My Latest Psychic Predictions For April 2022

Here are my latest monthly predictions for April 2022.

Numerologically speaking, this month will be a Number 1 month, which is the number of leadership. A Number 1 month will create an interesting energy. It is especially interesting, considering we are dealing with many “leadership” issues around the world at the present moment!

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Several celebrities, including ones who never talk about politics, will take a political stance by expressing their feelings about the events happening in the world at the moment.

A member of Fleetwood Mac will be in the news. Many fans will be saddened by the news.

The very tragic death of a famous person will shock the world of entertainment! As more details are released, people will be horrified by how the death occurred.



In the middle of all of the chaos, tensions in Europe will rise.

Tensions in Europe will grow amidst all this commotion. Many rumors (false propaganda) will be circulated by Russia, which will keep the people of Europe and the world confused!

In the end, this will end up being a very humbling and embarrassing experience for Russia.

China and North Korea will be a big concern, as many countries will begin to feel like they cannot be trusted.

New alliances between countries around the world will form as a result of the Russian attack on Ukraine, pledging to never let something like this ever happen again!

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Experiments for growing human skin will take place in certain laboratories.  This skin will be able to be used on burn victims, helping them grow back their normal skin without any loss of feeling or scaring!

A new type of bug will be discovered that has properties that can quickly cure many common illnesses, such as colds, flus, and even herpes!

Scientists will discover the remains of a new type of human, which they never knew existed before. This will cause lots of confusion and the seeking of answers from people of different religions. Eventually, surprising answers to these questions will be found.

Health And Medicine

One of the primary changes doctors will start suggesting is eating less meat and more fruits and vegetables.

Scientists will announce they are closer than ever to finding a cure for HIV. This news will be hailed all around the world but there will be an uprise when it’s discovered this new treatment will be less accessible to certain countries.

More and more doctors are going to begin incorporating healthy eating habits in their treatment recommendations for their patients. Eating less meat and more fruits and vegetables will become one of the main changes they begin recommending.

A type of sea creature will be studied due to its having healing properties that can offer amazing health benefits to humans!

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Love And Relationships


Broken hearts are going to be the theme of this month. So, if you are in a new relationship, or begin a new relationship, be cautious with your heart for this entire month. 

Several names we all know will be in the news due to their marriage or relationship problems. Some of these names will surprise many people because many of these be couples have been together for years!

If you are single and meet someone with the initial “S” or “T” this month, that person will more than likely be the person who is your soulmate and will more than likely be the person you end up spending the rest of your life with!


Gas prices are expected to skyrocket, shattering previous highs around the world.

Around the third or fourth quarter, the stock market is going to do very well! Many will benefit from its rise because it will allow many people to retire earlier than expected.

Gold prices will remain stable, but silver prices will increase for a very short time. Commodities will do well, but international currency will be volatile.

Gas prices are going to rise so high they will break gas price records around the world. Due to this, electric car sales will go crazy, causing stocks in these companies to do very well. Tesla stocks will rise the highest out of all-electric car producing companies. 



As I had already predicted, the terrible weather we have seen this year around the world will continue throughout the summer months. Expect hotter summers, drier climates, and an increase in humidity in several places!

Hurricanes and Tsunamis will remain calm this summer. Although tornados and heavy torrential rains will be on the rise.

An unexpected volcanic eruption is going to cause havoc, along with a major earthquake that will have disastrous effects. Several lives will be lost as a result of this. 

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  1. Mercy Ramirez says:

    Love your predictions! You predicted an airplane would fall, and it did! Please keep us posted about the economy and covid. Thank you!

  2. Christine says:

    Those predictions are scarey but why couldn’t you tell us where the eruption will be along with the earthquake and new foods the sleep habits no details just side lines like in a book. Come on tana I know you got better then that especially since I have read all your predictions lovecposts and have been a loyal follower for over 7 yrs now

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