceremony Aah Hah Amen 

First of all, I am very excited to start performing this magical ceremony on a few select people! It will be performed in October, because the energies of Halloween will bring in the perfect energetic alignment for this powerful ceremony!

October is the one time of year when spiritual activity is at it’s strongest – all over the world! So it is the perfect month for this to be performed!

By advisement from my Guides, Angels, and Ascended Masters, 77 spaces will be made available for this. This means only 77 people will be lucky enough to experience The Ceremony Of Aah Hah Amen, and be connected to The Advanced Spiritual Counsel!

And I forgot to mention, your connection lot The Advanced Spiritual Counsel will last your entire lifetime! Meaning you will be able to connect with them for the rest of your life!

To reserve one of the 77 spaces, click her now and fill out the form on my psychic reading page! Someone will get back to you right away!

These spaces will be awarded on a first-come-first-serve basis. Meaning then which order we receive your request will be the order in which you are considered.

There Will Be 3 Questions To Answer

Not everyone who requests a space for this will have The Ceremony Of Aah Hah Amen performed on them. Those who request to be a part of this rare and powerful ceremony will be asked 3 questions when we call you back to reserve your space.

Your answers to those 3 questions will be used to determine if you are someone who is a good candidate for experiencing The Ceremony Of Aah Hah Amen.

The reason for this is to guard against anyone with the wrong intentions.

I don’t recommend waiting, thinking too long, or procrastinating on this. So click here now and fill out the form on my psychic reading page, and reserving a space for The Ceremony Of Aah Hah Amen! Because these spaces will fill up in a flash! Trust me on this!

If you tune in to yourself, you will be able to sense, feel, and know the remarkable and powerful opportunity this will give to you if you are chosen!

Also, after having it performed, you will be energetically connected to Cleopatra, and all the other initiates of this 2,000 year old lineage! Increasing the power of this ceremony even more!

I look forward to performing this special, rare, and scared ceremony on the lucky 77 people.

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

P.S. Click here to reserve your space now for The Ceremony Of Aah Hah Amen!

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