My Latest Psychic Psychic Predictions for 2016 (December Release)

Hi there,

During my last astral travel, I was shown some very interesting information you need to know…

…I was informed there are going to be many changes coming in 2017.

Maybe you remember the energy shifts that took place back in 2014, and how I informed you about the importance of being protected from these energy shifts.

Well, another one is coming in 2017, and it is going to be a real doozie of an energy shift, and it is going to happen on September 6th, 2017. But it’s affects will start being felt sooner!

So, let me tell you an interesting story about how I learned about this upcoming Energy Shift, and also how what at first appears to be bad news, is actually good news for you!

He Was Standing There Again

I was finishing up my 8 hour meditation the other day, and once again, I opened my eyes to find an unexpected visitor standing in front of me (and this ONLY happens when it is something important They want me to know).

It all began after another one of my eight-hour meditations. And after meditating, I opened my eyes, and guess who was standing there in front of me again? If you guessed Vascarious, my new Ascended Master Guide, you are 100% correct! And it startled me just as much this time, as it did the last time this happened!

From having opened my eyes after meditating in the past, and being startled by the unexpected presence of someone standing there, I was well aware by now, that when I opened my eyes and saw Vascarious standing there, it was something important He wanted to tell me!

The Attendants Of The Echelon Of Zylon

Vascarious was standing there dressed in the most beautiful, majestic looking purple robe. And he had a serious look in his eyes, as he said to me “Tana, there is another energy shift coming in 2017, which Macar, Saint Germain, and myself, were just informed about this by The Attendants Of The Echelon Of Zylon. 

I remember thinking to myself, “What or who are they? These Attendants Of The Echelon Of Zylon?

Vascarious then explained to me that “The Attendants Of The Echelon Of Zylon are Beings who keep watch over the planetary energy of the Human Earth, making sure it remains balanced, harmonious, and on course.” He explained that energy shifts, like the ones I have spoke about in previous emails in the past, create imbalances on the planet earth.

He then went on to explain, “These imbalances, if not watched over, can create major shifts on the Human Earth, and cause wars, upsets, and invoke violence among humans! The Cosmic Shockwave that hit in September is what caused your presidential election to become such a madhouse of mass confusion and hatred.”

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Vascarious Talked About An Energy Earthquake

He then explained that “A major energy shift, called an Energetic Earthquake, is going to pummel the Human Earth on September 6th, 2017. This Energetic Earthquake hitting in September is not a naturally occurring event. It’ s cause is from an accumulation of negative energy, sent from the minds of humans into the universe.

Since humans have been choosing to spew hatred into the universe, instead of love, the spewing of this hate-filled energy has become accumulated in what’s called the Cosmic Mind., and this Cosmic Mind surrounds the entire human planet. 

The Cosmic Mind can only hold so much negative energy, because the Cosmic Mind only knows love. So once It holds all the negative energy it can, it overflows, and then it literally dumps the accumulated negative energy back onto the earth where it originated from. 

The “dumping” of this hate-filled energy turn it back onto it’s senders! Once this energy is “dumped” back onto the earth, just like the enormous flood told in the biblical story about Noah and the Ark, this invisible energy will also “flood” the earth.

And anyone who is not “energetically armored and shielded”  will be swept up in this flood of hate-filled energy. This is why people need to be “protected by salvation” so to speak, in order not to be swept up in it’s trail of destruction!

This “dumping” of negative energy, back to where it came from, has nothing to do with punishment, It is a natural function of how the universe works. The Comic Mind of the universe can only store a limited amount of hatred, before it needs to “empty itself” back onto the source of where the hatred originally came from.

The Cosmic Mind is unlimited in love, and if humans would have been sending out more love than hate, this event would never have had to occur.”

As you know, sometimes I get a little freaked out when an Ascended Master decides to tell me things like this.

I know I am a psychic! And I know I was chosen by the Ascended Masters to be their “voice on earth”, but when They share information like this with me, I still get a little freaked out sometimes ! Well, actually…I get a lot freaked out!

And when They (Vascarious, Macar and Saint Germain) see I am freaking out, They always say something to assure me, and calm me back down. So then I take a deep breath and calm down.

What An Energy Earthquake Means

So I asked Vascarious, “What does all of this mean”. This Energy Earth Quake you are talking about?”

Vascarious Explained “When the Cosmic Mind “dumps” this negative energy back onto there earth, it is going to create a karmic release of bad luck for all the people who originally “sent out with their minds” this hate-filled energy into the Cosmic Mind.” 

He explained to me that the result of normal, angry thoughts people have on a daily basis does contribute to this accumulation of negative energy in the Cosmic Mind

Vascarious said, “Tana, the negative energy I am referring to has been building up over many years due to all the prejudice, bigotry, hatred of differences in others, racism. homophobia, religious intolerance, terrorism, violence towards others, among many other things like these. 

And Tana, the hatred from the recent US election pushed the Cosmic Mind to it’s tipping point. Since your recent election will soon send “waves of hatred” the Cosmic Mind will soon be “dumping” it all back where it came from! “

Vascarious Asked Me To Help

Vascarious told me, “Tana, when this dumping occurs, hell and havoc are going to break loose! So it is vitally important that you get this word out, and help as many people as you can! Unfortunately, since this Energy Flood is going to “flood the entire earth with it’s negative energy”, and anyone living on earth will be affected in some way. There is no way around this. Unless they are armored and shielded.

But I am personally going to train you for the next several weeks, one on one, and teach you how to energetically armor and shield the people who want protected from this. I am going to call the people who get want protected from this “the Earth Warriors”. Earth Warriors are people who want peace love, light, happiness, and protection from this negative energy flood, for themselves, and their families. They are the people of the earth who want to live in light and peace, and not be swept up and drowned in the negativity of this Energy Flood when it hits the earth!”

What Is Going To Happen From This Food!

When this negative energy is “dumped” from the Cosmic Mind onto the earth, it will cause cracking in the earth’s Energy Grid Lines (EEGL’s) of the planet, causing them to crack open, and slide. It is the opening, cracking, and sliding, which will then trigger the Energy Earthquake!

The Energy Earthquake will then trigger a Negative Energy Flood, and it is the Negative Energy Flood, which will cause all of the damage and havoc.

The hate-mongers of the earth will be the first ones hit, and then, everyone else who is not armored and shielded will be hit.

The worst part about this is, this Energy Earthquake and the Energy Flood will not be felt by people. As a matter of fact, most people, except for the most psychically sensitive of all people, will not even be aware it hit! Actually, most people won’t even know about this!

But it’s affects WILL be felt!

Vascarious explained that people who are not armored and shielded, will get swept up in the waves of this Energy Flood, and soon thereafter, experience the following problems in their lives.

– Loss of love and broken relationships

– Infidelity, broken hearts, and loss of trust

– Loss of friendships, and even having people turn against them

– Loss of jobs, financial insecurity, and monetary losses in life-long investments

– Unexplainable illness and health problems!

– Crashing of the mind which can cause mental illness to set in

– And many other unpleasant things

In other words, its not going to be good!

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Do I Have To Be The Bearer Of Bad News?

I then asked Vascarious, “Why do I have to be the bear of bad news to people?” And then Vascarious looked at me, and with a gentle voice he said “Tana, you are looking at it from the wrong perspective. You are actually the bearer of good news! Look at all the people you are going to save!”

I suddenly realized he was absolutely right. I was viewing my role of news bearer from a negative point of view, rather than a positive point of view, by realizing I was delivering good news that was going to let me help others, and help them get protected from this Energy Flood BEFORE it happens! 

Now, there is no way to know to what degree someone will be affected by this Energy Flood. It all depends on the internal nature of each individual person. But I also can’t say if a person drives without a seat belt and crashes, that they won’t be hurt! In other words, I’d rather people be safe rather than sorry, and not take any chances. Especially when I know this major crash is going to occur!

If there ever was anything that brought to my mind the idea of Armageddon that is talked about in the Christian bible, this seemed about as close to that as I could imagine!

In other words, I now understand when this dumping occurs, it will be like one of those factories on the edge of the ocean, with pipes coming out of the side and dumping it’s toxic waste all into the ocean, and you are standing under the pipe getting the toxic waste dumped onto you too! People who are not protected will become covered in waves of this Energy Flood, and they’re going to be hit!

But It All Makes Sense To Me

The more I thought about this, the more I realized this is not about punishment for all mankind. The “dumping” of the negative energy from the Cosmic Mind that is going to occur, was caused by the hate-mongers on earth, and the rest of us are all just innocent bystanders!

It’s kind of like a drive by shooting. It’s not directed at you, but if your in the wrong place when it happens, you’re going to be hit! This is the same kind of scenario.

BUT, and this is the positive BUT…we don’t have to worry about it because we are privileged and blessed to have advance warning about it BEFORE it happens. Allowing each and every one of us to get ourselves energetically armored and shielded so that we AND our loved ones won’t be affected by this!

I see armoring and shielding as a proactive preparation, AND it protects entire families.

(Yes, you read that right! Vascarious told me a person who gets armored and shielded will also be protecting their entire family: spouses, children, parents, spouse’s parents, sisters, brothers, nephews, nieces, and grandchildren)

People Who Will Not Be Protected

There is one little catch to all of this: If you are a hate-monger, and I’m assuming you wouldn’t be on my email list if you were. But in any case, you need to know that hate-mongers won’t benefit from this. They are actually the cause of this! And if there are hate-mongers in your immediate family, those individuals won’t be protected when you get armored and shielded.

When Vascarious talks about hate mongers, he is referring to people who spew out hatred. They are the people who are extremely racist, homophobic, xenophobic (prejudice against people from other countries), want to oppress women, believe in human slavery, and believe people who don’t think like they do deserve to go to hell.

So understand that Hate-mongers are people who are extremists about their beliefs. He’s not talking about people who struggle with some of these things, because everyone has their issues to work on. I’m not talking about people who are not sure how they feel about some of these issues. I’m talk about the extremists! The people who commit violence (verbal or physical) against others who are different. Or people who pass laws to harm, hurt, or oppress others.

So it seems that many politicians in countries around the world, including our own country, are going to be heavily affected by when this Energy Flood washes over them!

How The Protection From Destructo De Manifesto Works 

Vascarious spent several hours explaining and teaching me on how to do the armoring and shielding needed to protect a person from this Energy Earthquake and the Energy Flood that will follow.

What I found interesting was the protection I was taught is based on ancient Roman and Egyptian protection techniques, which were often used to protect people from the major, catastrophic events in the past, which are often talked about in the different religious texts of the world.

Getting protected from this Energy Earthquake and the Energy Flood that will follow, is called “receiving the Protection from Destructo De Manifesto”.

Receiving The Protection From Destructo De Manifesto

They told me the name of this Energy Earthquake and the Energy Flood that will follow, is Destructo De Manifesto.

When a person “receives” the Protection From Destructo De Manifesto, and once the Energy Flood washes over the earth, it will “flow around” anyone who has received this protection, along with all of their family members too! So the person who was protected, along with all their family members, will be unharmed by it!

How it works is by receiving the Protection From Destructo De Manifesto, it will create invisible walls of protection around you and your loved ones, causing the “energy water” to flow around all people who are protected! People who are NOT protected will simply be “washed away” by this invisible energy water because they have no invisible walls around them to protect them.

Just by simply being touched by this “energy water” is all it will take. Just one touch! And if the person is deemed to have the personality disposition of a hate-monger, he or she will be invisibly “washed away” and start experiencing it’s negative affects, soon afterwards!

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want that “energy water” anywhere near me!! Nor anywhere near anyone I care about either…

…UNLESS I have received The Protection From Destructo De Manifesto

An Unexpected Positive Benefit Received

The receiving of this protection is an amazingly relaxing process. People describe my energy healing and protection work as “feeling like they just had a massage, without being touched!”

But surprisingly, anyone who receives The Protection From Destructo De Manifesto will receive an additional unexpected benefit too!

You are going to love this!!!

As it turns out, Vascarious told me that “anyone who receives The Protection From Destructo De Manifesto will find they have the opposite affects occurring in their lives. So when the “energy water” washes past a person who is protected, it allows the “dumping of the negative energy from the Cosmic Mind” to affect them in an opposite, positive way!”

At that point, I shook my head a little, because I wasn’t sure if what I thought He meant, was what He actually meant. And as it turns out, what I thought He meant was exactly what He meant…

…at this point, I was jumping for joy!! Because now I truly am the bearer of not only positive news, BUT amazing news!!

Unexpected Positive Benefit You’ll Also Receive 

As it turns out, Vascarious told me any person who receives The Protection From Destructo De Manifesto will receive the opposite of the negative affects mentioned above. So in other words, by receiving The Protection From Destructo De Manifesto, you will experience the following:

– An abundance of love, and any broken relationships will be mended and healed!

– Fidelity, a healed heart, and the building of trust between you, others, and your loved ones!

– More friendships, along with people in your life who want the best for you, and want to help you too!

– Increased jobs opportunities, more financial security, and monetary gains in life-long investments

–  The healing of illnesses, health problems, and an increase in overall good health!

– Tranquility of your mind, resulting in less stress, fear, worry, anxiety, resulting in better night sleeps!

– And many other very pleasant things

Here’s something to think about:

Who would have ever thought once you have received The Protection From Destructo De Manifesto, something, which at first, seemed so negative, is now something so positive, you will actually look forward to when it happens!!

I was jumping for even more joy at this point!

Heck, now I’m very excited I was the one who told you about this! “Bring on the flood!” Is now my new motto!! Whoo! Hoo!

How To Receive The Protection From Destructo De Manifesto And ALL The Additional Benefits!

The only bad news at this point is the limited amount of spaces I will be able to offer. I am actually going to offer this a month later that I had planned, just so I can accommodate a few more people! So I will be performing the Receiving The Protection From Destructo De Manifesto in July and August.

But I can still only offer 68 spaces!

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Oddly, Vascarious emphasized that once the 68 spaces were filled, for me to “cut off anyone who contacts you for receiving The Protection From Destructo De Manifesto after the 68 are gone!”

I’m not sure why he said that, but I never question an Ascended Master!

So if you are ready to “take advantage of the flood” and experience positive benefits in your life, then click here right now and fill out the form on my Psychic Reading page, to grab one of the 68 spaces.

You can also reply directly to this email address, by hitting “reply”, and let me know you want to grab one of the limited spaces for this! Make sure to please include your phone number!

I’m so glad I was able to tell you this good news!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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P.S.S. Here are my latest Psychic Predictions for 2016 (December Release) 

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  1. Sam says:

    I know why you deleted that comment Tana. I figured you might do that. It wasn’t really necessary now, was it? You know full well I’m not trying to be critical, especially without reason. I was careful to not go beyond the line. There are only two reasons why a deletion would be needed. To delete a negative comment or to cover something up. A question is hardly a criticism. I was merely paying attention to detail. it’s what I do.

    Maybe I should take screenshots from now on…. I really hope I don’t need to as I have the up most respect for you, but I will be honest, I’m very suspicious of things that are out of place.

    If this comment is deleted also, it proves my earlier point, but if I was out of line at any point however, I really do apologise for it, however I’m not one to do so without a good reason. I hope you understand this.

  2. donna B says:

    I just want to wish you and yours a very happy Thanksgiving; Tana. I want you to have a day filled with PEACE, LOVE and JOY! MUCH LOVE your way!!

  3. Candy says:

    I know why Vascarious said that, it’s because he knows an evil monger is going to look like a cartoon character biting all his nails off, maybe contacting you last second lol
    Only light over and around me always, no matter what ??????????
    I love you Tana! You’re the best! ???????

  4. Sam says:

    This was something I mentioned in the previous comment:

    “Hate-mongers are people who are extremists about their beliefs.”
    This is kinda a false statement as the concept is distorted. An “extremist” is someone who takes action that exceeds what’s defined as necessary. The term is usually inferred to negative people of this calibre. However it’s the last part. They are extremists about their beliefs”. Anyone can be fierce about their beliefs without being a hate monger. I used the example of the term “judgemental”. Being judgemental is usually inferred a negative meaning, but in reality it’s core definition only means a characteristic that instantly causes someone to think of something / someone else a certain way without truly knowing. This can be inferred both positively and negatively.

    Positive and negative are defined by our perception. Tana is a good example of this when Vascarious told him that he is not the bearer of “bad” news but is in fact a bearer of “good” news.

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