Why Past Life Karma Is Often The Cause of Problems!

In my last email, I shared with you the most interesting questions a person can ask during a psychic reading. You can read that email here.

Today I wanted to educate you about past life karma (PLK), how it works, and how it can affect your life today.

I remembered a client of mine named Susan. Susan was 43 years old, and she had still never been able to find her true soulmate. More than anything in the world, love was the most important thing to her. Yet, no matter how hard she tried, she could never seem to find the right man.

She had been in 4 or more serious relationships in her life, but she was never able to find a man who would be as committed to her, as she was to him.

She told me that every man she dated either lied to her, cheated on her, or was afraid of commitment. So when she heard about me through a friend, she decided to schedule a psychic reading to see if I could help her.

When we first spoke, she told me she was at wit’s end. The first question she wanted to know was “do soulmates really exist?”, and if they did, she wanted to know why she hadn’t found hers.

The Visions I Saw 

As I tuned into her energy, I saw strange visions which I quickly realized were visions of her past lives. I saw visions of a woman about 33 years old,  who lived in Spain. I saw visions of a woman who lived in India, during the time the Buddha was alive. I saw visions of a man who was standing beside Thomas Jefferson, and I could see that Thomas and this man were good friends. I even saw visions of a man who walked beside Moses, as he led the Jewish people across the desert, and out of Egypt!

I realized these two men and two women were actually reincarnations of her in four of her past lives! As i tuned in more to each of these visions, I saw short mental movies of broken hearts, deception, and even infidelity. Suddenly, the past life visions I saw were starting to make sense to me. So I was pretty sure I knew what had been holding her back from finding true love all these years…

A Few Questions Later

After asking her a few questions to confirm what I was seeing in my visions, I discovered she had some unresolved karma from her past lives that was preventing her from finding love in this one.

After further delving into her past lives, I discovered that the men she had problems with in this lifetime, were people she had loved in a past life. Only this time, they were doing back to her in the life, exactly what she had done to them in her past lives.

I then suggested a powerful mantra for her to use, which help her burn off any leftover, unresolved past life karma she still had lingering around in this life.

The Email She Wrote Me Afterwards

About 9 months later, she wrote me an email, and in it, she said the following:

Dear Tana,

I can’t begin to thank you enough. After using the mantra you gave me, I feel lighter, happier, and men started looking at me differently than they did in the past.

About a month after using the mantra, I met a guy who really likes me. We have been dating for over 7 months now, and he is different than anyone I’ve ever met before. I am so happy with him, I feel so loved by him, and he treats me like I feel a girlfriend should be treated. He texts me almost everyday, and calls me everyday too. When we have dinner, he even pulls my chair out for me.

As time goes by, we keep getting closer, so this kind of relationship is very new to me! By now, most men would have been gone.

Thank you so much Tana. You helped me more than words can say. I look forward to our next reading in a few weeks.


Susan D. – Miami Fl.

This is a good example of how past life karma is very real, and how past life karma CAN hold people back in this life, if there is unresolved karma from a past life.

If you have problems, blocks, or setbacks you suspect are past life related, click here and schedule a Past Life Reading so I can hep you eliminate them from your life, once and for all!

Another Past Life Reading

I remember another client named Amber, who had all kinds of money problems. She made good money, but no matter how hard she tried to save money, unexpected bills always popped up. She told me she had $10,000 saved in the bank, then suddenly, her roof had a major leak, and it cost her $10,000 to replace her entire roof.

Once she saved up $5,000, when her car had motor problems. Her car started acting up, and she had to spend $5,000 to replace the motor, along with making a few other repairs to it.

During our reading, I saw visions from her past lives, and when I asked her about what I saw, the visions made sense to me.

It became clear to me that in her past lives, she had never believed she deserved to have money, so money always seemed to disappear in her life. She carried those same subconscious beliefs from her past lives, into this life. was So she was unintentionally manifesting ways to “lose her money”.

I suggested she schedule a Past Life Healing session, and during the session, I was able to clear out all the past life karma that was blocking her.

What Happened To Amber 

She sent me the following email 6 months later:

Dear Tana,

After our Past Life Healing session, money has come more easily to me than ever before in my life!  In the past 5 months, I have had an abundance of money flow into my life from unexpected sources! I have been able to save over $12,000 since we last spoke. Also,nothing has unexpectedly popped up that would cause me to have to use that money.

I’ve never been able to save $12,000 in 5 months  in my entire life. I won a sweepstake for $9,000, and was able to save another $3,000 on my own, and the money in my savings account still continues to grow!

Thank you for helping me Tana.

A lifelong fan,

Amber C. Columbus, OH

Amber’s story is another example of how past life karma can affect a person.

So if you have recurring problems, setbacks, or blocks in your life, the first place to have looked into, is your past lives. Often times by discovering the root of the problem, the problem, setback, or block, can be totally eliminated.

If you have problems, setbacks, or blocks that keep recurring, I invite you to schedule a pst life reading by filling out the form on my Psychic Reading page. During this reading, I will review many of your past lives to see where the problem first started. Afterwards, I can recommend the right solutions that will eliminate the problem, setback, or block, permanently from your life.

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

To schedule a Psst Life Reading, click here now, or call 614-444-6334.

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