How Your Name Dictates How Your Life Will Turn Out? – Part 1

When a baby is born, the first thing that the parents do is to think of an appropriate name for their new born child.

Your mom and dad probably spent a lot of time thinking of what your name should be. Name giving is indeed a tedious task, because it is the first step of giving you your.


Numbers And Your Name

In addition to identity, there are also some other things associated with a name.

For Jewish people, a child’s name has a spiritual significance and also has something to do with the child’s future. Among the Aztecs, the ancient tribe who lived and thrived in Mexico a long, long time ago, the parents of the child often consulted an astrologer, before naming their child.

As you can see, there’s power hidden in your name, and I am going to talk more about this.

Numerology: The Power of Numbers

There’s a type of psychic reading, which uses the letters of the person’s name in order to determine that person’s character, future, and even his present situation. It is called Numerology.

The basis of Modern Numerology was the belief developed by the Greek philosopher and mathematician, Pythagoras.

Pythagoras explained that in the deepest sense, reality is mathematical in nature and that certain symbols have a mystical significance. In other words, numbers and letters are not mere symbols, but they are connected with the Divine Nature.

Another form of numerology, which was developed thousands of years ago, is Chaldean numerology, a popular form of numerology which has been developed by the people of the ancient city of Babylon.

There is a huge difference between theese two systems of Numerology.

Pythagorean numerology, or the numerology based on the works of Pythagoras, uses numbers 1 to 9, to correspond to the letters of the alphabet. On the other hand, Chaldean numerology only uses the numbers 1 to 8.

Other Magical and Occult Practices Also Use Numerology

Aside from divination used in a psychic reading, Numerology also plays a very important role in the practice and development of different magical traditions.

In Hinduism, the most popular religion in India, they use certain number squares as talismans to ward off negative influences, give protection, and to attract good luck.

The Kubera money talisman is one of the most popular talismans based on Numerology. You can search for the Kubera money talisman on the internet if you would like to know what it looks like.

Feng Shui, the art of arranging things like buildings and structures to make them auspicious or lucky, also uses Numerology. This is to ensure that the place, and the people who live or work in that place, are protected from harm and bad luck.

A Feng Shui expert will compute the birth date of each member of the family who owns the property, and based on that computation, he will give them advice on how to attain more good luck, and avoid bad luck.

If you ever visit countries in the Middle East, like Saudi Arabia, you might find number square talismans there as well.

Numerology is still popular, even today, since it has many applications, especially in spiritual practices.

Unleashing the Power of Your Name through Numerology

But how can numerology help you unleash the power of your name? It is quite easy.

A psychic reader will calculate the numbers which correspond to the letters of your name, and he will do the interpretation for you.

There are several websites, and pages on social media such as Facebook, which are devoted to the study of numerology.

There are also several books on numerology that are available online and in offline bookstores,

In the next part of our discussion about numerology, I am going to talk about the meaning of each number corresponding to the letters of your name. So, make sure to read Part 2.

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