Law of Attraction: Attracting Prosperity through Manifestation

There are limitless possibilities in the realm of imagination. You can create uour own reality.

There are limitless possibilities in the realm of imagination. You can create your own reality.

The mind is a very complex structure that holds within it the infinite wonders of man. It can create limitless possibilities in the realm of imagination. Through the mind’s boundless capability, man is able to create reality out of his own fantasy…

Today, I’ll be talking about Law of Attraction and Manifestation. Both terms are related to each other, particularly when it comes to prosperity.


The Law of Attraction positive-thought-energy

What we think and desire the most, becomes our very own reality.

The Law of Attraction is a universal law that implies, our reality is the manifestation of our utmost desire and creativity. To put it simply, what we think and desire the most, becomes our very own reality.

This holds true in almost everything that happens in the entire universe. Positive thoughts and emotions attract positive energy and vibrations, which in turn, generate positive results. Therefore, positive thoughts and emotions will yield positive results. In comparison, a negative mind will definitely yield a negative result.

Our reality revolves around the positive and negative results of our own doing. This is the concept of the law of attraction, and has been the universal law ever since time immemorial.

To give you a clear grasp of the law of attraction, here’s my definitive example of its impact towards mankind:


“Once there were two groups of primitive men that ventured out to start hunting for food, and the two groups stumbled upon a lion and a deer. The first group was anxious by the ferocity the lion and decided to go for the deer. The second group, all excited by the bountiful lion’s meat, lunged forward…

The two groups managed to return to their individual homes by dusk. The first set of men eventually lived on to build villages; the latter, civilization”


The way we think, along with our desires, affects our actions as well as the “reality” that we’re living. This has held true since the dawn of mankind and will remain so until the end of time…

Manifestation manifestation

Manifestation occurs when a thought, idea, or concept, becomes a reality.

Manifestation is the materialization of something that’s been conceived within your mind. Manifestation occurs when a thought, idea, or concept, becomes a reality. Manifestation therefore, is connected with the Law of Attraction in the sense that manifestation is the outcome of the Law of Attraction.

In a simple sense, the Law of Attraction is the universal force that attracts or repels the ideas we want to manifest.

Attracting Wealth Through Manifestation manifesting-prosperity

You control your thoughts and their manifestation. You have a world of possibilities in your hands.

One of the deepest desires of man is to live a harmonious and prosperous life. To travel the world with loved ones and enjoy life as times goes by.

Based on manifestation, what’s conceived within your mind should become a reality sooner or later, right?

But this is not always the case…

You see, in order for an idea to become a reality, you need to apply the Law of Attraction in your life to attract positive energy and vibrations in order for the idea, in this case, wealth, to manifest.

So you might be thinking, “Is it possible to manifest wealth through Law of Attraction?”

The answer is certainly, yes!

It is very possible to manifest wealth into your life through positive thinking. Wealth, after all, is just a part of that ‘positive result’ which stems from positive thinking and positive outlook on life.

So before I go into the how to do this, let me first give you some insights behind the Law of Attraction.

  • It is important to note that ideas beget actions, which then generate results. It is therefore necessary that you take action after conceiving a desired idea. There is no such thing as instant gratification in life, nor do dreams come into being after a night of contemplation.
  • The Law of Attraction doesn’t just affect people individually. The thoughts you think affects you and also the people that surround you. Therefore, it’s important to consider their welfare and how wealth would have an impact on their lives as well.
  • The Law of Attraction is not the same as the Law of Magnetism. You are not a magnet that simply attracts whatever you deem important and necessary. You’re attracting vibrations and energies depending upon your inner most desire. Also, attraction doesn’t happen instantly. It takes time, effort, and dedication, in order to manifest that lifelong dream.

Tana Hoy’s Personal Guide To Attracting Prosperity Through Manifestation


And now, let’s move on to the best part! Here is my personal guide to Attracting Prosperity Through Manifestation: 

  1. Meditation – Meditation is essential for having a sound mind, soul, and body. As I’ve always said in my blogs, meditation is the key to raising your energy vibrations. It is also vital in relieving stress and negativity from your life. Make it a lifelong habit to practice meditation for at least 15 – 30 minutes every day. You’ll eventually be surprised as to how this simple act can change your life!


  1. Maintain a positive outlook on life – This is vital in attracting positive vibrations and energy into your life. Having a positive perspective towards your life enables you to attract positive energy easily. This also creates a healthier environment for you, which make positive results manifest easily.


  1. Maintain pure intentions – Attracting wealth is like attracting your loved one. You’ll never win a benevolent heart out of malevolent intentions and desires. As I’ve stated earlier, harboring negative intentions will just lead to negative results.


  1. Persistence and determination – Think about the reason why you want to lead a prosperous life, and hold onto that thought in mind. Every day before and after you sleep, remind yourself of your desire to achieve prosperity in your life. Keep that burning determination fueled by every single day. Not only does this attract the energy vibration of what you desires, this also attracts results.


  1. Learn how to sacrifice pleasure – There’s always sacrifices on the road to success. This includes the path to prosperity. If you want to manifest wealth and prosperity then you’ll have to sacrifice various pleasures, which can affect your ability to attract your dreams. Learn to give up your vices and negative habits that hinder your ‘attractiveness’ towards success and prosperity. Learn to let go of the past and embrace a beautiful future ahead of you!


This is my own personal guide towards attracting wealth and prosperity through manifestation. It is important to note that there are limitless possibilities in life. Learn to use the resources you have at hand and always strive to maintain a positive attitude in your life. Wealth and prosperity will then come naturally, along the way.

That’s it for our psychic development blog for today! Thank you for sticking with me until the end of the article! I hope you learn something new today!

For your thoughts and ideas regarding this topic, please leave a discussion in the comments section down below!


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3 Responses

  1. Sam says:

    I wake up at 11:11am (UK time), go to Tana’s blog and see nothing less than what it says on the title. Somehow I don’t think this is an accident. It wasn’t even intentional on my end.

    A concept can still be made into reality just by thinking of it as it now already exists in the mind, therefore reality. Thinking is still a relative action in itself. Literal implementation merely heavily enhances it. In theory, even merely meditating on it be defined as putting effort into result by tapping into the universe etc, however I believe Tana is primarily taking into account the physical barriers of the physical plane and this kind of feat can only likely be achievable when your power of will is at such a high magnitude on your surroundings that this could be possible. In the end it really comes down to exerting your will on your reality.

    If it is just as easy to merely have negative thoughts to manifest a negative reality, then by the rule of natural order the same principles applies to the positive.

  2. Sam says:

    There is something I wasn’t actually looking for but just found out of nowhere on the concepts and principles of the law of attraction in form of a video by Teal Swan on Youtube. I can’t post the link here and you’l see why if you decide to look for it. Just search “Teal Swan Law of Attraction” (It has a ‘slightly’ different title’). However I will say: Do not judge the video by the title. It is something that is actually relevant and can potentially answer a lot of questions in various aspects including LoA and other topics and aspects.

    Even if you may not agree with it or information some is wrong, the explanation Teal provides is relevant indirectly to the topic itself. Even if it could be wrong, it allows us to determine what is in fact right. This will probably be understood better if you decide to watch the video, but that’s all I have to say.

  3. Candy says:

    Thank you Tana!
    I always try and have a positive outlook, no matter WHAT! ❤️?????⭐️✨??
    The only time I don’t is if I get upset.
    I always come back to my positive self, always.
    I’m definitely an optimist, often annoying other people with such optimism LOL
    It’s OK though because that’s who I am and I wouldn’t change it, ever. I love that about myself. I’m not sure what I’m going through right now, but it’s definitely some kind of change with everything about me and in my life.
    Scary things are now brave things?
    I can’t is now, no problem, piece of cake… and enjoy it while it’s happening! Make sure to laugh at everything too… because everything is funny laughter such good medicine! 🙂 besides that I have the best sense of humor! ??
    I can’t say that! Is now… I can, and I’ll try, it’s still the hardest thing in the world but I’m working on it and I’ve accomplished a lot. Maybe only two rungs up the ladder, but my foot is on the third rung already lol
    NOBODY gets how hard it is, no one.
    just talking about it makes me cry but I know it’ll get better.
    I can do it – I will do it – I’m brave enough to do it
    Thank you for being my friend and thank you for everything. I’m going out to lunch with my daughter and my mom today it will be fun 🙂
    Have a beautiful day and God bless you, always.
    Love, Candy ?

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