My Latest Psychic Predictions For 2017 (May Release)

Hi there,

Let me tell you…life in Tana’s world never has a dull moment!

I just discovered another amazing piece of psychic information…

…I mean Buddha wisdom type of information!

I always wondered why certain people had better luck than others. And why some people seem to never have success in certain areas of their life – not matter what they tried to do!

I know karma has a major effect on people’s lives, but I it didn’t make total sense to me that when a person resolved their bad karma that their bad luck and mishaps would still happen!

I also observed that many people seem to have worse bad luck and mishaps than negative karma could be responsible for!

So I often wondered what the cause of this could be?

Well, after my last astral experience, it all makes sense to me now, and the mystery has been solved!

This bad luck and strings of unfortunate events are also the result of Casterband Energy Worms…

…keep reading, and let me explain!


How I Almost Fainted!

It was Saturday, and I was getting ready to begin my weekly astral travel. I had already eaten my banana, drank my green tea, and was ready to roll. Ready to begin my astral travel at 3:30 AM.

But,,, something very different happened this time…

…something very different!

The moment I sat down to begin my astral travels, I was startled by a hand being placed on my shoulder from behind me!

So I quickly flipped around to see who it was (I thought someone had broken into our house) and standing there, was this tall, kind looking man! And by his looks, he was obviously not human.

He had blue skin, and black markings on his face, kind of like you see on snake skin, and he had a big, gentle smile. He said “I am so sorry to scare you by materializing behind you, I didn’t want to materialize in front of you and scare you even more I am so sorry!”

I then told him that in front was better than behind, because at least I could see him coming!

He then went on to explain he was sent by Vascarious, to mentor me on a new revelation. A new revelation I had never seen before!

Just then, Vascarious appeared, right in front of my eyes, to confirm he had sent him to meet me. He said he just wanted to let me know it was okay.

And then…he disappeared – just as quickly as he appeared!


The Blue Man With Snake-Like Markings

This Being, who later introduced himself to me as Shakatar (Shock-a-tar), was very kind.

Once again, he apologized for startling me, and told me next time he would make sure to materialize in front of me, instead of behind!

He said, “Tana, I know you were planning to astral travel right now, but I have been summoned to come here today, to teach you a very high level teaching. A teaching which can only be accessed by trance-osmosis.”


Trance Osmosis

I said to Shakatar, “What is trance-osmosis?” And he explained it is where a person is placed in a trance state, then energetically transmitted information, teachings, or other high-level knowledge.

He said that “Trance Osmosis is the vehicle that allows this information, teaching, or knowledge, to be absorbed subconsciously by the person when they are in this special kind of trance state!”

I was fascinated by what he was explaining to me!

When I asked him how one would get into this type of trance state, he explained that was why he was here…

…he said ”Tana, when I transmit this teaching to you, with your permission, I will place my hand on your head, and you will immediately enter a very deep trance state. And in this trance state is where you will unconsciously absorb, by osmosis, the teachings I have come here to transmit to you today.”


Casterband Energy Worms!?

 I asked him what teachings he was referring to, and he said he was instructed to reveal to me “the destructive effects of Casterband Energy Worms on a person’s energy field”

“Casterband Energy Worms?”, I thought! This was sounding a little strange to me, and also a little bit unsettling too!

(If Vascarious hadn’t appeared to assure me this Being was okay, I would have sent him away at this point! But because Vascarious had appeared, and told me he sent him to meet me, I knew this Being was for okay to work with!)

Shakatar then went on to explain to me one of the most fascinating things I had ever heard. And what he explained to me, made a lot of sense.

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He Answered A Mysterious Question That always Puzzled Me

He went on to talk more about these Casterband Energy Worms, and to answer, with a crystal clear explanation, a mysterious question I had always wondered about: “Is negative karma the only explanation for people’s bad luck, unfortunate events, and other mishaps?”

He told me that karma is a major reason people have bad luck, and why the things they want don’t work out. He said negative karma can also cause unfortunate events to happen in a person’s life!

And he confirmed a person could have their bad luck in any are of their life, including, but not limited to, their love life, job, careers, health, money, family situations, friendships, addictions and compulsions, and many other things!


But What He Said Next Startled Me…

Shakatar then said something that literally startled me! And for a moment, I was speechless!

He said “There is something unknown to other psychics in the world, because this knowledge I am going to impart upon you is only available to the most spiritually advanced people in the world, like yourself!”

I was flattered by his words, and honored he recognized all the time and energy I have put into to developing and advancing myself spiritually all of my life!

But at the same time, I could feel the pressure coming on, unsure of what he was going to ask of me, knowing when one of these Beings come to pay me a visit, it usually means something big!


Casterband Worms – What They Are And What They Do

He said “Tana, there are creatures called Casterband Energy Worms. These are energy worms that originated from the galaxy of Casterband.

 Over 4,000 years ago, there was a tear in the atmosphere of Casterband, allowing these energy worms to escape – into the many atmospheres in the galaxy – where there lives physical Beings. Any planet where there is human or alien life, these worms are a problem.”

 Shakatar went on to explain some basic spiritual teachings about how a person’s negative karma from their past lives, and also this life, can have an affect on a person’s life.

And also how if a person had done something bad in a past life, they would have to pay for it in this one. Again, this was basic spiritual information I already knew…

…but what he explained next – I had no knowledge about!


How Shakatar Shocked Me

Shakatar then explained, “Casterband Energy Worms can attach themselves to a person’s energy field, without the person even knowing they have these worms attached to them!

 Once they are attached to a person’s energy field, they literally eat holes in their energy field! Which then opens the person up to being invaded by not-so-positive Beings that are constantly floating around in the universe.

 Through the holes caused by Casterband Energy Worms, these negative Beings become attached to the person’s energy field, and then FUSE themselves with the person they attach themselves to.

 Once this happens, it creates all kinds of bad luck, mishaps, and unfortunate events, which then causes things not to work out in that person’s life, the way they should have!

And unless the person has this problem taken care of, these negative consequences will go on for years!

Sadly Tana, many people have Casterband Energy Worms attached to them, and don’t even know it!”

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Shakatar Then Placed Me Into A Deep Trance

He told me that he had the power to make someone fall into a deep state of trance osmosis, and the while in this state, the person could absorb all the knowledge and teachings they needed.

He also explained that through Trance Osmosis, whether it is information, teaching, or knowledge needs, they will come out of this trance-state possessing whatever information they needed.

He also said “While in the trance-state of Trance Osmosis, the knowledge a person will absorb would take them over 100 years to learn by normal means”.

Shakatar said he was going to show me exactly what he was talking about, and let me “see and experience” it for myself.

He then asked me for permission to place his hand on my head, and I told him it was perfectly fine.

And then the most unexpected thing happened…

…I instantly fell into a very deep trance – before his hand even touched the top of my head!


I Came Out Of The Trance – Three Hours Later

About three hours later, I suddenly woke up into consciousness, and Shakatar was standing there beside me, with a gentle smile on his face.

I was absolutely amazed by what happened…

…because when I opened my eyes, I instantly knew, as if I had known all my life…how to perform total and full protection from Casterband Energy Worms.

I also knew what they look like. I even knew all about how they entered our galaxy over 1000 years ago…

…I knew everything about them – as if I had been studying about them for over 100 years…

It was one of the most amazing things I ever experienced in my entire psychic life. Well, in this lifetime at least!


I Hated To See Him Go!

Shakatar asked me if I had any questions? I told him it was an amazing experience, but like he had told me I would.

I explained that I now knew everything I needed to know about Casterband Energy Worms:

– Where they came from

– How to eliminate them from a person’s energy field

– How to cast out any negative entities attached to a person as a result of having their energy field eaten by these worms.

He said we would meet again and then said goodbye, as I watched him fade away into nothingness – right before my eyes.

It was such a short three-hour visit, and I was sad to see him go. I really liked him…

…and I hope he comes back to visit me again soon!


The Problems Casterband Worms Create

While in the state of Trance Osmosis, I learned everything there is to know about Casterband Energy Worms.

I learned they cause many, many nasty problems, and I also learned there are signs a person can look for, in order to know if they have any of these worms attached to them.

When Casterband Energy Worms attach themselves to a person’s energy field, this is only the beginning of the problem!

The other problems that follow are when once a person has holes eaten in their energy field. This allows undesirable entities to attach themselves to the person.

And it’s these entities that cause all the havoc!!


How To Know If You Have Casterband Worms

Here are some questions you can ask yourself to see if you are infected with Casterband Worms

The more “yes’s” you answer to the following questions, the more energy worms you have eating away at your energy field.

Here are the questions. (Make sure to read each and every one of them!)

  1. Have you ever had a relationship go south, unexpectedly, with no logical reason as to what caused it to go south?
  2. Have you had trouble finding someone to fall in love with – no matter how many or how few times you’ve tried?
  3. Have you ever had someone you love cheat on you (physically or emotionally) without any logical reason?
  4. Have you ever been with someone who was deceptive or a liar, and then, fell for someone else like this person again?
  5. Have you ever been in a relationship that could be called emotionally or physically abusive?
  6. Have you ever been in love with someone who was unable to return the same love to you – no matter what you did, or how hard you tried?
  7. Do you ever feel like you are the one who always gives more in your relationships?
  8. Do you have a past love you have never been able to get over or forget?
  9. Have you ever been passed over for a job or position that should have been yours?
  10. Do you ever feel like your relationship(s) with your boss(es) is not, or has never been very good?
  11. Do you ever feel like you have to be careful in your work environment?
  12. Have you ever had trouble saving money, or felt like something always seems to come up when you have a little saved?
  13. Do you ever spend to feel better, buying things you don’t really need?
  14. Are you or have you ever been, a bit of a pack rat – or even a bit of a hoarder?
  15. Do you ever have trouble focusing on staying present?
  16. Do you ever live for the future, not taking time to cherish today?
  17. When problems arise, do you ever shut down due to feeling overwhelmed, rather than taking action right away?
  18. Have you ever made a problem worse by not taking action when you should have?
  19. Do you ever procrastinate, or always seem to have a pattern of putting things off that need to be done?
  20. Have you ever struggled with losing weight?
  21. Do you feel unmotivated to eat better or exercise, even though you know you should?
  22. Do you ever struggle with negative thinking?
  23. Do you ever catch yourself being critical or judgmental of others, more than you should be?
  24. Do you have, or have you ever had, any vices you can’t seem to get rid of?
  25. Do you, or have you ever, abused drugs or alcohol?
  26. Do you ever struggle with staying positive, because things always seem to go negative for you?
  27. Do you waste mind-energy worrying about things in the future that usually don’t happen?


How To Determine Your Risk Of Casterband Worms

If you answered “no” to all of these questions, you have nothing to worry about!

If you answered “yes” or more of these questions, you have anywhere from 6 to 150 Casterband Energy Worms eating holes in your energy field.

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The Good News

Casterband Energy Worms can be easily removed. The holes in your energy field can be easily repaired, and the negative entities that have attached themselves to you, can be casted out of your energy field!


The Bad News

The bad news is, if a person does have Casterband Worms and doesn’t do anything about them, things will not improve for that person…

…As a matter of fact, bad luck, mishaps, and unfortunate events will continue to happen, and even pile up! So you definitely want to get them removed if you have them!

Once these worms have been removed, and the negative entities have been casted out, things will start to improve in your life. And where there was darkness, the light will start to appear.

I’ve already removed 250 Casterband Energy Worms from my best friend Chuck, and he already feels better!

So ridding someone of them is not the problem…leaving them is!


Casterband Energy Worm Removal, Energy Field Hole Repair, and Negative Entity Cast Out

 As I mentioned, Casterband Worms can be removed using the cleansing technique I had energetically transmitted to me while I was in the trance-state of Trance Osmosis.

During your Casterband Cleansing, the Casterband Worms will be removed, holes in your energy field will be repaired, and I will permanently cast out the negative entities, which have been responsible for all your bad luck, mishaps, and unfortunate events!

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 If you procrastinate, you will be stuck with your worms!

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Once your worms have been removed, you will feel different, almost immediately!

Remember my best friend Chuck, who I briefly mentioned earlier. Well, after his worms were removed, he also received a call for a job he applied for with the state – over two years ago! And, he got the job!!! Woohoo!

So it does work!!

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In light and peace,

Tana Hoy


P.S. I forgot to mention that back pain can also be a sign of these worms having attacked you!

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