My Latest Psychic Predictions For 2017 (September Release)

Hi there,

Alowishus is a new guide who came to me a few weekends ago. Well, he’s not actually a guide, but I’ll explain that to you more in a little bit…

I remember hearing his name Alowishus (Ah-low-wish-us) and remember how unusual his name sounded.

But more than his name, how he appeared, and what he told me, and what he was, was what really got my attention!

To say the very least, it was an unusual day when he appeared…

I woke up at around 2AM to this bright light in the room. Johnny was out of town for work, so it was just me, Winstin, and Lily in the bed.

When this bright light appeared, I thought one of the cats had hit the light switch and turned on the light!

I Thought Someone Broke Into Our House!

I mean, the light was as bright as the sun! Then when I opened my eyes, the light suddenly went away! And standing there was the figure of a man, surrounded by white light. My first thought was, “Oh no, someone broke in!”

But then a gentle voice said “Don’t be afraid. I am Alowishus and I’ve come to meet you!” Then the aura surrounding this shadow figure turned to violet, so I knew it was some highly evolved being!

I sat up in my bed, and my two cats sat up with me, both of them were also staring straight at him with a fixed stare.

Without having to turn on the bedroom lights, the entire room became bright, as if the blinds were open and the sun was shining through the windows.  But the blinds were down, and it was dark outside!

I then saw this wise-looking old man, with a long grey beard, wearing a violet robe that was sparkling like it was made of diamonds.

How He Dusted Me…

He asked me if he could hold something made of metal that I wear, like a watch, ring, necklace, or earring. So I took off my wedding ring and handed it to him.

He put in between his hands, and started chanting some strange words I couldn’t understand. When suddenly, my entire ring started glowing between his hands. Then, after about 10 seconds, my ring stopped glowing and looked normal again.

Next, he told me to place the ring back on my finger, and when I did, my ring felt the same, like nothing had happened. It did feel a little warmer, but that the only thing I noticed being different.

Alowishus told me he had infused my ring with a powerful energy that will cause a person to have psychic dreams about their life, their future, and dream the answer to any question they have.

He then said he would return the next night and then disappeared. I laid down and fell instantly back to sleep. When I woke up about 8 hours later, I didn’t realize I had even fallen asleep. My dreams were so vivid, I thought I had been awake the entire time.

I had the most vivid dreams. Dream as clear to me as when I astrally travel.

It was very interesting because in my dream, I saw my entire life in front of me! I saw I would die at age 108, be perfectly healthy until then, and I also saw I would write four best-selling books that would help people all over the world!

I already psychically knew these things, so for me it was even more confirmation.

The next night, Alowishus returned…the same time, same way.

He explained my dream was called a 3-D dream, meaning I was dreaming without ever knowing I fell asleep. He also explained my dream was a psychic vision where I was seeing my future. And in my psychic dream, all the things I wanted to know, or even wondered about, were answered.

As I reflected back on that dream again, he was 100% right!

He Infused Me With Fairy Dream Dust

Alowishus, told me he had energized my ring with Fairy Dream Dust, the same dust fairies use to make people sleep and have dreams.

He said Fairy Dream Dust is what fairies use to make people sleep when they enter their homes at night. It helps the fairies feel safe until they feel comfortable, and know for sure the humans in the house won’t hurt them. Once they are sure the human won’t hurt them, they don’t put them to sleep anymore when they visit them.

He then told me Fairy Dream Dust has other uses, too. It makes people dream the future, and also dream the answers to any questions they have.

Right then, I realized Alowishus was not an Ascended Master, but instead, he was a powerful Gnome! And a tall one, at that!

Since I love fairies, elves, and gnomes, I was so happy when I found out he was a big, giant, oversized gnome.

Click here and fill out his form to become infused with Fairy Dream Dust. And also have the chance to become the home for 100 orphaned fairies and elves!

I Felt Lucky That Night!

He then told me he wanted to teach me secret fairy magic, so I could use it to help others.

(I feel so lucky when these things happen. I mean, how many people have the honor of being visited by a gnome who wants to teach them fairy magic? I was so happy!)

So for the next 6 hours, right there in my bedroom, he taught me how to use this Fairy Dream Dust until after the sun came up!

And my cats stood there the entire time watching…they hardly even moved.

I never went back to sleep after he left, and felt as rested as if I’d just had 8 hours sleep. Gnomes have energizing auras, so when you are in their presence, they energize you!

I Had To Teach This To Chuck – And Lucky Joyce!

I had to find someone to teach this too,

So I called my friend Chuck, and since my other best friend Joyce was in town on vacation, I had them both come over. Joyce has been my friend since 9th grade.

What amazing timing she was in town for this!

When they came over, I asked them for their rings, had them each hold them between their own hands, and chanted the words Alowishus taught me. I then scooped the Fairy Dream Dust, right out of the air, with my own hands, and sprinkled it on their hands.

Joyce’s mouth dropped open when I scooped it out of the air, and she later told me she saw me pulling something that looked like purple glitter out of the air, and then sprinkle it on both their hands.

Chuck didn’t see the same thing, but said he felt a magnetic energy all around him.

I then told them to think of something they wanted to know about their future, or any question they needed an answer to, and within the next few weeks, they would get a vision or answer in the form of a psychic dream, while they sleep.

Two weeks later, I called them both.

What They Reported

Joyce told me she had a very vivid dream about a week later. She saw the man she would marry, knew his name, saw she had three boys, knew what their names would be, and even knew what they would end up doing when they grew up.

She said she also knew when and where she was going to meet this man who would be her future husband.

Turns out, she meet him already, just two days before I had called her!

Chuck told me he had a dream so vivid, he didn’t realize he was sleeping. He then said what he saw in his dream had already happened – exactly as he saw it. He not only got the new promotion he saw in his dream, he also got the raise he saw, too.

I was ecstatic because I’ve always wanted to help people have psychic dreams and Alowishus had now taught me how to do it

This is one of the most exciting things I have learned, and when you are covered in Fairy Dream Dust, you will be able to keep having psychic dreams for the rest of your life, too!

Alowishus also told me a person will not have to worry about seeing negative things in their dreams, because if they do, their dream will also show them what they can do to stop it from happening – ahead of time.

It doesn’t get more perfect than that!

A Question For You!

How would you like to be covered in Fairy Dream Dust, be able to have psychic dreams about your future, and dream the answer to any question you have?

How would also like to be shown in your dreams what you can do to make anything you want, happen the way you want it to happen?

Well, thanks to Alowishus, you can!

What You Can Expect After Being Infused With Fairy Dream Dust

What you can expect to happen afterwards is to start having dreams you remember.

Beautiful dreams that are in 3-D and full color! Dreams that will answer your questions, and even tell you the solutions to any problem, worry, fear, obstacle, or concern, you have!

I am so excited about this, I have even opened a few extra days in my schedule, to accommodate as many people as I can who want to experience the power of Fairy Dream Dust!

I am opening 89 spaces for Dream Fairy Dust Infusions, to infuse as many people as I can with the incredible gift from our fairy friends!

Whether you believe in fairies or not, once you’ve been infused with Fairy Dream Dust, the proof will be in the pudding, as you begin to watch daily miracles unfold in your life!

Something VERY IMPORTANT I Forgot To Mention

I was so excited to tell you this story, I almost forgot to tell you something very important.

Alowishus told me anyone who gets infused with Dream Fairy Dust will also have the choice to become a foster home for 100 orphaned fairies and elves.

He said due to man’s destruction of their habitat, many of their little ones have become orphans. So they need a safe place to live, play, and spread their magic.

I almost cried when he told me this. I was saddened by these little ones not having someone to love them, but also touched that I have a chance to help all of them find permanent homes!

I actually did a little fairy dance when he told me this! The Irish Jig!

They Will Bring unbelievable Magic Into Your World

And let me tell you, when fairies and elves are around, plants herbs’ vegetable, and flowers, grow like magic. And miracles will happen all over the place – and unexpected miracles will also happen for you!

These little ones don’t need anything special, just people who welcome them in. They won’t bother you in any way. As a matter of fact, unless you want to, you won’t even know they are there!

But the amazing miracles you start seeing happen in your life and the lives of people you love, will confirm they are around you, and very real!

So now I just decided I’m going to open 99 spaces, instead of 89. I want to help as many of the orphaned magical little ones as I can find new homes and people who will welcome them in and love them!

And after having your Fairy Dream Dust Infusion, I hope you will also welcome them into your home, too! (You don’t have to, but there would be no reason not to! Especially with all the magic and miracles that will come to you as a result of welcoming them!)

Sign Me Up! I Want To Have Psychic Dreams And Experience All The Miracles I Can!

If you’re ready to have all this wonderful miracles occur in your life, click here and fill out the form on my Psychic Reading page!

Welcoming the fairies are optional, but if you decide to become a Friend Of The Fairies, kind of like a surrogate family, they will be a delight to have around. I promise you that!

So click here now right away, especially if you love fairies and elves, because a chance like this will never happen again in your entire lifetime!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

P.S. I’ve already adopted 800 more fairies and elves. Even a few little gnomes came along with them. And there are still plenty more who need loving and safe homes!

P.S.S. After adopting them, I won a small jackpot last night at the casino of $3,500. 10 of the little fairies wanted to go the casino with me, so they sat their while I played the slots, and lined me up a $3,500 winner…

…and I forgot to tell you this, but I won the $3,500 on my first spin.

P.S.S. Here are my latest Psychic Predictions For 2017 (September Release)

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  1. jacquie says:

    this is amazing ? i so wish this would happen to me
    i am in Nashville staying with my daughter after a bad illness and feel my guides have grounded me.
    spiritual experiences seem blocked and i so miss chatting with my Angels and guides…hopefully once i return back to the UK things will return to normal again.
    lots of love and lught xx

  2. Tina says:

    I love this!

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