Is Your Life Skidding Out of Control? Here’s the Solution! – Part 1 empath

Empaths can experience the pain of someone they are talking to. Empaths can feel when your life is skidding out of control!

Being an empath, I often feel and experience the pain of my clients as their relationship problems gradually unfold during a psychic reading.

In a previous article, I clarified what an empath is:

“The definition of empath is “A person who is capable of feeling the emotions of others despite the fact that they themselves are not going through the same situation.”

 Being empathic is different than being compassionate.

 Compassionate is the ability to relate to someone based on past personal experience, while an empath can actually “feel” the emotions another person is feeling.

A person who can “feel” other people’s emotions is called a “psychic empath”, because they “feel” emotions inside themselves, the same way the other person is feeling their emotions. For example, if you are sad, an empath can feel your sadness in the exact same way you are feeling it.”

Yes, I can feel exactly what you are feeling when you feel your life is skidding out of control!

I know such feelings can be overwhelming because I understand exactly how painful they are for each person I talk to.

When my clients tell me their life is becoming unmanageable, it is usually when the relationship they have is having troubles. They’ve either experienced, or are continuing to experience, severe heartache caused by the possibility the relationship will end.


Can You Survive the Loss of Love? woman crying

The pain that comes with losing the one you love or having your relationship fall apart can be a reason for your life to start skidding out of control.

When you are deeply, seriously in love, the length of time you have spent together is not what matters. Rather, it is the quality of time spent, which puts meaning into your relationship.

This is why you value your loved one over others.

You do what it takes to make the one you love happy and content.And your expectations run along the lines of permanence. Commitment. Devotion. Trust, and honesty.

When those expectations are not met, for one reason or the other, you will feel you are living a life out of control. You start to feel deprived of what you expect to be rightfully yours. You feel betrayed.

Anguish, a torturous kind of emotional pain, begins making itself home inside you.  And you think that no matter what you do, there is no way to regain the love you have lost. No way to bring back the happiness you once had.

Everything seems hopeless.

When you feel your life is skidding out of control, there’s no need to panic or fall into despair, because THERE IS A SOLUTION.


When Your Heart Wants What It Wants, But Can’t Have It


In my article titled “7 Ways A Psychic Medium Can Help You Find True Love” the ways to find true love through psychic help were presented.

Briefly, these helpful psychic tools are:

  1. Asking your Psychic Medium to assess the strength of your love energy
  2. Ask your psychic medium if being loveless is part of your past Karma.
  3. Asking for methods to attract the right person in your life.
  4. If you are dating, asking if you’re with the right person.
  5. Asking about the things that you unconsciously do, which are blocking you from getting the love that you want.
  6. Asking about the qualities of your future love, and,
  7. Asking for advice on how to make your future relationship become stronger, as time goes by.


All of these 7 psychic means will help you find a true love which can be relied on to produce the results you want.


When A Relationship With Someone You Love Is Not Going Well sad couple

What your heart wants may not be what the Universe wants for you.

However, what if you already have someone in mind, someone who is also already in your heart, and you believe that person is your true love, but your relationship is going south?

When your heart wants what it wants, but can’t have it, it can be painful. It can mess up your thoughts, make your emotions lose their balance, and bring fatigue to your body.

In such a case, the solution would not be to keep on insisting on what your heart wants, because what your heart wants may not be what the Universe wants for you.

In other words, the solution to a life that’s skidding out of control because of a love relationship is simply to open your heart and mind to the possibility of finding the true love you are actually meant to have.


Who is Your True Love?


Numerous times, clients have asked me if the person they are currently in a relationship with is their true love. “Are we soulmates?” “Are we meant to be together, forever?”

Sometimes, the answer is a resounding “yes” and of course, those who receive such an answer become excessively happy.

However, there are times when the answer is “no.”

When this is the case, I explain why there are times when what they think their heart wants is not really what their soul wants.


The Heart Can Be Treacherous reach out for your soulmate

Don’t listen to your heart when you are looking for true love. Listen to your soul, and reach out for your soulmate.

Have you heard of the saying that the heart is treacherous, or not to be trusted? It is true. Your heart can betray you, and expose you to pain.

Your heart can confuse you. It can make you believe in the lies and other kinds of deception a partner is sometimes giving you.

Your heart does not want to protect. It is only wants what it wants, without regard for your well-being.

In contrast, your soul is the essence of your whole being. It is who you are.

Remember, you are not a physical body with a soul. You are soul temporarily living in a human body.

So, when you are looking for love, look not at what your heart shows you, because your heart can deceive you.

Instead, look at what your soul is telling you to go for.

Reach out for the other soul with whom you made an agreement with in one of your past lives – to love each other unconditionally. To love each other as you love yourselves.

Reach out for your soulmate. That’s with whom you will find true love.


The Path to Finding Your Soulmate May be Bumpy


Each soul writes its own soul script, but cooperates with other souls to make their soul script rich in content and meaning.

An article here in my blog titled “Is Death Only An Illusion?” gives a clear definition of a soul script in this way:

“Before your birth into this world as a human being, your soul “wrote out” a soul script for you to follow.

All the striving that you do in this life is all a part of your soul script.

Your soul script has written in it what kind of life you would lead – who your parents would be, what kind of upbringing you would have, which friends you would make, what kind of education you would go through, what jobs you would hold, if any,and what kind of death you would have.

 Yes, it’s a complete working script from conception to death.

 The people you meet and interact with in this life are souls who agreed to take part in your soul script, because you all had lessons to learn that could help each other out while on earth.

 That’s the only purpose behind your life: to learn lessons that will bring you closer to a more evolved spiritual state.

 Yet, your soul script will only be 100% followed if you do not use your free will to change the outcome of certain things or events in your life.

 But, if your free will interferes with your pre-agreed soul script, then you won’t be able to learn your lessons completely.

 You thus earn Karmic debt.

 And you reincarnate… again… and again… and again… until you finally achieve a full understanding of the lessons that you, as your soul, need to understand.”

What all of this means is that if you do not open yourself to the influence of the Universal Help, and if you insist on having things go your way (which is dictated by your heart), you won’t be able to find your true love.


In the 2nd part of this article, I’ll discuss how to properly manage such a seemingly impossible situation – when the heart is fighting with the soul.

In the meantime, if you’d like to know more about finding your true love, or how to resolve a current love problem, I would recommend you to have a Past Life reading or an Akashic Records reading. You can schedule yours by filling out this form.


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2 Responses

  1. Sam B says:

    If so many things go wrong because we don’t follow our soul script, why not just write that you have clairvoyant and/or ability to see guides and angels so they can directly tell you where your destiny lies.

    If that’s not really optional for whatever reason (which really should not be impossible), why not write a direct guideline of hints throughout your life that are easy to recognize? Or better yet, realize certain memories or activate certain apiphinies (cant spell that) in certain key moments instead of leaving it to chance or fate of free will. It wouldn’t break the boundary of free will but let you know what your destiny is and give you the chance to pursue it properly or take a different path.

    As souls we plan out every last detail of our lives but don’t think of contingencies.

    On that note, why not every soul just write that we inherently have psychic and psionic capability? Of course doing that could end up chaotic but “realistically” should be possible.

  2. Irma says:

    I’m lost, if we knew our script, wouldn’t life be too easy? It seems like life is trying to figure out who you are and what’s your purpose. As far as a soulmate, this just isn’t happening for me. This must be such a great catch that someone or something is blocking me from my destiny. I can’t believe that I’ve been single as long as I have been. I can’t imagine what I may have done in the past to deserve this Karma? ?

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