My Latest Psychic Predictions For 2017 (September Release)

Here are my latest Psychic Predictions for September 2017. You are going to find that things are going to get a little heated this month. Tensions will rise on all fronts, and many unexpected surprises await us.


A male singer will pass away due to an unexpected accident.

A male singer will pass in an unforeseen accident. At first, people will question if it was a suicide, but it will be discovered it was an unfortunate accident.

A new celebrity will be the target of the US president. Like two little kids, they will battle back and forth. Many people will wonder if the president is an adult, or if he should still be in diapers?

Justin Bieber will be in the news again for some aggressive behavior towards a paparazzi. No charges will be pressed against Justin.


There will be no war between the US and North Korea. Tempers have already flared between the two leaders, and the worst part is over.

The remaining months of 2017, are going to have some of the most bizarre and illogical statements, along with very weird actions, ever coming from a US president and the White House, in all of US history.

Some US senators and other house members are going to be exposed for offering bribes to Russian officials.

Love and Relationships

There will be more male babies born this month as compared to female babies.

Due to harmonic energies in the universe, couples having marital difficulties will find them seemingly disappearing between September 15th and November 18th.

More male babies will be born in September around the world. More females will be born in October.

Due to planetary misalignments, heavy flirting will occur all over the world in September. So expect to see more smiles from strangers, and sometimes even an unexpected wink!


Relations between parts of the Middle East and the US will intensify. Terrorist actions are going to be on the rise in America. The terrorist will claim they are acting in retaliating against the current US president and his stance on immigartion. Claiming he is a  hypocrite in regards to his relationship Saudi Arabia.

Relations between the US and China will become rocky due to the US president tweeting thoughtless remarks about China on Twitter, as revenge for a comment China made about him that hurt his feelings. This will start the beginning of trouble between the two countries.

Due to mistakes, the US president has made, by the end of his final term, he will have burned bridges with our allies due to his careless actions, creating the high possibility the US will no longer being the most powerful country in the world. As two major world powers will team up against the US, and attempt to take over to become the new world leaders.




The stock market is likely to drop down but will rise up shortly.

Expect to see the stock market take an unexpected fall soon, due to some unforeseen political happenings. It will rise back up again shortly after.

Livestock prices will plummet for a while, while commodities such as wheat and cotton will be on the rise.

Gold will remain stable, but diamond prices are going to see a major shift soon.



New strides will be made regarding the cure for epileptic seizures. Scientists will announce they are closer to understanding the regions in the brain which causes them, and announce they are closer than ever to finding a cure.

Scientists will discover that a drug used for diabetes will be found to show promise in the treatment of Parkinson’s Disease.

Researchers will find that eating tomatoes will protect people against developing certain kinds of cancer.


The cure for HIV will be soon available and thousands of people will benefit from it.

New advances will be made in Lasik Surgery, which will allow more and more people to have perfect vision in both eyes. Especially in cases of people who would not have normally been candidates for this surgery.

A cure for HIV will be available within 24 months. Thousands of people around the world will be able to have the HIV virus totally eliminated from their bodies!

Medical research will start making headway in stem cell research towards finding a cure for people with severe spinal injuries.

I hope you enjoyed reading my latest psychic predictions for 2017.

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