Life After Death – 5 Astonishing Facts life_after_death1

Death is an inevitable part of life and people always wonder what happens after death.

What happens when we die?

Do we go into the light? Do we fade into nothingness?  Or do we awaken in another body, in another life?

Ironically, death has always been one of life’s greatest mysteries. People have been caught up in the mystery of death since the beginning of civilization…and perhaps even before that.

Ancient civilizations used to prepare for life after death, or the afterlife, as they commonly referred to it, in pretty much the same way as people prepare for daily living. Although the preparations were more elaborate.

The ancient Egyptians built grand pyramids where they could “live” after dying. While many cultures kept riches and other luxury items in their burial sites so they could live comfortably in the afterlife.


Everyone Wants To Live Forever – But What If We Already Do?


In a few moments, you’ll discover proof that there is life beyond the physical world, as we know it. And even though it’s natural to fear death because of the great unknown.

But understanding there is life after death, let’s you rest assured that: brings a renewed sense of hope that:

  • your soul continues to exist after death.
  • you will be united with your loved ones once more.
  • you will find happiness and contentment in the spirit world.
  • you will be reborn again to continue your path to heightened spirituality.


Things You May Not Know About Life After Death



Death-bed visions include seeing visions of deceased loved ones or heaven’s opening up.


Over the course of human history, there have been thousands of paranormal occurrences and experiences that support there is life after death. The facts below are amazing proof of the existence of an afterlife.


  1. We Are All Reincarnated


Reincarnation is the process where after death, the human soul is eventually reborn into another body. The only part of you that dies is your physical body, but your human soul is immortal. Your soul will be reborn, over and over, until it has mastered all the lessons it needs from the physical world.

All over the world, there are hundreds of documented and verified cases of reincarnation, but the ones concerning young children are the most puzzling of all.

The things these children remember from their past life are often highly accurate, and there’s no way for them to have learned the information by themselves.

One such case is that of Ryan, a 10-year-old boy who comes from Oklahoma. Ryan believes he is the reincarnation of Marty Martyn, a Hollywood actor who died in 1964.

At the age of 4, Ryan began having nightmares. Nightmares he couldn’t explain. A year later, Ryan told his mother, Cyndi, that he used to be somebody else.

The 5-year-old would then plead to Cyndi, “Take me home to Hollywood.” Ryan would also tell his mother about meeting Rita Hayworth, dancing on Broadway, traveling abroad, and working in an agency.

One day, while browsing a library book with old movie publicity shots, Ryan pointed to a man in the 1932 film Night After Night. The little boy told his bewildered mother, ”That’s me, that’s who I was.”

This revelation prompted Cyndi to contact Dr. Jim Tucker, a child psychologist at University of Virginia. After tracking down the identity of Martyn, Dr. Tucker confirmed Ryan’s statements. Dr. Tucker further said that none of these details can be found online.


  1. Recent Discoveries About Near Death Experiences


A near-death experience is a profound event that occurs when a person is close to death, has been pronounced clinically dead, or has been in a grave situation where death is the most likely or expected outcome. 

These individuals have gone through serious illness or injury, due to vehicular accidents, childbirth, military combat, or suicide attempts.

People who have been in a near-death situation often report the following:

  • They feel intense emotions
  • They feel as though they are moving through space
  • They are surrounded by white light or complete darkness
  • They feel as if they are moving through landscapes
  • They feel the presence of others


Over the past few years alone, plenty of studies about near-death experiences have been conducted by medical professionals to validate life after death. Here are some of the biggest studies conducted on near-death experiences:


  • Brought back to life after heart failure in the Netherlands – In 2001, a notable medical journal published a study of 344 patients, all of which had some sort of memory while they were clinically dead, and with no brain activity. The tests revealed there was no medical explanation for near-death experiences in patients who were brought back to life after being pronounced dead.


  • The world’s largest study of near-death experiences – In another groundbreaking study, 2060 patients from the US, UK, and Austria, who survived cardiac arrest, reported awareness after being pronounced clinically dead. Published in the medical journal, Resuscitation, the study stresses that the experiences remembered by patients who had near-death experiences deserves a genuine investigation without prejudice.


  1. Death-bed visions


A lot of people believe that the physical and spiritual world become interlinked as death draws near. Individuals report either seeing their departed loved ones, or the heavens opening up for them.

Two experts in the fields of Physics and Clinical Psychology carefully collected and examined 5,000 cases of death-bed visions. These death-bed visions were observed by 17,000 physicians and nurses for nearly 2 decades, and were summarized and documented.

These experts found remarkable information about death-bed visions, which they grouped into 3 conclusions:


Biological factors

  • There’s no evidence that lack of oxygen induced death-bed visions
  • Patients who were given painkilling drugs were not more likely to have visions than patients who weren’t given medications
  • The numbers of visions were reduced in patients with brain malfunction.


Psychological factors 

  • In some cases, death-bed visions came to those who didn’t know they were dying.
  • The belief in afterlife did not matter.
  • Stress is not a factor.


Cultural factors 

  • Death-bed visions do not fit the religious beliefs of a person


  1. Out of Body Experiences life_after_death2

An out-of-body experience is a prrof that soul exists and separates from the body.

While an out-of-body experience is not a direct indicator of life after death, it provides evidence that a “spirit” exists, and is separate, from the human body. The human spirit, or the soul, can also separate from the body while the body remains alive.

The main difference between out-of-body experiences and near-death experiences is, during and out-of-body experience, a person can will the soul to separate from the body. While near-death experiences are involuntary, some people can have an out-of-body experience, when they choose to.


  1. Communicating With A Departed Loved One


Perhaps some of the most compelling evidence showing there’s life after death is the ability to communicate with a departed loved one. This is also one of the most common experiences in human history, as communicating with a departed loved one has been reported for thousands of years, in all parts of the world.

A study shows that approximately 20% of the population of the United States, or roughly 60 million Americans, have communicated with a loved one who already passed away. In a span of 7 years, the researchers interviewed 2,000 people who believe they have been contacted by a deceased loved one.




After reading these facts about life after death, you may have had a few realizations of your own. Maybe you’ve had some of these similar experiences before, or perhaps you’ve found answers to some of your questions about life after death.

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  1. Carissa Morgan says:

    Is there scientific prof of life after death How do you communicate with the dead I miss my sister so much can you help me

  2. Raj says:

    I’ve lost my mother on 14th Dec, to whom I was tremendously in love with… Before, her death; I believed as if I’m very close to the higher power, but when I had seen her sufferings, I got very confused and numb and had a realization that not only me but whosoever claims that they knew about the Ultimate Creator and also claims in a great beliefs that they know; in fact, no one knows anything… All the claims are bogus…
    Having said this, if I ever come across my Mom… I’ll definitely share with you… and will take my words back
    “Who knows what is the Truth and what is the Lie… We are all in self creating illusion…!!! All prophets, saints, and sanyasis have lied to us…”
    People often say that they 100% have faith in God… Then I ask them that if you have 100% faith or 100% belief in HIM, then have you met HIM, Seen, HIM… or still looking for HIM…??? Mostly all will lower their eyes, or will give a lame reply to my question. That’s what we all are doing since the ages and created a big business out of this concept…

  3. Amy Ravellette says:

    I have a friend I met 2 years ago. I never truly believed in life after death or mediums until I met this young woman by chance at a mutual friends house. After she blew my mind with the things she said to me (things there are NO WAY she could have known!) I asked her how they communicate with her (she can both see and speak to them) she told me they either just tell her their responses or show her pictures, like polaroids, and she describes what she sees in the picture. She said they leave change often. She told me my mom leaves me change, and I ALWAYS check the date first when I pick it up and I always keep it. I DO THAT! I have learned from Azra whenever we talk about them is when they come around. They do appear to us in our dreams, they do interact with us and they still have free will. She said most attend their own services. My mother told azra of me fixing her hair and kissing her forehead at her casket and EXACTLY WHAT I THOUGHT when I kissed moms forehead (that she felt so cold) ONLY MY MOTHER AND I knew I did that 18 years prior at her casket. I’ve learned im on my 12th life and after we pass we go back. We make “soul pacts” with the people we’ve encountered in our lives and will encounter again in our next lives. Meeting her has been absolutely amazing and has made me a TRUE BELIEVER in the afterlife. If there is a true medium near you GO VISIT THEM! Not all possess the gifts as strong as azras.( She can see, speak to the dead, see past lives and future events and warn if problems or achievements coming) but TRUST ME! THE EXPERIENCE WILL BE UNFORGETTABLE!

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