Law Of Attraction Dream Boards That Work


Are Dream Boards silly?

There are some people who think so, and they also believe Dream Boards are childish and spending time creating them is impractical.

Well, it’s a good thing Oprah Winfrey didn’t think Dream Boards are silly…

…because she got everything she ever wanted and more by placing her visions on her Dream Boards.

The media mogul is now worth 3.1 billion dollars – a very far cry from her humble beginnings.

So, let me tell you about the power of a Dream Board and how to use its magic to make your dreams come true.


What Is A Dream Board? dream board

Dream boards help you know what you want, focus on what you want and work your way on achieving them.

Simply put, a Dream Board is a representation of the things you want in life.

A Dream Board is literally where you get any kind of board and place pictures, words, or quotes, which visually represent whatever you want to have, what you want to be, or what you want to do in life.

If you want to meet the love of your life, you can make a Dream Board to help you find him. If you want to be rich or improve your career, you can create a Dream Board, which will manifest wealth and success.

The possibilities are endless!

But, how do Dream Boards work, exactly?


The Secret Behind The Power Of A Dream Board


Few people realize the power a Dream Board holds, but when they learn how these magical boards really work, it all starts to make sense.

The driving force of a Dream Board lies in the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction is one of the most potent Universal elements, which act on a person’s life. The Law of Attraction states “like attracts like” and “you receive what you give out”.

If you put out positive energy, then you will receive positive energy in return. If you send negative energy into the world, then the world will give you back negative energy.

A Dream Board helps you clarify what you want and focus on your intentions so that you will always attract the things you have placed on your board.

Dream Boards also stimulate genuine and deep-rooted emotions, which in turn, stimulate the Law of Attraction to weave its wonders into your life.

Aside from being powered by the Law of Attraction, Dream Boards help you become more aware of your goals and allows you to generate the enthusiasm you need to succeed.

When you see all the wonderful things on your board, you become inspired. You can fuel your imagination into believing that you’ve already received everything you want, and your dreams are close to being a reality.

Lastly, Dream Boards let you visualize, and visualization is one of the most powerful mind exercises.

Celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres, Beyoncé, and Katy Perry, all use Dream Boards to make their visualization process more potent.

Now that you know the secret of manifesting through the Law of Attraction, you’re ready to create your very own Dream Board.


How To Make The Only Dream Board You’ll Need dream board materials

Creating a dream board is easy. All you need is cardboard, some writing materials, glue, tape and some magazines and photos.


Creating a Dream Board is easy! Here’s a list of a few materials you can use to make a Dream Board but you can always add stuff to make it more personalized and creative.

  • Board – a very large sheet of paper
  • Writing materials – markers, pencils, pens (depends on what’s on hand or what you want to use)
  • Glue
  • Tape
  • Magazine cut-outs
  • Photos

Before you start making your own Dream Board, you have to find a space for your activity.

Some people choose to spread a mat on the floor, while others opt for a large table. Both are great places to make a Dream Board, as long as you are comfortable. 

You can also light candles or play soft music. Some people also invite their Guardian Angels into the space to lend more power to their creation.

To start creating your magical Dream Board just follow the simple steps below. Remember to be really specific about what you want, and have fun!

  1. Sit down and meditate for a few moments. Think about the things that are important to you and the things that you want the most in the world.
  2. On a separate piece of paper, list the things you want to have or the things you want to achieve. This will help you focus on what your Dream Board should include.
  3. Cut out photos from magazines and gather photos which represent your visions of what you want.
  4. You can also write down positive affirmations that you feel strongly about on a piece of paper, to be glued or taped on your Dream Board. If you want to manifest feelings, only use one word to describe emotions like happiness, contentment, or thankful.
  5. Paste or tape all the pictures, quotes, affirmations, goals or anything that will inspire you and will help you attract the things you want to have.
  6. Place your Dream Board in a place where you will see it every day.


Creating a Dream Board gives you a very clear picture of what you need, what you want, and most importantly – how to get it.

Now that you have your own Dream Board, I’ll show you how to make its power stronger!


Make Your Dream Board More Powerful With Visualization


Reinforcing your Dream Board with visualization will increase its power to stimulate the Law of Attraction.

You don’t need a lot of time to visualize the things you placed on your Dream Board, even just a few minutes each day can increase its effects, three-fold! visualize

Visualization is important to make your dream board more powerful.

Simply look at your Dream Board whenever you pass by it. Make sure you look at your Dream Board before leaving your home and look at it again when you arrive.

You can even visualize your board and the specific details of what you want to manifest before going to sleep at night.

Aside from visualizing your dreams coming true, being thankful for the things you have in your life will be a great help in keeping the positive energy flowing.


Invite The Law Of Attraction Into Your Life


Aside from Dream Boards, there are other ways to use the power of the Law of Attraction for making amazing changes in your life.

A psychic reading can help discover what you are currently manifesting and if you are focusing on the right things.

Since positive energy stimulates the Law of Attraction, during a reading, I can check if you are generating enough positive energy, and focusing on it correctly.

A reading can also reveal if you’re manifesting the goals on your Dream Board, and if so, how long until they will begin to appear in your life?

Let me use my psychic gifts to help you manifest love, happiness, wealth, and all success you desire! You can contact my office at 614-444-6334 or by clicking here and filling out the form on my Psychic Reading Page.


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