Is Your Life Skidding Out of Control? Here’s the Solution! – Part 2 what your soul wants

In matters of love, listening to your soul is more important than following your heart.

In part 1 of this article I discussed the main reasons given during a psychic reading, by people who feel their life or relationship is skidding out of control.

I also discussed the solution for stopping the skid, and getting life gradually back on track. This involves listening to what your soul wants, rather than being dictated upon and controlled by your heart, which can be deceptive in matters of love.

To quote what is written in the first part of this article: What all of this means is that if you do not open yourself to the influence of the Spirit World, and if you insist on having things go your way (which is dictated by your heart), you won’t be able to find your true love.

I realize it may be so difficult for some of you to rebel against your heart, and to follow the gentle nudging of your soul.

So, here in the 2nd part of this article, are more details about the solution to a life skidding out of control because of a defectively painful relationship.


When Your Heart is Fighting with Your Soul crying girl with a broken heart

Some people are unable to walk away from an abusive relationship because it is what their treacherous hearts want.

It does seem like an impossible situation doesn’t it, when your heart is fighting with your soul.

However, this happens more often than you may be aware.

In fact, this is the main reason why women and men who have experienced domestic violence, at the hands of the very person whom they expect to love and protect them, keep on going back to their abuser.

They are unable to leave an abusive partner because it is difficult for them to rebel against their heart, and to follow the gentle nudging of their soul. Because your soul knows, any kind of abuse, whether physical, mental, or emotional, is bad for you.

Abuse is not something to be tolerated, or shrugged off. And remember, abuse is not only physical.

Abuse can also take on the form of intentional and repeated lying, infidelity or cheating, being the target of a partner’s humiliating words, and of course, treating a partner like an object, a personal cash cow, or a servant.

And yet, some people are unable to break away because they are enslaved by what their heart wants.

You have to put a stop to such situations, especially if they are happening to you.


Here are some of the ways to stop the skid, and get your life back on track:


1) Discover the true reason why you lack the willpower to break free of a painful relationship.

Yes, this is easier said than done, especially when your heart is nagging you to just grin and bear whatever pains you are experiencing.

It’s difficult, but it can be done.

The following reasons for clinging to a partner who does not value you, are reasons given by people who are not listening to their soul, but instead are being controlled by their hearts:

  • Your partner is extremely attractive, and you feel by not being able to keep him or her, you practically label yourself as a loser.
  • Your partner is great in bed, or makes you laugh, or otherwise fulfills a need you have. Keep in mind, your enjoyment of such qualities in your partner pale in comparison to the pain he or she causes you.
  • You are worried about what other people will say when your relationship officially ends. Will they blame you? Should you tell how you were being abused, or cheated on, or financially exploited, or lied to repeatedly? What if other people don’t believe you, and you end up looking like a fool?


If these thoughts have gone through your mind, it was your scheming heart, and not your soul, which planted them.

It’s very basic: when you are repeatedly hurt or disappointed in both small and big ways, the person you are in a relationship with is obviously not truly loving you.

So, to find out the reasons why you keep on staying, or keep going back to a relationship like this, you would need to get a Past Life Reading or an Akashic Records reading.

I explained this matter in detail in my article titled How A Past Life Analysis Can Help You Understand Your Life Better. Here is an excerpt from that article:

If only it could be so easy to determine which persons are in your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime, you could easily avoid being hurt, or hurting someone else.

But that’s not the way life works. Often, it takes many, many days of being together, before you realize what role a person is playing in your life. By then, you may already have been hurt.

It is possible, though, to avoid being repeatedly hurt by a certain kind of person that seems to be attracted to you like a magnet. All you need to do is have a past life analysis, so that you’d understand what lessons such a person has been trying to teach you.

Are they in your life only to fill a need, and once that need is over, they are meant to go away? Or are the two of you meant to share lessons for your mutual growth and the development of your souls?

Or are the two of you soulmates, sharing a bond that disregards time and space? 

There is a possibility that you are experiencing hurt in your current relationship, because you are meant to learn spiritual lessons. It is not about the presence or absence of love per se, but rather what you can learn from a painful relationship.


For example, if your soul needs you to learn to build your self-esteem, you may experience being abused and humiliated, not to crush you, but to motivate you to value yourself.

Having a Past Life Reading can be of huge help to you to find out exactly why you are in a hurtful relationship, why you seem unable to get out of it, and what you can do to remedy your situation.


2) Discover how you can find your soulmate. soulmates

When two people that are soulmates meet, there is a strong magnetic attraction felt by both of them. This magnetic attraction pulls the two of them together in a very strong vibrational way. This magnetic pull is the first sign that somebody is your soulmate.

Obviously, your soulmate is not someone who keeps on hurting you or making you feel unloved.

Therefore, if true love is what you long for, you can only receive it from your soulmate.

There are many articles here in my blog discussing what a soulmate is, but to clarify the matter at this point, here’s an excerpt from the article titled Real Psychic Guidance On Finding Your Soulmate:

When two people that are soulmates meet, there is a strong magnetic attraction felt by both of them. This magnetic attraction pulls the two of them together in a very strong vibrational way. This magnetic pull is the first sign that somebody is your soulmate.

When you met somebody that is your soulmate, you will find that the relationship seems to flow very naturally. This doesn’t mean that you won’t have problems, and ups and downs like everyone else, but basically the relationship will be a very harmonious one.

When two people are soulmates, both of them can feel that they are soulmates on some deep, inner level. But remember, as in any relationship, whether it is a soulmate relationship or not, takes time to develop, unfold, and reveal itself for what it truly is.

If you feel a need for more help in reaching out to your soulmate in this life, you can click here to get a psychic reading to help you find your one true love.

The 3rd and last part of this article will continue discussing the ways to get your life back on track through psychic spiritual guidance. Make sure to watch for it!


In the meantime, if you liked this article, please let me know by commenting below.


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  1. Sam B says:

    Like many lightworker types, I see certain relationships as assignments to help that person through ‘their’ difficulties. Not to be confused that we get into relationships to do so. Some lightworkers might however, but initially we just try to help them just because we care and out of kindness. In some cases, feelings develop for that person making them want to go into a relationship. In the case of the lightworker, this may lead to their suffering because of the negativity their boyfriend/girlfriend holds. Their negative state may create a backlash, dragging you down with them.

    Its a shame that many lightworkers get the brunt of negativity, despite trying to help and do good.

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