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Telepathy is just like any psychic abilities, you already have it but you just need to unlock and activate it.

People use telepathy all the time and don’t know it.

Every time someone asks, “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” or “Can you read my mind?”, they’re actually acknowledging that telepathy is possible…and reading minds is more common than most people realize.

Telepathy means you are able to read the thoughts of another person or send your thoughts to another person.

Like all psychic abilities, telepathy is a dormant skill that all people possess – you just need to unlock your mind and practice.

Telepathy comes from the Greek word “tele” meaning distant, and “pathos” which relates to perception, feelings, and experience. What this means is that you can send and receive information from the thoughts of others using only your mind.

Sending your thoughts or reading someone’s mind is possible, and I can show you how.


Documented Genuine Telepathy Experiments


One of the most compelling cases of telepathy occurred between two doctors on March 28, 2014. Dr. Alejandro Riera and Dr. Michel Berg set out to prove that brain-to-brain communication was real, and with the science to back their findings, they succeeded.

They carefully planned the details of the experiment so that it would be free from fraud. Not only did the two doctors stay in a location far away from each other, they were a continent apart!

Dr. Riera stayed inside the Thiruvananthapuram research facility in Kerala, India, while Dr. Berg was inside a state-of-the-art laboratory at the University of Strasbourg, France – approximately 5,000 miles away.

Both doctors were placed inside a tightly-controlled environment, having their perceptions limited, as they both wore eye masks and earplugs. They were then attached to cutting-edge machinery, which helped set the controls and limitations of the experiment.

The words “hola”, which is Spanish for “hello”, and “ciao” which is Italian for “goodbye”, were sent by Dr. Riera and received by Dr. Berg.

This experiment was also published in a scientific journal of the Public Library of Science (PLOS One).


 Types of Telepathy


Most people would be surprised to discover there are actually many types of telepathy. Some of the different types may even strike a chord with you. As you might have already experienced them without you knowing.


  1. Instinctual Telepathy 
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There are many types of telepathy and one of them is Instinctual Telepathy. It is the most basic form of telepathy and usually shared among family and loved ones.

Also called emotive telepathy, Instinctual telepathy is the most basic form of telepathy. Based on emotions, this type of telepathy occurs when you sense the feelings or needs of someone nearby. Indigenous cultures around the world often use Instinctual telepathy when communicating.

You may not be aware of it, but you’ve probably experienced Instinctual telepathy with people you have a strong emotional bond with, such as family or loved ones.

Love telepathy and Animal telepathy also fall under Instinctual telepathy. Strong emotional bonds are often formed by romantic partners or humans with their pets, which make it easier for their Instinctual telepathy to manifest.

  1. Mental Telepathy

When you think about telepathy, this is the kind that usually comes to mind. It is the direct transfer of communication from one mind to another.

Mental telepathy is more or less the same as Instinctual telepathy. The only difference is that while there is a deliberate attempt in Mental telepathy to send or receive thoughts, Instinctual therapy comes naturally and happens unknowingly.

  1. Intuitive Telepathy

This kind of telepathy is described as the transfer of information about the past, future, or present state of a person’s mind, to another individual.

  1. Dream Telepathy

There are reports of people all around the world dreaming of the same thing, which is common among couples or family members sleeping under one roof. Such as when an individual dream about a loved one doing or experiencing something, only to find out their dream actually happened in real life.

All these occurrences point to Dream Telepathy. This type of telepathy involves communication between one or more individuals while dreaming.

Now that you know the different kinds of telepathy and how you may be experiencing some of them, you can take the next step in practicing your telepathic abilities. In a few seconds, you’ll learn a telepathic exercise you can do within 15 minutes!


Things To Remember


Having the right state of mind is a must before practicing telepathic exercises. Your mind is stronger when it is calm and focused.

Aside from having the proper mindset, you will also want to remember these tried and tested tips from people with advanced telepathic abilities.

Believe that telepathy is possible. You have the power to affect reality using your mind alone. The mind is capable of so much more when you accept that psychic abilities are real and you have the power to unlock your abilities.

Be patient. Telepaths, or those who have mastered the art of telepathy, spent years unlocking their telepathic abilities. Patience is a must if you are to endure hours of practicing your telepathic skills and strengthening your mind.

Keep your experiments short. There is no shortcut to learning telepathy, or any psychic ability, for that matter. Short telepathic experiments are better because longer practices may tire or weaken your mind. Short and consistent practice is the right way to go for mastering telepathy.

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Practice telepathy with someone who has a similar mind like you to accelerate the learning process for both of you.

Don’t practice with sceptics. Practicing with a sceptic is like practicing with a brick wall, it won’t get you anywhere, and your attempts will just bounce back at you. Learning telepathic abilities requires a lot of love, trust, and belief in oneself and your partner – things you won’t find in a disbeliever.

Practicing with a like-minded person will accelerate the learning process not only for you but for your partner as well.

You are now ready to take the next step and embark on a magical journey, which will take you into the deep subconscious levels of your mind. Once you start practicing your telepathic skills, you will have a greater understanding of your true psychic potential.


Quick Telepathy Exercise


In this telepathic exercise, you need to have a partner who will receive your telepathic messages. Choose your partner wisely, because the success of each exercise also depends on your partner’s state of mind, and his or her belief in telepathic abilities.

Both People

  1. Sit in different areas or rooms. Make sure the areas are quiet and free from distraction.
  2. Stretch your muscles.
  3. Sit in a comfortable position with your back straight and feet on the floor
  4. Breathe deeply five times.
  5. Calm your mind.


The Sender

  1. Visualize a clear picture of the receiver.
  2. Imagine a white tube connecting your mind and the receiver’s mind.
  3. Visualize what you want to send to the receiver – it may be a thought, a word, or an image. It’s best to start with simple words or images that can be easily sent.
  4. Imagine that your thoughts are being transmitted through the tube.
  5. Imagine the feeling you will have once you have succeeded in sending your message.
  6. Be relaxed and composed at all times – don’t strain yourself.
  7. You’ll know when to stop, but after 15 minutes, if you still haven’t felt that your thought has been transmitted, you can stop the experiment and try again at a later date.
  8. Have a pen and paper ready so you can take note of what you tried to send to the receiver, and of whatever else comes to your mind.


The Receiver

  1. Visualize a clear picture of the sender.
  2. Imagine a white tube connecting your mind and the sender’s mind.
  3. Keep your mind blank.
  4. Visualize receiving the thoughts from the receiver.
  5. Don’t try too hard to visualize the sender’s message, just relax and let it come to you naturally.
  6. Have a pen and paper ready so that you can take note of whatever comes to your mind.


After the experiment, the sender and the receiver can compare results by consulting each other’s notes.

You can repeat the experiment as often as you want. The more often you practice, the better the results will be.


The Next Advanced Step For Developing Your Telepathy


If you want to learn more about honing your telepathic skills or your other psychic abilities, I am always ready to provide guidance. You can schedule an appointment by clicking here and filling out the form on my Psychic Reading Page.


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