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It feels glorious when you can regain control of your life after experiencing your relationship fall apart.

Here’s the 3rd and last part of this article, which deals with how you can stop feeling your life is skidding out of control when you’re in a relationship that is falling apart,

In part 2, I presented some of the ways of how you can benefit from having a psychic reading to regain control of your life, especially your love life.

Related to this, I also talked about your deceptive heart being one of the main reasons for a troubled relationship, and how you need to make a stand to not be enslaved by the dictates of your selfish heart.

Instead, you need to look into your soul and listen to what it is saying to you, because by doing so, you open more avenues for healing your hurt.

To recap, here are two ways I recommended in the 2nd part of this article, to help you get back on track:


Ways To Get Back On Track


1) Discover the true reason why you lack the willpower to break free of a painful relationship. – For this, I suggested getting a Past Life Reading.

2) Find out how you can find your soulmate. – For this, my recommendation was for you to get a psychic reading, to help you find your soulmate, who is your one true love here on earth.

In continuation, here are two other ways you can make use of psychic spiritual guidance as solutions for your troubled love life, easing up the burdens in your life, as a whole.


Seek Wisdom and Guidance bridge to Spirit World

A Psychic Medium acts as the bridge between you and beings from the Spirit World.

At this point, I want to stress that when I give a psychic reading, the guidance I provide is not simply from me, Psychic Medium Tana Hoy.

Being a Medium also, I receive information from beings in the Spirit World and relay them to you during a psychic reading.

I am the bridge between you and your Guardian Angels, the Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides, or the spirits of your long-gone loved ones who are still concerned about you, and want you to receive messages, which could be helpful to you.

This brings me to the the third possible way of improving your troubled situation:


3) Receive guidance from the Spirit World.

As a solution, this is a level-up from the other previously recommended ways in part 2 of this article series.

The reason is, this option puts you in touch with beings who have access to information normally not accessible to this world.

For example, your Spirit Guides can let you know why your partner acts in a way destructive to your relationship.

It may be the case that your partner does love you, but he or she is having a hard time expressing love in the most meaningful way, due to his or her experiences in a past life.

It must be noted how not all people are aware of their past lives, much less the past lives of others.

If you came to me for a Past Life Reading, I would give you information directly related to you. I can also give you information about the past lives of your partner, if such information is crucial to finding a solution for your troubled love life.

However, when you seek the guidance or advice of your Spirit Guides or other Beings from the Spirit World, you can readily have access to a wealth of information as it relates not only to you, but also to the people who play major roles in your life.

The purpose of knowing such information is to help you make better decisions in your life, and help you to grow spiritually.

I explained this matter in greater depth in my article titled Are You Aware Of These Psychic Signs In Your Life?

Here’s an excerpt from that article:

All of us humans are spirits. Before we were born or incarnated the first time, we were pure spirits made of energy.

When you first took on a human body, and started to experience human life, like most people, you probably lost your ability to be open and understand the messages, that your Angels, Spirit guides, and Ascended Masters who are in the spirit world, continue to send you.

As a natural born psychic, I am one of those who retained the ability to receive messages from Angels, Spirit Guides, and the Ascended Masters. I was born with the ability to communicate with them. So during a psychic reading, I can relay their messages to you.

Messages from the Cosmic Beyond continue to be sent to us who are living on the earth, because as spirits living out a human existence, we need their constant protection and guidance.

Psychic signs alert you to certain matters that could either be harmful or beneficial to you, or those whom you love, depending on the context of the time, or the place that the signal was being sent.

In effect, it will be a spirit-to-spirit level of communication when you get in touch with your Spirit Guides during a psychic reading with me.

Of course, you can get in touch with them yourself (I have written about the techniques and/or preparations required for doing so here and here), but when dealing with serious matters in your life, it is always best to seek the help of an experienced Psychic.


Removing Debris from Your Soul


Many times, it’s not enough to simply find out what went on in your past lives, which helped to bring you where you are today. But it’s just as important to know how to remove debris or unwanted fragments of your past lives from your soul.

So I recommend…


4) Get a Spiritual Cleansing, such as Smudging smudging

Sacred plants, such as sage, can be used in the psychic cleansing ritual known as Smudging.

I am suggesting this option as one of the possible ways to help you avoid getting your life derailed because of a painful and troubled relationship.

While there are many ways to get a spiritual cleansing, I’m recommending smudging because it’s relatively easy to do on your own.

I presented the details for doing a Smudging ritual, as well as what its importance is in your life in my article titled How To Smudge Negative Energy Out Of Your Home.

Here’s an excerpt:

Smudging is a technique used to cleanse negative energy from a person, object, or place. It is also a method to energize or bless a person, object, or place.

Smudging is a common practice among various religious and spiritual traditions. Native Americans use smudging to cleanse energy, and the indigenous American tradition, called the Sacred Smoke Bowl Blessing, is a type of spiritual cleansing ritual that calls the spirits of sacred plants to remove negative energy, and restore balance to a person, space, or group.

When you’re not feeling well, angry, depressed, or sad, smudging helps lift up your spirits.

You will even feel a dramatic change in the environment after performing a smudging ritual. Smudging can turn any person, space, or object, into a calm oasis of joy and lightness.


In this 3-part series, I have suggested four possible ways for you to stop your life skidding out of control, using psychic and spiritual guidance.

However, as I regularly remind everyone who reads my blog, there is a surefire way to get the answers you seek about your future, love, relationships, your career, health, or life purpose by scheduling a psychic reading. I look forward to helping you soon!


Meanwhile, if you want to say something about this series of articles, please let me know by commenting below.


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