Your Life Is Going To Change – Quickly!

Hi there,

Have you ever stopped to think about…how the future can change at the drop of a hat?

When I hear the saying “Nothing is guaranteed in life”, to me, on a deeper level it means that nothing is guaranteed to be permanent. Lets face it. things can change, and sometimes they change in an instant – unexpectedly!

The old saying “Here today, gone tomorrow” also relates to the same idea that impermanence is a part of life. Impermanence means nothing is permanent! In other words, nothing is guaranteed to last forever.

Heraclitus, an ancient Greek philosopher once sad “Nothing endures but change.”

If you are like most people, whenever things are going great, they always assume it will last forever. But the truth is, everything is impermanent! “Nothing endures but change.”

How Free Will Creates Impermanence

Impermanence is also related to your free will. What this means is, whenever you make a decision about anything, your new decision takes you down an entirely different path. For example, maybe you are dating someone today, and the relationship ends tomorrow because the person decided to break up with you.

When the relationship ended, you were instantly set upon a new path. Why? Because yesterday, you were with someone, living as a person involved in a relationship. Today you are single, and now you are living as a single person. These are two very different ways of living!

It is a case of “Here today, gone tomorrow”, and this example illustrates how free will affects your life. There are two types of free will happening at the same time here:The free will of the person to break up with you, which affected your life, because now you are living as a single person.

And your free will, because now you are thinking about things you didn’t think about yesterday, such as “Will I ever find someone to love me forever?” And now you are thinking about your next steps as a single person.

The other persons free will choice to break up with you changed your path overnight from being in a relationship, to being single – in just one day! And you’re newly single life forces you to use your free will to decide what you are now going to do next!

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Another Free Will Scenario

Another example is when you are working at one company, and then you leave the job the next day, due to being fired, or because your two weeks notice is up, and you are starting your new job the next day.

If you were fired, the free will of your boss just changed your life – overnight! And if you took a new job, your free will has just set you on a new path by working for a new company, with new responsibilities, working with new people, and working in a totally different work environment.

Again, your life changed overnight!

Free will is why I highly recommend people having a psychic reading at least every three months. Because when you have a reading, it is based on the path you are on AT THE TIME of your reading.

And by realizing how impermanence and free will can change your life overnight, your last reading will now not be as accurate, since you have changed directions in your life.

Whenever a person tells me they had a reading over a year ago, and they didn’t meet the person I said they would, I kind of smile to myself, because I know it was not the reading, but their free will changed something – especially over a year period!

I always send them an email explaining how free will works, and why the reading wasn’t incorrect, but how their path has changed. Which in turn, changed the outcome of their reading.

I have discovered free will and impermanence come into play about every three months in a person’s life. So by having a reading every three months assures you of continuing on the path you want to be on. That way if your path has changed, I can see the changes, and help you make sure to keep moving in the direction you want your life to move in!

Life changes quickly sometimes, and being prepared is always the best line of defense!

I hope this has been helpful to you and shed some new light of understanding on free will and impermanence.

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In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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2 Responses

  1. Sam B says:

    “Every small decision has large scale consequences” or however it’s said. SO essentially every tiny choice you make now will have a large scale effect in the future.

    Now for what Tana has said, ” “Nothing endures but change.” Here’s a small riddle for you: The same doesn’t change but change is the same.

    Or in other words: Something that always stays the same never changes, but when something always changes stays the same – because it’s always changing.
    Change is the definition of difference in nature of something but when it’s constant it is therefore of similar nature. Basically it’s all relative. Then again, that doesn’t equal permanence.

    As for being single as opposed to being in a relationship. This is merely a state of mind. Being “single” is a title. In a way, even if you’re in a relationship, you’re always single as in a singular entity – an individual.This is why so many people say being in a relationship might “complete” them or commonly in spouses refer to the other as “My other half” or some such etc, when in reality that’s false. As for the concept of being in a relationship, yes you’re in a relationship. A definition of being with someone else in a romantic companionship.
    This probably sounds like being single overrules the idea of relationships but it’s not. It’s the idea of mindsets that categorise these states of mind.

    Add the concept of free will and essentially, everything we think, act, say etc is based from state of mind and certain mindsets and ideals. This is why change happens. If we didn’t have mindsets of certain conditions, we wouldn’t be able to react as we do and on some part not be able to comprehend the circumstances in the same way. This isn’t complete but I know I’m on the right track.

  2. Sam B says:

    Perhaps but you’re still a separate consciousness. I don’t know too much about twin flames and such however, but has taught me soul splitting is possible.

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